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Protect Unborn Victims of Drugs

January 31, 2015 Most pregnant women in our area cannot imagine being so addicted to a drug that they continue using it despite knowing the enormous risk that entails for both them and their babies. more »»

Don’t Limit Cold, Allergy Medicine

January 31, 2015 West Virginia legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, have done the right thing for their constituents in rejecting calls during recent years that they limit access to medicine for cold and... more »»

Keeping W.Va. Law Equitable

January 30, 2015 Most West Virginians do not worry much about “joint and several liability.” It is part of the jargon of lawyers and judges that, to the layman, can seem impenetrable. more »»

Get Up-to-Date Overdose Figures

January 30, 2015 Two apparent heroin overdose deaths in a week, one in Belmont County and the other in Jefferson County, were a forceful reminder of how devastating the drug abuse epidemic is to our are. more »»

Don’t Risk Free Clinic Closings

January 30, 2015 It appears the vast majority of West Virginians who lacked health insurance just a few years ago have it now. more »»

Obama Spending Plan Irresponsible

January 30, 2015 Barely had “sequestration,” the government spending limits Congress put in place Jan. 1, 2013, celebrated its second anniversary when President Barack Obama urged throwing any restraint to the win. more »»

Rethink Gas Pipeline Safety

January 29, 2015 Flames from a 20-inch natural gas pipeline that exploded in Brooke County had barely died down this week when federal officials warned improvements need to be made in pipeline safety. more »»

Supporting Culture Change at WVU

January 29, 2015 A young West Virginia University student died in November as a result of a fraternity initiation that was a tragedy waiting to happen, if a report by Morgantown police is accurate. more »»

Providing More Teachers in W.Va.

January 29, 2015 Shortages of people qualified to teach in public schools are severe in some areas of West Virginia. It appears state legislators are about to address that by altering requirements for educators. more »»

Obama Not Candid About 529 Program

January 29, 2015 Making community college free for virtually anyone who wants to attend is a plan President Barack Obama is eager for the public to know about — and, of course, to be grateful to him as its author. more »»

Body Cameras Raise Questions

January 28, 2015 Miniature video cameras being worn by Marshall County sheriff’s deputies provide a new layer of protection for both them and the public. But they also raise a number of questions. more »»

Your Vote Really Can Be Important

January 28, 2015 Voter turnout in both Ohio and West Virginia often is abysmally low. Sometimes, important elections and referendums are decided by fewer than half the eligible voters. more »»

Finish Cleanup Project Quickly

January 28, 2015 Wheeling officials, as well as residents of the city’s Fulton neighborhood, should press the state to act swiftly on an environmental cleanup project that began but was suspended when money for it... more »»

Studying Other Faiths Appropriate

January 28, 2015 Wyoming County is part of southern West Virginia’s “Bible belt.” It is a place where the vast majority of people consider themselves to be Christians, whether practicing or not. more »»

Approve Rules For Coal Ash

January 27, 2015 Businesses find it difficult to function in an on-again, off-again regulatory environment. more »»

Keep ‘Never Again’ In Our Thinking

January 27, 2015 Seventy years ago today, Soviet army troops stormed through the front gate of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in southern Poland. more »»

Promoting W.Va. Can Be Profitable

January 27, 2015 Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and legislators must find ways to cut state government spending. more »»

Never Forgetting Reality of Holocaust

January 27, 2015 Old photographs and grainy black-and-white films taken 70 years ago, often by U.S. servicemen, continue to shock new generations of people who may find what they are viewing difficult to believe. more »»

Stiffen Charter School Rules

January 26, 2015 When Ohio legislators agreed to give charter schools a try, complete with public funding, the idea was to provide an alternative to failing public schools. more »»

Treating More Drug Addicts

January 26, 2015 Giving judges more flexibility in how they handle drug offenders is an excellent idea. more »»

Demand Balanced Budget Results

January 26, 2015 Many Americans are finally waking up to the damage being done by the $18 trillion national debt, both now and to future generations. more »»

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January 13, 2015 I like to bake a decent cupcake now and then and I have provided more than just a few for birthdays in the newsroom office. However, I have zero talent for decorating cakes, cookies or cupcakes. more »

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