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Fund Transit, Not Studies

May 29, 2015 A debate in Ohio is highlighting two problems: one, the pitiful level of money available for public transportation in the state; and two, the apparently bottomless fund for studies and reports. Gov. more »»

Don’t Build Bigger Jail Than Needed

May 29, 2015 Monroe County taxpayers already have experience with an expensive local government building constructed just a few years ago and now about to be abandoned. more »»

Battling the Bulge Among Children

May 29, 2015 Often at or near the bottom of most comparisons of states, we West Virginians finally have finished close to the top. But that is nothing to celebrate. more »»

Oil Exports Benefit Economy, Diplomacy

May 29, 2015 Oil and natural gas are being used as geopolitical weapons like never before in history. Russia’s Vladimir Putin has become perhaps the world’s most skillful, effective practitioner. more »»

Impact on GDP, Electric Critical

May 28, 2015 Critics of President Barack Obama’s climate change initiatives have tended to focus on the devastation they already are wreaking to the beleaguered coal industry. more »»

Keep Pressure Up on Pushers

May 28, 2015 Even criminals obey the law of supply and demand. Apparently, it has made our area a cut-rate market for killer drugs. more »»

Rethinking Plan To Defeat Islamic State

May 28, 2015 U.S. officials should rethink how military assets are being used in the fight against Islamic State terrorists, President Barack Obama said Monda. more »»

IRS Bears Unique Duty to Taxpayers

May 28, 2015 Thieves stole about $5.8 billion from the Internal Revenue Service in 2013, by taking tax refunds due to people whose personal information they used to make the claims. more »»

Making Roads Safer in Ohio

May 27, 2015 “Distracted driving” by those using cell phones —often for texting or other activities requiring them to take one or both hands off the wheel — causes a substantial number of traffic accident. more »»

Veterans Agency Sets Waste Record

May 27, 2015 There are several possible reasons why a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital being built in Aurora, Colo., is being termed the biggest construction boondoggle in the agency’s history. more »»

Repairing Pool In McMechen

May 27, 2015 Especially in riverfront communities, public swimming pools are more than nice recreational offerings. more »»

New, More Realistic Iraq Plan Needed

May 27, 2015 Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s assessment of why the Islamic State terrorist army took Ramadi — “the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight” —probably destroyed his popularity in Baghdad. more »»

Lawmakers Right About Energy

May 26, 2015 A wind- and solar-energy advocacy group released a report last week claiming Ohio’s freeze of renewable energy and energy efficiency standards is damaging the industry. more »»

Making Obamacare Even More Costly

May 26, 2015 Mark this one down in your amazing-but-true book: Liberals in Congress admit they made a mistake on Obamacar. more »»

Blessings We Can Never Repay

May 25, 2015 Even taking into account the many challenges facing our nation, we Americans enjoy liberty, security, peace and prosperity that is the envy of most other people in the world. more »»

Time Running Out for Coal

May 24, 2015 For hundreds of area families, this weekend probably was not one of preparing for a carefree Memorial Day picnic or other outin. more »»

Stop Putting Off Debate Over Roads

May 24, 2015 West Virginians did not need the national research group’s study released earlier this month to tell us we have some of the worst roads in the country. more »»

Increasing Trust In Law Enforcement

May 24, 2015 The vast majority of law enforcement officers do their jobs very well. They have a right to resent accusations they turn to violence too readily and discriminate against some peopl. more »»

Ogden Classic Is a Team Effort

May 23, 2015 Runners and walkers in today’s Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic and related events have every reason to be proud of themselves. more »»

Expose Waste At Local Level

May 23, 2015 Thanks to whistleblowers and government inspectors general, taxpayers often are alerted when state and federal officials spend our money wastefully. more »»

Track Down All Involved in Rape

May 22, 2015 Local law enforcement officers and officials need no encouragement to track down everyone involved in the crime of which Peggy Sue Hortsman of Barnesville is accused. more »»

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My Hole-y Life

May 4, 2015 For months we have seen the wrath that winter has taken on our roads and hillsides. The constant freeze and thaw of winter wreaked havoc, creating craters in roads. more »

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