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Curb Deadly Use of Force

August 3, 2015 When most Americans think about tragedies involving use of deadly force by police officers, the word “Ferguson” probably comes to mind. more »»

Kasich Foreign Policy Has Appeal

August 3, 2015 Part of Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign for president has involved outlining his foreign policy philosopy. more »»

Quality Jobs Needed in W.Va.

August 3, 2015 As conversation continues about West Virginia’s placement at the bottom of the unemployment rankings, perhaps we should be adding another idea to the mix: It is not that the Mountain State does not... more »»

Diverting Attention From Real Threat

August 3, 2015 Cecil, the lion killed illegally in Zimbabwe by an American dentist, will not have died in vain if what happened to him draws attention to the threat of extinction of his kin. more »»

Don’t Reverse Truancy Progress

August 2, 2015 West Virginia’s truancy laws may well have been too strict at one time. At one point, about 40 percent of the juvenile court caseload in the state involved boys and girls there for missing school. more »»

More Legalized Gambling Bad Bet

August 2, 2015 For thoroughbred and greyhound racing to survive in West Virginia — and public opinion on whether that is a priority seems to be mixed — structural changes in the sports themselves will be necessary. more »»

W.Va. Needs More Innovative Solutions

August 2, 2015 Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin must have taken pleasure in an announcement he made last week, that West Virginia employers will enjoy a $43 million reduction in workers’ compensation premiums next year. more »»

Babies Victims Of Drugs, Too

August 1, 2015 Nurses in too many hospital wards for newborn babies have had to learn what to do when a tiny infant screams his little lungs out not because he needs a fresh diaper, has colic or wants some formula. more »»

Infant Mortality A Crisis in W.Va.

August 1, 2015 Infant mortality is a major concern in Ohio, as health officials confirmed about a week ago after it was revealed the state has one of the highest incidences of the tragedy in the nation. more »»

Protecting Ohio Children at Risk

July 31, 2015 After 5-month-old Erin Warfel died in March 2013, the authorities in Medina, Ohio, decided her cause of death was “undecided.” Everyone involved moved on with their lives. more »»

Firing VA Officials Who Let Vets Down

July 31, 2015 Since a scandal erupted last year over military veterans being forced to wait excessively long for health care appointments at government facilities, things have changed, U.S. Rep. more »»

Serving Public’s Right to Know

July 31, 2015 Squabbling among the servants — or people who ought to view that as their relationship to the public — never seems to en. more »»

Arming Members Of Armed Services

July 31, 2015 It is impossible to say how many members of the armed services would have survived attacks on them during the past few years had they been, well, armed. more »»

Helping Babies Survive in Ohio

July 30, 2015 Ohio continues to suffer from a higher infant mortality rate than most of the rest of the country. According to the Ohio Department of Health, in 2013 there were 7. more »»

Be Responsible For Your Safety

July 30, 2015 Joshua Newell is lucky his stupidity cost him only $200, and not an arm. A certain percentage of idiots like Newell, 35, of Gahanna, Ohio, always have been part of the human rac. more »»

Benwood Officials Right About Park

July 30, 2015 Municipal parks, especially those with facilities such as swimming pools, can be a lot like old cars. After years of faithful service, the old jalopy is showing its age. more »»

Focusing on Success In Higher Education

July 30, 2015 Finally, the federal government may be ready to tackle what for many students is the primary reason college is so expensive — how long they stay on campus and whether they leave with degrees. more »»

Drug Test Kits A Good Idea

July 29, 2015 Has the drug abuse crisis in West Virginia gotten that bad? That we’re giving away drug test kits parents can use on their children? It has. more »»

Shipping More U.S. Jobs Overseas

July 29, 2015 We Americans consume a lot more aluminum than our country produces. more »»

Planning Future For Coal Miners

July 28, 2015 At the top of the agenda for the United Mine Workers of America’s 125th anniversary convention this week ought to be a vow not to get fooled again. more »»

Manchin Wrong About Iran Deal

July 28, 2015 Sen. Joe Manchin’s comment that he is leaning toward supporting President Barack Obama’s proposed deal with Iran may make him more popular at the White House and among Senate Democrat leaders. more »»

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Dodging Raindrops and Rabbits

July 14, 2015 I don't know about you, but I'm really growing tired of the rain. It's made it very difficult to plan anything outdoors, from simply cooking on the grill to cutting the grass. more »

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