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Packaging problems

November 18, 2013 - Heather Ziegler
Is it just me? I know I am not getting any younger, but I think that the manufacturers should pay us heed when it comes to packaging their goods.

I know you know what Iám talking about if you have purchased cereal, chips or anything that comes in a plastic wrapper. The biggest gripe I have are for the cereal bags inside the cereal boxes. I realize that a bag is needed to keep the cereal fresh and the insects out, but for the life of me I canát open them without help from a pair of scissors. Even then some of my cereal hits the floor as I pour it out into a bowl.

I tried putting the cereal in large plastic Ziplok bags but they, too, are difficult to handle to pour out the cereal. How, then, are you supposed to keep the cereal fresh inside that bag and box? I have invested in the chip clips and they help but still a pain. Iáve resorted to a cheaper avenue by purchasing a package of 50 wooden clothes pins, the spring action type. You can find these attached to things throughout my pantry and even in the fridge.

If I had room and the money, I guess I could buy a whole bunch of glass containers with lids or those big pourable plastic containers but that seems like a lot of expense. Then I would have to label everything and I donát have one of those gadgets nor do I need another such item clogging up the junk drawer.

If the manufacturers would simply put their items in reclosable bags it might help somewhat.

As for other items that require man-sized hands and strength to open, I have just about given up. I tried to open some gum at the specified site on the package to no available. I opted to use the screwdriver on my desk to force the issue. Not a pretty ending and now the gum will be all over my purse unless I corral it in a zip-top baggie. My purse is full of them. I should buy stock in that company.

I did hear a great tip for opening those difficult, heavy plastic packages such as the ones that hold a toy or small electronic item. I used a hand-held can opener and roll it around the package. It cuts through the plastic like butter. You just have to be careful pulling the plastic apart that you donát get cut because the edges are sharp.

And I have to admit that I use a gripper pad to open those stubborn jars. It works everytime, even on those stuck-on nail polish bottle tops. Itás not high tech, just simple science of torque and such things that I donát understand but appreciate.


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