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Hold Officials Accountable

December 19, 2014 Small town officials often complain about the jungle of state and federal regulations they must navigate to do the public’s business. more »»

Rein In Growth In National Debt

December 19, 2014 Amid a horde of potential Republican nominees for president in 2016, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush became the most-discussed this week when he revealed he is actively considering running. more »»

Don’t Permit Retaliation

December 18, 2014 When legislators gathered this week to hear from Jim Rubenstein, commissioner of the West Virginia Department of Corrections and deputy cabinet secretary of the state department of Military Affairs... more »»

Spending Measure Loaded With Pork

December 18, 2014 While several dozen members of Congress had specific concerns that prompted them to vote against a $1. more »»

Protect Children Of Drug Addicts

December 17, 2014 Perhaps the most heartbreaking aspect of the epidemic of drug abuse is the innocent children it victimizes. more »»

Get Them Out Of College Sooner

December 17, 2014 Liberal politicians who claim education loan interest rates are the most serious bane of college students either didn’t do their homework or aren’t being candid in the interest of pandering to... more »»

Don’t Put Burden Solely on Israelis

December 17, 2014 It is no wonder Israelis are so frustrated with the “international community” and, in particular, the United States. more »»

Government Forgives And Forgets Easily

December 17, 2014 It is nothing new that the penalty for malfeasance in federal government often is a promotion. Another example of the practice surfaced this week. more »»

Safeguarding Drinking Water

December 16, 2014 Four million dollars a year for insurance against tainted drinking water sounds like a bargain for West Virginians. more »»

Improving W.Va. Business Climate

December 16, 2014 If some business people in West Virginia began humming “Santa Claus Is?Coming to Town” after Nov. 4, they may have had good reason. more »»

Rebuilding Trust For Law Officers

December 15, 2014 We in the Ohio Valley would be naive to believe that social issues of concern in many other areas of the nation do not have ramifications here, to. more »»

Get Current Overdose Data

December 15, 2014 Drug abuse takes many lives and ruins many more. Often, the only way out is seeking treatment for substance addiction. more »»

Curbing Secrecy In the Government

December 15, 2014 With all the worry over a “government shutdown” predominating news from Capitol Hill last week, one failure by Congress passed almost unnoticed. more »»

Americans Willing To Debate Issues

December 15, 2014 Release of a report on CIA use of torture to get information from a few captured Islamic terrorists raises more questions than it provides answers. more »»

W.Va. Voters Expect Change

December 14, 2014 Hearing that both Republican and Democrat members of the state Legislature do not intend to let political partisanship produce gridlock like that sometimes seen in Washington probably came as no... more »»

Safeguard Parents’, Students’ Privacy

December 14, 2014 As much as 80 percent of the controversial federal “Common Core” education standards matches state guides in effect for years, members of the West Virginia Board of Education were told last week. more »»

’Tis Season to Ensure All Can Be Merry

December 14, 2014 We in the Ohio Valley live among some of the most compassionate, generous people we know. Especially during the Christmas season, we open our hearts and our wallets to those in need. more »»

Spotting, Helping Heroin Addicts

December 13, 2014 Heroin is readily available in the Ohio Valley. It is not expensive, as illegal drugs go. Becoming a victim of it is virtually automatic for some people. A task force organized by U.S. more »»

Giving Steubenville Basis for ‘Rebrand’

December 13, 2014 Several members of Steubenville City Council made an excellent point — one overlooked in many communities — last week. more »»

Ending Costly School Mandates

December 12, 2014 Public school districts in Ohio should be held accountable for meeting state standards of what children lear. more »»

Setting Priorities In Battling Disease

December 12, 2014 Congress probably will go along with President Barack Obama’s request for $5.4 billion to fight Ebola abroad and ensure this country is better prepared for an outbreak. more »»

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Ho Hos and To-Do Lists

December 2, 2014 Ho, ho, ho! Mmm... Hostess HoHos. ... Oh man, I’m the hostess for that party next weekend. more »

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