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Brain freshener

July 15, 2008 - Betsy Bethel
I don't know if this is just because I'm wired to be a writer, but if I don't write things down, I forget them. Writing it down makes it real, permanent. Seeing it in print helps me remember it. I guess I'm a visual learner. I consequently have 500 Post-It notes spilling out of my purse and hanging like Hindu prayer flags all over my desk.

Another way writing helps me is by clearing my head. If it's written down, then I don't have to spend brain power on remembering it or worrying about it or dwelling on it, whatever "it" is -- from buying milk after work to calling so-and-so back to how I feel about the latest family brouhaha.

It also helps in times like this, when my brain is so mucked up with disturbing information and anxiety over situations over which I have no control that I can't do my job. I can't write that gardening story for tomorrow until I cleanse my brain of all the distractions!

BUUUT, since I'm not prepared to share my muck with the blogosphere (this time), I'll bore you will a brief tally of "gratefuls." I'm hoping it'll be like a blast of air freshener, masking the offending thoughts until I can deal with them properly. Also, I have found that forcing myself to count my blessings improves my mood.

My Brain-Freshening Gratefulness Tally

I'm grateful for ...

1. The sunshine and blue sky today.

2. A window in my office in order to glimpse said sun and sky from time to time.

3. The privilege to do what I enjoy for a living.

4. Peanut M&Ms.

5. Cheap wine.

6. Breezy summer nights spent swinging on the front porch swing drinking said wine.

7. Growing up in a family that talks about their problems.

8. My second family, the members of the Macdonald Pipe Band of Pittsburgh.

9. Friends and co-workers who know me, warts and all, and love me anyway.

Deep breath .... aaahhhhhh.

Now, for that gardening story ...


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