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More Treatment Funding Needed

February 6, 2016 West Virginia legislators are in no mood to hear requests they spend more money. more »»

‘Pay-to-Stay’ May Help With Inmates

February 6, 2016 Belmont County officials looking for ways to cope with the problem of too many prisoners for too little jail space may want to consider a “pay-to-stay” policy. more »»

Insist on Workplace Freedom in W.Va.

February 6, 2016 Even before the bill reached his desk, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin announced Friday he would veto a right-to-work bill passed by the Legislature. more »»

Keeping Watch Against Crime

February 5, 2016 If you see something, say something. It is advice given most often in connection to Islamic terrorism. Area residents are battling a kind of domestic terrorism, however. more »»

Ohioans Voting With Checkbooks

February 5, 2016 While most attention to politics was focused on this week’s Iowa caucuses for presidential candidates, an important story unfolded in Ohio. more »»

Reining in N. Korea

February 5, 2016 Less than a month ago, North Korea tested a powerful long-range missile. U.S. more »»

Reconsidering PILOT Breaks

February 5, 2016 There are plenty of places in the Ohio Valley where construction of a gas-fired power plant would be feasible, the developer of one planned for Marshall County reminded county commissioners many... more »»

Pessimistic Outlook On Budget Realistic

February 5, 2016 Bleeding in the state government budget appeared to slow a bit last month — but that is no reason for optimism. Gov. more »»

Don’t Shut Public Out of Meetings

February 4, 2016 With all the talk about back-room scheming and secret plans to replace Superintendent Dianna Vargo, one might have thought Ohio County Board of Education members would be especially careful about... more »»

When Government At All Levels Fails

February 4, 2016 The blame game was in full swing this week as Congress held hearings on the Flint, Mich., water fiasc. more »»

North Wheeling Getting a Boost

February 4, 2016 An announcement Tuesday was both a shot in the arm for North Wheeling and a vote of confidence in the neighborhood. more »»

Ensuring W.Va., Ky. Get Some Help

February 4, 2016 Earmarking — the practice by members of Congress of passing appropriations bills and specifying exactly how some of the money is to be spent — has gotten a bad name. more »»

Playing Politics With the Poor

February 3, 2016 With the annual regular session of the West Virginia Legislature at about the halfway mark, election-year politics has reared its extraordinarily ugly head. That needs to stop. more »»

Iowa Shows Clinton Campaign in Trouble

February 3, 2016 After Democrat voters caucused in Iowa Monday night, Hillary Clinton told reporters she breathed “a sigh of relief” at the results. She won, the Democrat contender for president noted. more »»

Keep Dangerous Criminals in Jail

February 2, 2016 All options but one — putting the public at increased risk — need to be on the table to resolve the dilemma of more people being arrested than can be housed in the Belmont County jail. more »»

Federal Spending A Pressing Threat

February 2, 2016 Spending by Americans was flat in December, but they socked money away in savings accounts at the highest rate in three years, the Commerce Department reported this week. more »»

Stop Playing Politics in W.Va.

February 1, 2016 Even Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, a staunch Democrat, cannot stomach the political ploy undertaken by some of his party in the West Virginia House of Delegates. more »»

Clinton in Effect Admits Wrongdoing

February 1, 2016 Hillary Clinton’s defense against overwhelming evidence she broke the law requiring her to keep national security information secret amounts to what a teenager might say after getting a parking... more »»

Closing the Gap In Ohio Schools

February 1, 2016 Ensuring children from low-income families do as well as their more well-to-do classmates in school is a challenge throughout Ohio, as yet another report on the subject makes clear. more »»

Admitting Mistakes In Iraq, Afghanistan

February 1, 2016 At least President Barack Obama was politically smart enough not to declare “mission accomplished” in Iraq and Afghanista. more »»

Authorize W.Va. Charter Schools

January 31, 2016 Private charter schools may not be of direct value to some West?Virginia students, as Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has noted. more »»

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Shades of winter

December 21, 2015 As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, I never have to look far to see the handiwork of our Creator. more »

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