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I'm "Lost"

February 1, 2008 - Phyllis Sigal
Forgive me for not having watched "Lost" the first couple of seasons.

Forgive my constant questioning of who, what, why, where and how.

I have not caught up as my children did, when every day a couple of summers ago, there were glued to a computer watching episode upon episode of past seasons. I'm sure I will never devote that much time to a television show. But, a co-worker told me about the Wikipedia Web site page that details past seasons. I'll be checking that out soon!

I was told time after time that I should watch it, that I would love it. That, precisely, was why I did not want to watch it.

But, then, in a weak moment, I watched an episode or two or three ... and now, well, I suppose I'm hooked.

I couldn't wait for Thursday's season opener. But, a family illness kept me from my television until about 9:20 ... 20 minutes into the real first episode, since apparently the first hour was a rehash. (Thankfully!)

The questions come after each show even to people entirely immersed, so you can only imagine how many questions I have.

Here's just a few: Which group is right? Is Locke good or bad? Is Charlie really dead? Who did Hurley see in the shack? Who are the Oceanic Six? Does that mean only six survive?

Oh, my ... so many questions ... and every episode brings even more!


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