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Acne Boy!

July 8, 2009 - Phyllis Sigal
I am sick and tired of the CW, MTV, ABC Family and Cartoon Network.

I have watched "Fat Camp," "16 and Pregnant" and "The Real World" on MTV ... "That '70s Show" and "Smallville) on CW (although, I admit, I do like "Smallville"), "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (I wish they would've kept it a secret from me) on ABC Family, more "King of the Hill" than I care to remember, and more soap operas and game shows and episodes of "The View" than I have time for.

And I am tired of not being able to take a break during the commercial segments of all of these TV shows. (I mean, I usually save that for the Super Bowl!)

Why this new-found obsession with television shows that are way out of character for me?

Well, my son Leland, the actor, is on a national television commercial. It's for Epiduo, an acne prescription drug — "the first and only once-daily treatment combining adapalene and benzoyl peroxide — two effective acne fighters—in a single product," according to the Web site. (You can actually view the commercial there.)

It's pretty exciting that it's a national commercial. My cousins in California can see him; my brother in upstate New York can see him. My friends in Columbus, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh can see him.

So, here's the scenario, there's this kid, Tyler, who's been hanging out at a pharmacy for 87 day; he's sitting on the floor in the acne treatment aisle, with his tent, his cooler and his box of cereal. Then, the pharmacist (who, by the way, has been playing Pumbaa in "The Lion King" on Broadway for about 10 years), tells him to "get a life." Dorky, pimple-faced Tyler says, "I'm tryyyyy-ing!"

Mr. Pharmacist tells him to get thee to a doctor, which he does.

And in the final scene you see him again, sitting on the ground, (same tent, same cooler), but this time with two cute girls, while they're all waiting to purchase concert tickets. Acne gone. Dorkiness gone.

Obviously, the commercial appeals to the teenage set, but also to mothers, who want their teenage sons and daughters to have beautifully, clear skin ... and lives.

Hence, MTV, CW, ABC Family, soap operas, "The View," game shows, etc.

But the good news? I just heard his commercial was spotted on Food Network!

Now, I can get back to what I really WANT to watch. But I still can't go to the bathroom or change the laundry or feed the cat during the commercials.

P.S. I'm keeping track of "Leland sightings" ... what show, what network, what time .... Feel free to update me if you see it!


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