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Rights and Responsibilities

May 23, 2012 - Joselyn King
We all know that as Americans we have a Bill of Rights. But sometimes I don't think people realize those same rights come with responsibilities.

Yes, we have a right to carry guns. But we also have a responsibility not to shoot somebody who doesn't cause us harm.

Yes, we have a right to imbibe -- but not so much we become a danger to society. It sounds simple, but we do have a responsibility not to drive in this state.

We have the right of free speech -- but that doesn't imply an obligation to sound off incessantly, or fire hurtful words.

We also have a right to remain silent, but still a responsiblity to speak up for ourselves or the rights of others.

Maybe we have a right to keep to ourselves, but a responsibility to help our neighbors.

I was struck recently by a posting that came up on my computer screen: "Don't like gay marriages? Don't get one... Don't like cigarettes ? Don't smoke them... Don't like abortions? Don't get one... Don't like sex? Don't have it... Don't like drugs? Don't do them... Don't like porn? Don't watch it... Don't like alcohol? Don't drink it...

"Don't like your rights taken away? Don't take away someone else's."

Most would agree weapons,automobiles, drugs and alcohol can kill, and their use needs regulated.

But government, nevertheless, needs to tread lightly when interfering with people's lives.


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