John Marshall High School Wall of Fame Is Back

Photo by Jim Cochran Seven members of the John Marshall High School of Wall of Fame are pictured observing one of the three new Wall of Fame displays. The Wall of Fame is now located in the Senior Commons. Pictured, from left, are David Parsons, chairman Joe Komorowski, Lisa Kiss, Jane McNinch, Harold Vitalie, Dr. Hal Gorby and Bill Hinegardner.

A project to honor persons who had significantly contributed to the John Marshall High School community was initiated in 2005 following approval by the Marshall County Board of Education.

It became known as the “John Marshall Wall of Fame.”

For the first 15 years the plaques were housed in the school auditorium, but for the past three years because of renovations at the school they were put in storage.

Now the Wall of Fame’s new location is in the Senior Commons.

The new site consists of 100 spaces, and on each plaque there is a brief bio of each honoree.

Committee Chairman Joe Komorowski is hoping that in the near future an audio system can be in place which would enable persons viewing the plaques to push a button to learn the history of the various members.

Komorowski along with current committee Dr. Hal Gorby, William Hinegardner, Lisa Kiss, Jane McNinch, David Parsons and Harold Vitalie recently viewed the plaques in their new location.

Other members of the committee are Linda Artimez, Dr. Vic Canestraro, Greg Gellner, Cherry Pivik and David Takach.

The original committee members were Komorowski, Hinegardner, Pivik, Canestraro, Takach,Vitalie and Dottie Thomas.

Komorowski said as the result of the Wall of Fame there a scholarship program has been started on behalf of the WOF’s name.

Komorowski also noted that Eric Booth’s construction tech class was responsible for the majority of the work on the WOH display, and he added that Jeff Coleman, Principal Cassandra Porter and Pam Whorton are to be commended for their involvement in this endeavor.

The 50 individuals who have been inducted into the WOF are:

Kristin Shimp Beadle, Spc. Julian L.G. Berisford, Amy Blankenship Bailey, Dr. Tiffany Hubbs Bradford, Bishop Thomas Bickerton, Stanley Blankenship, Dr. Gary Buskirk, Judy G. Burke, Robin Capehart, Lionel Cartwright, James Cochran, Brenda Coffield, Dr. Melinda Elliott Cusano, Dr. Charles Davis, Dawn DeNoon, Byron Filben, Amy Gamble, Josephn N. Geiger Jr., Greg Gellner, David Goodwin, Donald Haskins, Tim Hinegardner, William Hinegardner, Molly Hughes, Michael Linsky, Dr. Anne Gemensky Metzler, David Molgaard, Gregory Morris, Kristopher Noble, Michael Myers, Brad Paisley, Vincent Paoletti, Robert Pastorius, Ronald Rose, Richard Schoene, Robert Sellers, Alex Shook, Gloria Simmons, Gregory Simmons, Gerald A. Trembush, Fred Tweedlie, Charles Underdonk, Robert Walker, George Walley, Dr. C. Eugene Wayne, Dr. Michael Wayt, Rachel White, Rudy Zatezalo and Michael Zervos.

The following selection to the WOF procedures for induction are as follows:

∫ Each honoree may be a graduate of John Marshall or an individual who has contributed substantial service to the school.

∫ A time period of five years must have been achieved for graduates and three years after retirement for county school employees.

∫ The Wall of Fame committee makes the final selection of honorees.

∫ Nominations of candidates must be made by means of a nomination form. Forms are available at the high school, at the Moundsville-Marshall County Public Library or online on the JMHS website.

The following criteria are considered:

∫ Career–Business, Industrial and Professional–High level of professional accomplishments in chosen profession.

∫ Music and Fine Arts–Accomplishments at the national or international level.

∫ Philanthropy–Substantial community service that involves continued commitment on the part of the honoree.

∫ Religion and Education–High level of professional accomplishments in chosen profession.

∫ Public Service–Long period of time or a single, truly remarkable, contribution.

∫ Athletic Achievement–Record-setting accomplishments.

∫ Other noteworthy achievements.


At the end of every year news media outlets usually comes up with their “Top Stories.”

This year I have come up with my own top story for Moundsville, it being Four Seasons Pool.

If you haven’t been at the pool in the past year you need to “check it out.”

It was the last week in December 2017 when Rico Coville assumed his duties as the city’s parks and recreation director and it just so happened that just a few weeks prior Moundsville City Council decided to purchase a dehumifier for the pool, which meant that council was going to renovate the facility.

If you remember, and I was recently told by a council member, that it was in 2015 that council began discussing what to do with the then-41-year-old structure. For a long period of time the pool issue came up at council meetings.

Council had a study undertaken which outlined what was needed to upgrade he facility, along with projected cost, which turned out to be $800,000.

Anyway, thanks to a number of RVs moving into city-owned property south of 14th Street and the implementation of a 1-cent sales tax, city council members decided to begin early this year to upgrade the facility.

It started with replacing the dehumifier, including placing the new one outside, as recommended by an engineering firm.

Since that time not only has the building heating system been replaced, but also, a new heating system was installed in the pool itself.

Just a few months ago the city received notification that the U.S. Land and Water Foundation had approved a matching grant of $92,811 to be used for a new roof, new windows/doors, etc.

Getting back to the pool itself. It is a facility for individuals who like to swim, persons who have medical problems and thus benefit from water therapy and those interested in aerobics. It is also home to the John Marshall High School swim team, which last year had to participate in all away meets, and already this year (December) been able to practice and hold two home meets with three more home meets for during January.

The pool is also available for private pool parties.

Would you believe that kayakers use the pool in winter months?

As you might expect the overall number of persons taking advantage of the pool offerings has continued to increase as more people are learning of the attractions available.

The pool is open seven days a week with the following schedule:

Mondays and Wednesdays — Water aerobics from 8-9 a.m.; Senior/Adult Swim from 9 a.m. until noon; Open Swim from noon until 4 p.m.; John Marshall Swim from 4-6 p.m.; Open Swim from 6-8 p.m.

Tuesdays and Thursdays — Senior/Adult Swim from 8-9 a.m.; Water Aerobics from 9-10 a.m.; Senior/Adult Swim from 10 a.m. until noon; Open Swim from noon until 4 p.m.; John Marshall Swim Team from 4-6 p.m.; Open Swim from 6-8 p.m.

Fridays — Water Aerobics from 8-9 a.m.; Senior/Adult Swim from 9 a.m. until noon; Open Swim from noon until 4 p.m.; John Marshall Swim Team from 4-6 p.m; Private Pool Party from 6-8 p.m.

Saturdays — Open Swim from noon until 6 p.m.; Private Pool Party from 6-8 p.m.

Sundays — Private Pool Party from noon until 8 p.m.

In case you are interested in the daily admissions they are: Children from three years of age and under, they are free; Youth 4-12 years are $3; Adults from 13-54 years of age, $5; and Seniors 55 years and up, $4.

There are family, youth single, adult single, adult couples, senior single and senior couples monthly admissions, some of which are for either one, three, six and 12 months.


The city of Moundsville is seeking two members for its Historic Landmarks Commission.

Longtime member Hilda Blake and current president Candy Dobbs have indicated they wish to not be considered for reappointment.


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