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Get what you want.
Get a route.

Become a Wheeling Newspapers Carrier


Why do people want a Wheeling Newspapers delivery route?
• They can get what they want. More income for travel, school, entertainment, clothing, and household expenses.
• Convenient hours in the morning. After the sun comes up they have time for school or another job. They have the remainder of their daytime hours free.
• Convenient hours also for weekday afternoon delivery. Weekdays are free until early afternoon.
• Develop sales and bookkeeping skills as your own boss.
• Work independently and build a reputation for quality service and fair dealing with others. Self respect.
• Better physical and mental health through exercise.


What qualities do we look for?
• Wheeling Newspaper carriers are independent contractors. Individuals under age 18 need written approval from a parent or guardian.
• A person who understands what good service means. Be service oriented to provide satisfactory delivery to every customer. Work within customer deadlines.
• Someone dependable, and who can work on their own, without supervision.
• Having time available weekdays either in the early morning hours or mid-afternoon and later. Also Saturday and Sunday mornings.
• Someone who is able to deliver 7 days a week.
• A support system of family or friends to help or to substitute whenever needed.
• Good organizational skills. Able to keep records of subscription payments.
• Be eager to earn more money by getting more customers. Be sales oriented. Be able to communicate well with current customers and to approach potential customers.
• Able to approach customers politely to collect subscription payments.
• The physical and mental ability to get the work done.
• Someone who has a specific goal in mind. Why do you want a route?.






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Please answer these questions . . .

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Give examples of work activity where you worked independently, on your own.

Give your definition of quality customer service.


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