‘Medocracy’ May Be the New Form of Government

The Iranians shot down a U.S. drone, and gas prices shot up about 20 cents on June 20. If we are to believe the oil and gas officials, that spike in prices did not happen because fracking has made America energy independent. If we are in the midst of a frack boom, why have Wheeling and so many other formerly vigorous Ohio River Valley towns seen another population plunge (Wheeling News-Register, 5/28/19)?

Nothing has changed, even with the recent invention of fracking, and the inevitable Middle Eastern chaos causes us to pay more at the pump.

The idea of gas markets is an illusion, just like we see with many involved in the health care triumvirate (medical practitioners, pharm and insurance). For example, how many clean needles have been handed out now? Did we break 20,000 yet? Only a small percentage are seeking sobriety, and the vast majority keep using. West Virginia continues to lead the nation in overdoses (The Intelligencer, 6/15/19). Despite the health care professionals’ spin that the needle exchange reduces communicable diseases, HIV (35 in Cabell County) and Hep A (Harrison County) cases continue to rise (The State Journal, 4/22/19). A 7/1/19 op-ed in The Intelligencer cited WV’s Dept. of Health and Human Resources 2017 opioid statics: “Five Northern Panhandle counties — Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Ohio and Wetzel –had the highest NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome) rates, by far, in the state…”

We could segue into fetuses having the same withdrawal as those of adult addicts, but I don’t want the facts to disturb the pro-choice supporters’ illusion that a fetus is an unviable tissue mass. Anyhow, we need fresh ideas from people who aren’t codependent on pharm for solutions.

The claims about opioid “pseudoaddiction” were allegedly an illusion. The uneducated Middle Eastern shepherds have known for millennia not to play around with the poppies, but the shephards weren’t enticed by pharm incentives. A lot of pharm and doctors deserve the blame for the opioid crisis, but we don’t want to confront the fact that many of our family doctors did what was best for their wallets, not us. It makes it more palatable to blame the faceless “despair” that comes with the fewer and fewer jobs in the state.

But I thought fracking was going to revitalize the state. But I digress. If addiction is caused by lack of jobs, then let’s unlock the shackles of the current insurance system so that if you are a citizen you automatically have health coverage, and one can move to whichever of the 50 states that is most advantageous to that person’s life and financial goals. And when a family member calls a doc to discuss abnormal behaviors going on with a patient taking the doc’s opioid prescriptions, and the doc won’t return the call because his ego convinced him of the illusion that he can’t be wrong, then he should lose his license and compensate with punitive interest. Maybe such mistakes from a D.O. stem from not having the bed side manner training that an M.D. would have.

Here’s an illusion that the health insurance agency wants us to buy into. Dental and eye coverage is separate. One is going to have to pay more for additional coverages on top of the already overinflated costs for just the basic coverage. They want us to believe that the body consists of individual parts. I am not a doctor yet (I’m waiting to hear back from the online medical school to see if I got enough true/false questions right to get my license), but from what I understand, the body works as a whole. Did Adam and Eve have maternity coverage, and what percentage of their annual salary was the co-pay to bring Cain and Able into Eden? And was it a preexisting condition? This HMO concept has been around for only, approaching 40 years.

How did preceding generations survive without having maternity coverage? The Pioneers, Elizabethans, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Adena, Nephilim and Atlanteans showed that health insurance wasn’t needed. It’s a modern invention to control your wallets.

Since health care has advanced well beyond being all intrusive into our wallets and lives, let’s just make a modern declaration of being independent from the past. This new system of governance is the next stage of evolution in the capitalist philosophy. We can suppress that ungrateful scribbling against the English ruling elite, the Declaration of Independence; that troublesome Constitution and pesky Bill of Rights. They are the ruminations of a bunch of white, non-Christian Masons, who have been dead for over 200 years, and wanted to make America like that ancient and crooked European capitol, Rome. They were slave owners anyway.

They are the ones who laid the foundations for this two-party system that has put us in Mexican standoff about only one party can be right; capitalism is evil; liberalism is evil; and now socialism is evil. Christian conservatives deny dinosaurs existed and worship some diety who lives in the puffy, white clouds and wants us to judge those not like us. Liberals are atheists who are self-anointed gods who determine which baby will not be aborted or which group will be deemed less slave-like. We all can coexist as long as you agree with me.

We need to leave that us vs. them thinking in the past and be more progressive. It’s the 21st Century, after all, and it’s no secret that the only thing that matters is money. I am proposing that America just declares itself a Medocracy.

There are nothing but advantages and no illusions either. Everyone knows everyone is trying to get someone’s card to start billing someone for untold riches.

Hospitals are the public’s first stop in the morning. There are the clinics on every corner, too, and the adjoining pharmacy. You can’t find a parking space before noon. Under a Medocracy, you will be moved from wherever you live to be restrained to a hospital bed for the rest of your life. If you experience the slightest inconvenience, you will be medicated. Well, your wrist band will be zapped first, then you will be medicated. You will have gauze and tape on the crook of your arm so that you can be identified as having some health test for that day; but more importantly, you made your daily copay. You won’t have to be an independent thinker or be concerned about what is going on off campus or have disturbing reflections about the way things were during capitalism. Pharm is working hard on a $600 injection for you not have those intrusive thoughts.

Since Appalachia can’t forgo the idea of monopolies (i.e., the century of King Coal, now the frack invasion, the idea of easy money at the casinos and cafes, now most citizens being employed in the health care triumvirate), people won’t have to stress over the diversity of career options and the fear of losing it to some Third World worker. We have been told that “(a) lack of economic opportunity tends to push people toward substance abuse…” (The Intelligencer, 6/15/19).

Consequently, you will be either 1) a health care professional, 2) a non-elite family member confined to a bed for life at a university owned hospital, or 3) some non-opiate user who cuts the fairways for those in the medical triumvirate and has more and more taken out of his/her paycheck to pay the grandiose salaries and the exorbitant costs for those patients confined to the hospital bed. Everyone will know their role (and receive a wage) in this three-tiered society.

It’s a return to the old days of when a son followed his dad to the mines or mills. You’ll never notice anything changed.

We won’t have to be concerned about those stress-induced health effects from and negative connotations associated with capitalism (judgment, labeling, competition). Hey, if a doc causes your routine five-day hospital stay to turn into a 16-month confinement, look at how much other docs, hospitals, rehab centers, pharm and other medical parasites can rake in. Look at how much money is being made from a deliberately created opioid crisis. Doctors have 30,000 of their addicted patients in their cronies’ rehab centers for a lifetime supply of suboxone (The Intelligencer, 1/13/18).

Doctors keep getting paid when chemo doesn’t kill the cancer. One can be given diuretics, and they can destroy your kidneys, and the dialysis center can get paid when you are there renting their equipment for 12 hours a week. This system allows for failure to be handsomely rewarded. A Medocracy is even better than capitalism. We don’t have to worry about responsibility!!!

I should have received my medical degree via email by the time this article is published. If you read this op-ed, there will be a coffee can on the front steps of The Intelligencer building where you can deposit your co-pay.

Eddy is a Wheeling resident who co-hosts Barbara DeLong’s “Night-Light” radio show.


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