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Destination: "Imagine Nation"

January 9, 2014 - Joselyn King
A good friend tells me his first job was delivering milk "all over town" from childhood bedroom with his Matchbox delivery truck.

This set me to thinking .... as a child I always wanted to live in Barbie's Townhouse, wear her clothes and drive that purple Corvette. While bouncing a ball against the outside garage wall and catching it in my 1st baseman's mitt, I always wondered if someday I could play in the major leagues.

I mean, anything was possible.

Television also captured the dreams of a growing youth. How cool would it be to live the life of "That Girl," the aspiring actress in New York City. But then "Bewtiched" came on. Oh why, why, did Darren tell Samantha not to use her witchcraft powers -- in essence, be herself? And why did Samantha listen to him?

An only child, I wanted to run off and join the Brady Bunch. I mean, no one would notice that extra child there, would they?

The commercials also were great, as well. I wanted to "bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan" even though I had no use for the perfume the spot touted.

In my "Imagine Nation," I had control over all happenings. If I could dream it, then obviously it was real.

I hope all children someday design, build and live in their own "Imagine Nation." If not with Legos, maybe there is an Ipad app they can utilize.


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Jan-13-14 7:33 AM

haha..there you have it! From the point/counterpointless resident here/there/everywhere! troll, who joyfully remembers childhood family discussions on tolerance (that trait instilled so as to achieve the ingesting of brussel sprouts) at the dinner table..Eat your brussel sprouts, trollie, or the liberals are coming for the family bible and guns and are gonna give them to poor illegal immigrant kids.


Jan-12-14 10:38 PM

RockERambler “translate that statistic into job handouts”

A job isn't a handout. Paying someone increasingly extended unemployment "benefits" for NOT having a job is a handout. You’ve never been right one time in your life, have you, RockE. LOL


Jan-12-14 8:02 AM

Although Microsoft ammounced in 2004 that they hired more critical thinkers out of the alumni of University of Illinois than from any other university in the world, many childishly fearful thinkers translate that statistic into job handouts by a liberal (right now, I don’t feel like people like myself are paying as much as we should) CEO who was emboldened to grow up curious about the world as opposed to being programmed to fear it.


Jan-11-14 8:15 AM

A study from liberal U of I favors liberals? What a surprise. LOL No doubt they spent at least $100k of someone else's money to figure that out...


Jan-10-14 8:34 AM

What children dream of one day aspiring tobuild, according to a University of Illinois study, might correlate to the development of their political ideology.

The study, published in Psychological Science, suggests that kids with higher levels of fearfulness at age 5 were more likely to be conservative at age 18 while highly active kids and those with strong attention spans were more likely to hold liberal values as young adults.


Jan-09-14 3:24 PM

I can just see the future architect Emma re-creating some of her best design work into butter sculpture for the Ohio State Fair.


Jan-09-14 2:44 PM

There is, there is! Emma and her friends are obsessed with Minecraft. She builds worlds using blocks of every imaginable color and material, from gold or iron or glass or even butter (really! She built me a house made of butter!). She has sheep and chickens and secret passages and decks on innumerable buildings at this point. She also has just entered the realm of Legos — the real, not virtual, kind. Kids can have fun with empty boxes and lint. I LOVE that!


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