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Those summer nights

July 18, 2008 - Betsy Bethel
Last night was a blast. I picked up Emma from day care, and then picked up two older girls at their house. We headed to our house to play. The older girls, 8 and 12, had been asking to play with Emma for weeks, and I finally made spur-of-the-moment arrangements with their mother yesterday afternoon.

Having an only child, I am not used to having others around to entertain my daughter. It's great! I did a few quick chores while the girls had a "tea" party -- Emma's first official "tea" party with a new plastic tea party set presented to her by the two older girls' grandmother. It started in the living room and then moved out onto the front porch.

They poured out the "tea" (in this case, water), added pretend sugar and milk, munched cookies, and crooked their pinkies just so. (Emma's favorite DVD of late has been a Backyardigans one with an episode titled "High Tea," so she knew just what to do.)

After awhile, the oldest girl got bored and suggested we play outside. Great idea. I needed to water the flowers anyway, and it was finally cooling off. I dragged out the hose and that's when the fun really started. We invited the 7-year-old girl next door over, and her dad brought along four water pistols. Let the water battle begin!

At one point, Emma, helped by one of the other girls, caught me by surprise as I came out of the house, dousing me and the whole back porch with the hose! I haven't laughed that much in a long time.

Dave arrived home to find a yard full of soaking wet and screaming kids and adults. Emma was shirtless, her shorts sagging with water and her hair plastered to her face. The 8-year-old was so soaked I had to find her a T-shirt and drawstring pants of mine to wear home.

When I think about the kind of childhood memories I want Emma to have, those two hours last night fit my ideal. I hope to fill her memory and mine with plenty more of these wonderful, happy times.


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