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Things I love this week

September 15, 2011 - Betsy Bethel
A few things I love this week:

Revolution Foods Organic Mashups -- USDA certified organic, Revolution Foods has perfected the puree-in-a-pouch concept. These are similar to the Chiquita Smashers I blogged about a couple weeks ago ... but better. Each roughly 3-ounce pouch is filled with organice pure fruit and/or vegetable purees, and some organic juice concentrates. I just polished off the Carroty Chop (orange, apple, mango and carrot) pouch which has 60 calories, 1 gram fiber, 14 grams carbs, 20 percent vitamin A, 20 percent vitamin C and no artificial ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. Some of the other flavors include Beetbox Berry, Blueberry Blitz and Tropical. PLUS, 3 percent of the revenue goes to help feed children in under-served schools. It all adds up to a yummy, healthy, conscientious snack that is so good I can overlook the fact that it was created by two mommies named "Kristin" and "Kirsten," which instantly conjures bad high school drama-queen memories. The price I found online was $4.49 at for a box of four (yes, I agree, that's a lot).

Star Trek: Book of Opposites — This board book is for the Trekkie parent who wants to initiate his or her child into the world of the Enterprise at a young age while also doling out lessons in opposites. It's LOL-funny as a parent who grew up in that era — or grew up watching reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel — to see Spock and Capt. Kirk in a children's book, but it's even funnier when you recognize the scenes that are depicted. To illustrate "One" and "Many," for instance, there's Lt. Uhura cuddling one Tribble, while on the opposite page is a chagrined-looking Kirk up to his pecs in the furry little creatures. Illustrating "Young" and "Old" is, you guessed it, Dr. "Bones" McCoy from the episode in which he ages to a wrinkled old man before your very eyes. Sweeeeeet. Just beware — some of the series' gruesome critters also grace the pages of the book, which might scare certain imaginative little ones. $7.96 on

Wayne Brady's "RadioWayne" kids' CD, as referenced in my most recent "More Momsense" blog post, Must the show go on? (on the OV Parent website) — There are very few shows I can turn on the television and be guaranteed a bonafide belly laugh at some point in the ensuing half hour. "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" has always been one of them. And cast member Wayne Brady has always been one of my favorites because of his uncanny improv ability — especially on the microphone. That cat could sing a 3-minute hoedown song about roaches aboard the space shuttle Endeavor just as easily as he could rattle off a rap about Mama's corn-riddled feet. And he has that adorable boyish smile that could melt me on a 40-below day. So when I saw he had a children's CD, I was psyched. True to his chameleonic nature, Wayne sings fun songs in a variety of voices (he does a mean James Brown) and genres, all with the goal of getting the kids up and dancing and/or teaching them a valuable lesson about washing their hands, being polite, reading or making music, for example. My 5-1/2 year old daughter is in LOVE with this CD. Her favorites are "Greedy Gus," about a selfish boy who changed his ways after no one showed up at his birthday party, "Say Please" about good manners, and "Hip Hop Stop," Wayne's version of the freeze dance. Kids will also enjoy hearing references to their favorite Disney characters here and there (not too often), as this CD is on the Walt Disney Records label. Found it on for $11.78 new.


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