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The cleanest floor

March 8, 2012 - Heather Ziegler
Sometimes there are clouds that follow us around, black clouds. Associated with rain, these black clouds can make us crazy with worry, anxiety, sadness or anger. My black cloud this week comes in the form of liquid laundry detergent. Don't get me wrong, my Tide liquid laundry detergent is wonderful. I've used it for years and it cleans very well without irritating sensitive skin. However, somehow a bottle of the stuff fell off the washing machine, landed on the kitchen floor. The top was either not on tight or cracked when it landed. Tide inched its way across the kitchen floor for several hours while I was out of the house. I came home to what appeared to be a blue-outlined crime scene on my kitchen floor. Tide had oozed across about half the ceramic tile floor, pooling in the seams like some wild-looking blue blood trail. It was the beginning of a week of floor cleaning. At first I mopped up the liquid with some towels that needed washing anyway. I figured the towels would get really clean and the Tide would be gone from the floor. I ended up having to add another rinse cycle to the towel washing to get all the detergent out of the towels. I am beginning to think that I should have just taken the towels through a car wash! Then I mopped the floor using clear, clean water. I let the floor dry and then walked across the tile only to hear my footsteps squish back at me. The floor was still sticky with soap. Again and again, I washed the floor. I then tried a number of cleaners that looked promising until the floor dried, again only to feel, well, sticky. It does not help when the husband asks when did I plan to clean the floor. You could probably do surgery on the floor without fear of germs, but the patient might stick to the tiles. I digress. In desperation I have called the Tide hotline and spoke with a nice young man who apologized for my troubles. I don't know why he said he was sorry when he had nothing to do with causing my kitchen disaster but I appreciate that he didn't outright laugh when I described my situation. He made a couple of suggestions including using Dawn Power Dissolver or those handy Mr. Clean sponges to clear up my cloudy floor problem. I will attempt these products tonight and hope for a good outcome. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for remedying this situation, I am all ears. I am sure there is a scientific solution to this but I was never very good at science. The black cloud did not end with the floor. The oven went kaput yesterday and I'm just waiting for the refrigerator to start groaning. Wait, did you hear that? I think it's coming from the kitchen....stayed tuned.


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