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Remembering "Almost 2"

January 14, 2008 - Betsy Bethel
Maybe your children have flown the nest and you miss the pitter-patter around the house.

Maybe your child is a toddler, too, and you can relate to the cuteness and need to know you're not alone when it comes to the tricky bits.

Maybe your children are teenagers and you are going through the hardest times of your life, longing for the days you thought were so difficult but that were full of such promise, such magic, such innocence.

Maybe you miss your grandchildren, who live out of state.

Maybe you are childless and fancy a peek inside a toddler's reality.

Whatever the reason you read this blog, here is a snapshot of Emma Skye right now. This is what I want to remember about her at almost 2 (22 months old):

-- She loves broccoli, oatmeal (with honey and milk), Triscuits, cheese and "chi-chin noo noo soup." OK, OK, she also loves cookies and ice cream! "Mmmmmm, yummy!"

-- She thinks her little binoculars are a camera and walks around looking through them and saying "smile" to everything. This morning, she said "I want smile, I want smile!" and it took me a minute to realize she wanted the binoculars.

-- She "plays" the piano at Grandma's house and sings along -- loud and strong and much of it gibberish.

-- Her best friends are our dog, Ben; Barney and Baby Bop; Elmo; old baby (Mommy's old Cabbage Patch preemie doll, circa 1984); new baby (the Lee Middleton doll her Me-Ma got her for Christmas); and Matthias, a real-live boy who lives across the street -- not necessarily in that order.

-- When Daddy comes back from running, she rushes to him requesting, "Listen ba-pipes, listen ba-pipes?" He finds the bagpipe music track on his Ipod, gives her the ear buds and follows her around holding the Ipod as she marches around the house.

-- She can sing her ABCs, but her favorite song is the letter sounds song on her "Sounds Like Fun" CD from Discovery Toys. "Apple, apple, a-, a-, a-. ... Baby, baby, buh, buh, buh." (I highly recommend the CD for that song alone, although there are other good ones, too! -- see link to my friend Stacey's site)

-- She likes to walk in the snow, give and receive "raspberries," stretch with mommy, build Mega-Blok castles and towers with Daddy (and, more importantly, knock them down), play Nerf basketball, cook in her play kitchen using Play-Doh, draw on her chalkboard and snuggle up for stories.

-- Her favorite bedtime books change every couple days. Right now they include "You Can Do It Sam" by Amy Hest; "I Love It When You Smile" by Sam McBratney; "Go, Dogs, Go" by P.D. Eastman; "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr. and "Dr. Seuss's ABC" by Dr. Seuss.

-- Her favorite bedtime songs also go in and out of vogue, but the mainstays are "Jesus Loves Me" and "God Is So Good."

-- When anyone accomplishes anything with some effort, she encourages them with "Good job." (When I do stomach crunches, for example -- she's a good coach!)

-- She is afraid of more things than I would expect: sirens, Santa Claus or anything resembling him (including a bushy-haired nutcracker we had to get rid of at Christmas), two stuffed frogs (one vibrates and one "ribbits" loudly -- for some reason, she is NOT OK with that!), loud trucks, barking dogs. ... When she's afraid, she runs to Mommy or Daddy or hides and says "I sorry, I sorry. Scared me." Why she apologizes, we may never know.

-- She regulary warms Mommy's heart by saying "please" and "thank you" and "excuse me," but she also sends me into a tailspin when she screams "I want that!" and "I NEED that!" and "Give me that!" and "Noooooo!"

-- She cracks herself up when she uses her silly voice, a gutteral, "red-rum" type voice that kind of freaks Mommy out!

-- If you are hurt -- whether you stub your toe, she pulls your hair or your feelings are hurt -- she will kiss it and then offer to "put cream on it" ("cream" being either antibiotic ointment or diaper cream I use on her to make it "feel better").

Someday, when I need some "cream on it," I hope re-reading this blog will make ME feel better!


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