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A laugh a minute

November 16, 2009 - Betsy Bethel
Having a preschooler around the house can be a lot of fun. As parents, besides getting to color, paint, bake cookies, play Candyland, dance around like a ninny and all those other fun things we do with our preschoolers, we enjoy their off-the-wall questions and declarations.

A few recent examples from our house:

On the wall between the kitchen closet and basement doors, we have recorded Emma's growth. I measured her Friday morning out of curiosity. Since Oct. 4, she has grown an inch! She is now 42 1/2 inches tall. She equates being "big" with being "strong." So when I finished measuring her and telling her how big she's getting, she bent her elbows and quipped: "I know, Mom! Feel my muscles! Go ahead, feel 'em!"

On Saturday, we watched the last quarter of the Ohio State Buckeyes game, and when Iowa had the ball, I yelled "De-fense! De-fense!!!" Emma looked at the screen and said: "Where's the fence, Mama?" I told her there was no fence, that I was rooting for my team. Then, a few minutes later, she asked, "Which team has the Fence guy, the D. Fence guy, the red team or the yellow team?"

When putting her to bed the other night, I told her to have sweet dreams. "I will," she said, very assured. "Cuz I'm sleeping on the right side of the pillow, not the wrong side. The right side gives me good dreams and the wrong side gives me bad dreams!"

Death and heaven have been hot topics lately. After a lengthy discussion, she said she doesn't want to go to heaven and sing and dance all the time; she'd rather stay here with me and sing and dance with me. This morning, she told me spiders don't go to OUR heaven, they go to spider heaven, and they don't sing and dance there. I can't remember what she said spiders do in heaven. I'll ask her at dinner tonight and let you know!


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