Something To Cheer About

Well, I did it. A week ago, I attended a get-together with about 20 or so of my classmates from Wheeling Central Catholic High School, Class of 1973. It was our 45th class reunion and there was an opportunity for classmates to tip a few cold ones and share a few laughs in a back room at Generations restaurant.

I will admit up front that Friday night was the first reunion event I have attended in all those 45 years. Walking into a room of somewhat familiar faces was a bit scary — for about 60 seconds. Then those voices from homeroom came flooding back.

Sure there are more crow’s feet around the eyes and pounds around the middle, but after four decades or so you are just happy to be around to share in the memories. We joked about needing name tags but I will admit I scanned the old yearbook beforehand.

At one point, the group erupted in the familiar Wheeling Central cheer.

We talked about football games and “Doc,” our principal, always telling us he loved us even when we screwed up. There were reminders of year-long euchre games played in the cafeteria at lunchtime and those warm chocolate chip cookies the lunchroom ladies baked up. We recalled teachers who made classes fun and others we’d rather forget.

Like all classes, we mourn the loss of members taken too soon. No matter how old we get, somehow we will always remember one another as teenagers in maroon and gray uniforms and neat shirts and ties. We had fun going bowling downtown as part of gym class and dancing to live bands at school dances. We had many local bands to keep us movin’ and groovin’ in our bell bottoms and mini-skirts.

In all those years since we stepped out of the classroom for the final time, Central has remained in place at 14th and Eoff streets.

Whatever the future brings, you can’t take away the memories of pep rallies, proms and promises to stay in touch. See you in five years!

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