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Blue Lights

July 25, 2013 - Heather Ziegler
I witnessed an interesting happening on the interstate the other day. It was getting to be dark, not quite, but the

rarely seen sun was getting ready to set. I was traveling west on I-70 about a mile from the Washington Avenue ramp

when the traffic ahead of me began slamming on brakes. There were several tractor trailers and cars ahead of me,

I also began to slow down. I probably was traveling a couple of miles over the 55 mph speed limit but not more than

60 mph. The only cause of this sudden slow down became apparent as a vehicle in the eastbound lane passed us. The

vehicle had those funky blue-tinted headlights. The lights gave the brief appearance of emergency lights such as those

of a police car. Those lights fooled a lot of drivers who must have believed a police car was approaching. I kind of chuckled at the

thought. I believe those headlights are some sort of halogen lights and they do appear blue at certain angles.

I saw some on a motorcycle, too, that same night. I thought it made the bike more visible for the night ride. Don't

know if this is a fad, a new trend or even legal.

While on the topic of legal, what about some of the tinted car windows on vehicles I've noticed cruising about the

area. It always makes me nervous when pulling up next to a car with really dark windows (limos are the exception). I

can only imagine how law enforcement officers feel when they do the same on a traffic stop. It's nice to have enough

tint to the windows to shade the interior but too dark is like waving a red flag saying "look at me."


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