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Do You Want Fries With That?

January 27, 2012 - Phyllis Sigal
Well, you better, because that's all there is.

At Pomme Frites in New York City — 123 Second Ave., to be exact — you may only have your choice of fries, fries or more fries, but you do have your choice of more than a dozen sauces or toppings for said fries.

Deciding on the sauces is harder than picking a gelato in an Italian gelateria.

Organic black truffle mayo. (gourmet yum!) Wasabi mayo. (spicy yum!) Smoked eggplant mayo. (smokey yum!) We ordered those three. I also sampled the dill lemon mayo — they let you try as many as you like until you are satisfied with your choices.

If you like garlic, there's roasted garlic mayo and rosemary garlic mayo.

Many more mayos are available for dipping: Vietnamese pineapple mayo, sweet mango chutney mayo, honey mustard mayo, sundried tomato mayo, horseradish mayo, pesto mayo, wild mushroom mayo and pomegranate teriyaki mayo.

There's also parmesan peppercorn; blue cheese and cheddar cheese; peanut satay, Irish curry, dijon mustard, sweet chili and hot chili paste.

And if you must have ketchup with your fries (they don't eat ketchup with their fries in Belgium), you can have some kicked-up ketchups: Mexican ketchup and curry ketchup.

The tasty sauces are $1 extra or a combo of three sauces for $2.50.

They also have ketchup, yellow mustard, tabasco, malt vinegar, raw onion & jalapeno, frite sauce (traditional European mayo) and especial (frite sauce, ketchup and raw onion) — these are all free of charge.

And these fries aren't just any fries. They are Belgium pomme frites. Hot as can be. (In fact, if you're starving, you'll be hard-pressed to wait until they cool down before popping one in your mouth.) Crispy, crispy, crispy — on the outside. And the inside? Oh, my — soft and light and well, just potato-y perfection.

They are crispy because they are double-fried. Once to cook them, and once more for browning and added crispness.

And they are cheap! ($4.50 for a regular, $6.25 for a large and $7.75 for a double — which is A LOT of fries!)

So, if you find yourself wandering the streets of New York, in need of a little snack, look for Pommes Frites.

It's a little place — very rustic — with seating for just a couple of dozen or so people at a couple of wooden tables and at a wooden bar along the wall, with stools. The bar and the tables have holes drilled in them, in which you can place the paper cones, overflowing with the yummy fries. How smart is that!

And because the fries are served in paper cones, they are perfect to take-away for some more city wandering.

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