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Resolving Their March for Freedom Was Not in Vain

May 30, 2016 Sometimes on one of those late spring days when Memorial Day comes, you can almost see them, marching, marching onward, the legion of the forgotten dead. more »»

Many Coal Mines Gone For Good

May 29, 2016 Some people in the southern West Virginia coalfields believe — literally — that if Donald Trump wins the presidency, their local coal mines will reopen the day after the inauguration, a friend from... more »»

More Progress Needed on Higher Education Challenges

May 29, 2016 As another academic year draws to a close, higher education is facing increasing criticism and scrutiny. Seemingly, little progress has been made in long-standing areas of concern. more »»

Church Services to End at Salvation Army in Moundsville

May 29, 2016 The Salvation Army has been a part of Moundsville for the past 90 years and during that time little change has taken place in the services provided — religious and social services. more »»

Developing Carbon Capture Technology Important

May 29, 2016 Exxon Mobil recently took a clear and unambiguous stand for what it considers is the right approach in the battle against global warming — demonstrating an economical way to capture and store carbo... more »»

Solving Budget Crisis Takes Leadership

May 28, 2016 After two months of negotiations that failed to result in a compromise for the 2017 budget, I called the Legislature back to Charleston, encouraging Democrats and Republicans, senators and delegates... more »»

Spending It or Losing It in W.Va.

May 28, 2016 During the past several weeks, I’ve been told by two moderately high-ranking officials that what I’d written about state spending was incorrec. more »»

Celebrate Good Things

May 28, 2016 I watched the story about the 100-year-old woman who was running on an outdoor track in an attempt to set a record. more »»

Really Helping Miners

May 22, 2016 If the federal government really wanted to help people in West Virginia’s southern coalfields, Washington would buy their home. more »»

A Divided America Is Crying Out for Leadership

May 22, 2016 This election cycle has been unlike any we’ve ever seen. Many of our fellow Americans are justifiably angry, and they’ve spoken with their votes. more »»

Story About Birds, Filling Out the FAFSA, Fun at Prison

May 22, 2016 For the Birds Judi Kirker of Bethlehem responded to Heather Ziegler’s May 21 column with a nesting story of her own. more »»

JMHS Graduate Hammond, Killed in Afghanistan, Honored

May 22, 2016 Bob Montgomery arrived at the Moundsville Lions Club meeting Tuesday carrying a shadow box, several baseball jerseys, a first baseman’s glove and a baseball. more »»

Just What Is the $30 Billion Plan?

May 21, 2016 Apparently a substantial number of West Virginians actually believe Hillary Clinton plans to help us after she completes the project Barack Obama began — wrecking the coal industry and driving... more »»

Where Does The Road Lead?

May 21, 2016 Traveling from the Pittsburgh area back to Wheeling the other day, I could not help but notice an interesting road. more »»

Bring On The A-F Grades

May 15, 2016 Many parents don’t understand the gobbledygook bureaucrats use in evaluating the quality of schools. But they understand the A-to-F grading system perfectly. A means really good. more »»

Working to Provide the Pledged ‘Justice for All’

May 15, 2016 A man, suffering from a drug addiction, abandons his wife and their three small children and leaves town. more »»

Escape Games Being Launched at Old W.Va. Penitentiary

May 15, 2016 A new attraction debuted this weekend in Moundsville which will not only offer fun for those participating, but help for the local economy and new jobs. more »»

Keep the PROMISE on Education, West Virginians

May 15, 2016 What is the definition of the word “promise,”and why now more than ever does it matter when it comes to higher education in the state of West Virginia? Per Merriam Webster, a promise is a statement... more »»

Success in Capitalism Can Be Failure in Humanity

May 15, 2016 Having set out with this article to show that capitalism does not work, I found, after delving further into the writings of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman, that indeed it does wor. more »»

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