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Keeping Juveniles Out of Ohio Prisons

November 25, 2015 Ohioans ought to be proud their state is a national leader in keeping juvenile offenders out of prisons. more »»

Obama Needs Credibility Reset

November 25, 2015 President Barack Obama’s bluster toward Russia after one of that country’s warplanes was shot down by Turkish fighters Tuesday will not cause Vladimir Putin to lose any sleep — and that is a problem. more »»

Improve Security At W.Va. Capitol

November 25, 2015 Government buildings cannot be made entirely secure against violent intruder. more »»

Take New Look At Health Care Reform

November 25, 2015 Senior citizens will be paying much more for prescription drug coverage under the Medicare program, it has been reporte. more »»

Wrongdoing Often Nets Slap on Wrist

November 24, 2015 Two high-ranking Department of Veterans Affairs officials bullied managers lower on the bureaucratic totem pole into accepting job transfers so they could take the vacated jobs — with less work but... more »»

Restore Trust In Education

November 24, 2015 Several valuable suggestions for improving how Ohio evaluates charter schools have been made by an advisory panel formed for that purpose. more »»

Base Budgets On Realism

November 23, 2015 For the past couple of years, state officials have been whistling past the fiscal graveyard in West Virginia. more »»

Approve Bill On Treating Animals

November 23, 2015 Obviously, first responders to emergencies such as vehicle crashes and fires should make helping human victims their top priority. more »»

Break Stalemate In Wetzel Schools

November 23, 2015 In resigning from the Wetzel County Board of Education, Bob Patterson cited several factors that motivated him to leave. more »»

Probe Government’s ‘Terrorist’ Database

November 23, 2015 At first glance, a proposal that Congress ban gun purchases for people on the government’s terrorist watch lists seems to make sense. more »»

Take Time On New Curriculum

November 22, 2015 Years of effort went into devising the controversial Common Core curriculum standards for schools. more »»

Right-to-Work Would Help W.Va.

November 22, 2015 West Virginians pride ourselves on being fiercely independent and quick to defend basic libertie. more »»

Cut Link Between Painkillers, Heroin

November 22, 2015 West Virginia’s U.S. more »»

Impact of Plan Dramatic, National

November 21, 2015 If you want to get hot about climate change, think about what President Barack Obama’s plan on it will cost you: at least $32 billion a year in higher electric bills throughout the nation. more »»

Taking More Of Your ‘Green’

November 21, 2015 A green-energy measure slated to be on Ohio ballots next year may become the single most confusing choice voters have to make. Or, rather, the toughest four decisions they will face. more »»

End Needless Regulations

November 20, 2015 Government should regulate businesses only to the extent needed to protect the public from physical or financial peril. more »»

Protecting Victims From Further Harm

November 20, 2015 Technology has made it possible to learn where just about anyone lives — even when the inquiry is part of a plot to harm another person. more »»

Ridding the World Of Terrorist Groups

November 20, 2015 For years, concern about terrorism focused on al-Qaida. Now most westerners view the Islamic State as the primary threat. more »»

Regular Audits Needed Safeguard

November 20, 2015 Financial audits handled by experienced, credentialed accountants can be expensive. more »»

Byard Did Much For Marshall County

November 20, 2015 Marshall Countians have lost both a dedicated public servant and a man who volunteered his time and energy to help countless individuals, families and worthwhile organizations in need of assistanc. more »»

Attitude About Waste Troubling

November 19, 2015 If someone grabbed your wallet and tried to take $26 out of it, you’d be angry. You’d probably call the police. Well, someone just tried to do that. Don’t bother calling the police, though. more »»

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September 29, 2015 I can't understand all the fuss over a lack of turkeys for Thanksgiving. There are plenty of turkeys roaming near where I live as you can see by the photos here. more »

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