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McNair, Ridings and Ripley Pharmacy

July 9, 2009 - Betsy Bethel
I don't need to tell you the world is a crazy place. But I'm going to give you three examples from the news today as proof anyway.

1. There are thousands paying homage right now in Nashville to a 36-year-old guy who used to throw a ball for a living and whose affair with a 20-year-old led to his murder and her suicide. One reason a friend says Sahel Kazemi ended the lives of herself and lover Steve McNair? She thought he was having a second affair with another young woman. How very disgusting and sad that this man went looking for his joy and happiness using his male organ as a GPS instead of keeping it parked at home. My heart goes out to his widow and four orphaned children. Where is their comfort? That Daddy had a Super Bowl ring? Somehow, I don't think that'll cut it. What a legacy he left them.

2. Then we have Joshua Ridings, a federally CONVICTED child rapist and kidnapper, wasting taxpayer money ad nauseum with vain hopes of getting off on state charges in the same case. The trial keeps getting delayed for this motion or that, or for ongoing investigations and preparations. Let's face it: It's not going to matter if he gets a venue change or if his past criminal history suppressed. My guess is he'll go through all this rigamarole and then plead guilty at the last minute. He is playing the game, and it's costing YOU money (I live in Ohio). And NOW he wants a competency evaluation of the victim. Hasn't she been through enough? It would be an abomination to continue traumatizing this child. My knee-jerk reaction: Ship him off, end the nightmare for this girl and plug the hemorrhage of cash.

3. Now let's move down state to Ripley, W.Va., where a local pharmacy decided it would be fun and clever to hand out prescription drug bottles filled with candy during a parade. This, in a state where nearly 9 percent of people use prescription pain medication to get high and where deaths resulting from prescription drug overdose rose 550 percent between 1999 and 2004, according to statistics provided by the Ohio County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition. A pharmacy, of all places, should know the dangers of prescription drugs falling into the hands of children. Passing out candy in pill bottles has to rank up there as one of the stupidest, most irresponsible promotion ideas ever. (But don't get me started on the ad agencies and businesses that think every American revels in amoral filth and buys products based on how sleazy or degrading the commercial is.)


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