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Trucks and roads

May 22, 2014 - Heather Ziegler
There isn't a day that goes by we don't hear a call on the police radio about at least one large truck getting stuck on one of our winding county roads in

Marshall County and sometimes in Ohio County. The oil and gas industry has brought a large amount of big truck traffic to our roads and the results are

obvious. Just drive to Cameron sometime and you will see what I mean. While some companies are very good about making repairs to the roads and keeping their

vehicles on the correct side of the road, there are always some hot shots -- rogue drivers -- who have no concern for anyone but themselves and their jobs.

Not all, some. My biggest concern has come true. Road conditions in some areas of Ohio County have become ridiculous with holes and ruts created by traffic that was

never meant to be on those roads. I don't know how some of those small bridges on county roads are going to survive. Look at the bridge near Ace

Garage. It doesn't take a genius to determine why that span is ailing when you watch the traffic that travels across it each day. And on the other end of the

road just past the Peninsula Cemetery another bridge is being utilized by vehicles that weigh much more than the weight limit posted there.

Maybe I'm just a worry wart, a whiner, but we will see. Come take a drive on GC&P Road in Ohio County. Drivers there look like they are in a demolition

derby because they are weaving and swerving to miss some big holes. The vehicle alignment business in this area must have tripled its business lately . It appears some patching has occurred on GC&P but anyone who lives there or travels the road every day can see how rapidly it deteriorates after a hard

rain. Now that voters in Ohio County have OK'd more garbage being delivered to the landfill in Short Creek, let's see what happens when more and heavier

garbage haulers travel the road. The photos at right show the size of some of the vehicles traveling on the road.


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Jun-04-14 4:14 PM

And a couple a weeks ago your editor boasts about how the landfill is such a good neighbor in the community. Who gets the calls about the potholes, the landfill?


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