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Such a Bargain!

April 18, 2014 - Phyllis Sigal
On the way to my car after a long week of work last Friday, I happened to walk past a couple, dressed to the nines, on their way to a reception, a wedding or perhaps a nice dinner out.

The woman's dress was striking — a lovely white fabric, with a bit of a shine to it, sort of "Mad Men"-style. I let her pass without a compliment, but then thought better of it and turned around, and said, "Your dress is gorgeous."

She didn't hear me, but her escort did and motioned to her that I was speaking to her.

"That's a gorgeous dress," I told her again.

She walked over to me, with conviction, reached toward me and said, "May I tell you about this dress?"

"Of course!" I answered, always eager to hear fashion tales.

She told me she just bought it that afternoon, on the clearance rack at Macy's for $9.99. She was so excited.

Well, she couldn't have encountered a better person that evening in the parking lot. I'm sure no one would've appreciated her bargain story more than I did. I bet she was just dying to share that with someone, and my compliment was the perfect prompt.

If they hadn't been on their way to an event, I could've kept her in the parking lot telling her of my conquests ...

Like that jacket I bought at Stone & Thomas — yes, Stone & Thomas — years ago (obviously). It was a designer jacket — the name escapes me at the moment — a beautiful bright green. It had originally been more than $300, but was marked down and marked down and marked down until I purchased it for around $14.


I was so proud of that bargain that I kept the price tag in the pocket just to brag! I think I still have the jacket ... and probably the price tag.

My latest bargain was a coat from Banana Republic — original price, $175. Fifty percent off, $70 dollars worth of "Banana bucks," and I paid a grand total of $18.50. Amazing. Right?

And there's a million of 'em in between. I could go on and on. And on.

My dad used to tease me about shopping at Gabe's, feeling sorry for me because I couldn't afford to shop at "better" stores. I'd tell him it was the thrill of the bargain hunt that made Gabe's shopping so much fun.

So the day after the woman in white awoke my inner bargain-hunter, I took off for Macy's clearance rack. I came up empty there, but then I drove over to Gabe's to see what I could score.

Three tank tops — originally from the Gap — for $3.99 each. A linen sweater for $12.99 and a black cotton/rayon cardigan with a front tie for $7.99. Not bad.

Oh, and I forgot about the two adorable pairs of flats at Payless for $15 each!

I do love to pay less. Yep, I love a good bargain.

Thanks, lovely lady in white for the inspiration.

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