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Helping Babies Survive in Ohio

July 30, 2015 Ohio continues to suffer from a higher infant mortality rate than most of the rest of the country. According to the Ohio Department of Health, in 2013 there were 7. more »»

Be Responsible For Your Safety

July 30, 2015 Joshua Newell is lucky his stupidity cost him only $200, and not an arm. A certain percentage of idiots like Newell, 35, of Gahanna, Ohio, always have been part of the human rac. more »»

Drug Test Kits A Good Idea

July 29, 2015 Has the drug abuse crisis in West Virginia gotten that bad? That we’re giving away drug test kits parents can use on their children? It has. more »»

Shipping More U.S. Jobs Overseas

July 29, 2015 We Americans consume a lot more aluminum than our country produces. more »»

Planning Future For Coal Miners

July 28, 2015 At the top of the agenda for the United Mine Workers of America’s 125th anniversary convention this week ought to be a vow not to get fooled again. more »»

Manchin Wrong About Iran Deal

July 28, 2015 Sen. Joe Manchin’s comment that he is leaning toward supporting President Barack Obama’s proposed deal with Iran may make him more popular at the White House and among Senate Democrat leaders. more »»

Focus on Drug Addict Treatment

July 28, 2015 It is to be hoped the West Virginian in Sylvia Burwell still outweighs the bureaucrat. Lives may depend on it, quite literally. more »»

Guarding Against ‘Grandparent Scam’

July 28, 2015 It seems the supply of vicious predators who rely on the compassion of others to fleece them is endless. more »»

Break Cycle Of Poverty

July 27, 2015 Newly released numbers from the 2015 Kids Count Data Book should have West Virginians scrambling for solutions. more »»

Avoiding War Against Iran

July 27, 2015 White House political aides are doing an excellent job of fear-mongering to convince members of Congress to support the proposed nuclear arms deal with Iran. more »»

Don’t Make Same Mistake on Housing

July 27, 2015 As so often is the case, good news about the economy is being reacted to by some economists and politicians who fear it will not last. more »»

Don’t Repeat Errors Made on North Korea

July 27, 2015 A preview of one potential scenario for a Middle East including a nuclear-armed Iran is being provided just a few time zones away, in North Korea. There, U.S. more »»

Curb Discretion On DUI Cases

July 26, 2015 Being pulled over by a police officer who thinks you may have been driving while intoxicated can be bigger trouble than you may understand — even if the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream is... more »»

Limiting Truancy In Every County

July 26, 2015 Many decisions on public schools ought to be left up to local boards of education. But when county-level programs are not working, it is both proper and important for the state to step in. more »»

Hold Justices Accountable

July 25, 2015 “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” the late President Harry Truman advised thin-skinned politicians. more »»

Today’s News Is Future’s History

July 25, 2015 Our heritage at The Intelligencer is such that we were pleased but not terribly surprised in learning the newspaper has been designated a National Historic Site in Journalism. more »»

Stop Delaying Gas Progress

July 24, 2015 Those whose hopes have risen and fallen on the idea that a natural gas industry boom was “this close” to delivering a major boost to the Mid-Ohio Valley economy are likely beginning to ask... more »»

Punish Dishonest Education Officials

July 24, 2015 Ohioans, including the tens of thousands of dedicated, honest, effective teachers, may be wondering if there is a limit to the rottenness in public education officialdom. more »»

Setting Priorities Within Budget

July 24, 2015 It is reasonable to assume that if Wheeling’s budget permitted, City Manager Robert Herron would sign off on substantial pay raises for all municipal employees. more »»

Minimum Wage Hike Detrimental to Many

July 24, 2015 It is likely that soon, thousands of fast-food restaurant workers in New York will have personal understandings of the warning, “Be careful what you wish for. You may get it. more »»

Dealing With Youth Offenders

July 23, 2015 It says something troubling about violence in Steubenville that probation officers felt they ought to send 15 juveniles to a program intended to steer them away from carrying and possibly using gun... more »»

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Dodging Raindrops and Rabbits

July 14, 2015 I don't know about you, but I'm really growing tired of the rain. It's made it very difficult to plan anything outdoors, from simply cooking on the grill to cutting the grass. more »

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