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Infighting Hurting Republicans

May 10, 2014 How strange would it be if during the November elections in West Virginia, a congressional seat that has been in Republican hands for years went to a Democrat, while another that has been reliably... more »»

My Mom’s Favorite Color Is ...

May 10, 2014 Where it began I’m not really sure. My mother has had a penchant for red things for as long as I can remember. more »»

Americans Need To ‘Make Stuff’

May 4, 2014 In March, the highest unemployment rates in West Virginia and Ohio were, respectively, Wetzel County at 12.7 percent and Monroe County at 12.5 percent. Why? In a word: Ormet. more »»

Good Financial Endowments Pay Off in Perpetuity

May 4, 2014 Alaska has a really big one. So do Harvard and many other public and private American colleges and universities. more »»

Neighborly Competition; Spring Cleaning; and Birds

May 4, 2014 Editor’s note: Reporters are constantly surveying their surroundings, and in doing so often turn up many tidbits of news that don’t make it into the daily newspape. more »»

Stenger Retiring As Glen Dale Chief

May 4, 2014 Norman R. Stenger will be retiring on June 30 after 42 1/2 years in law enforcement, 29 of which have been as Glen Dale police chief. Stenger started his police career on Jan. more »»

Best Advice to Graduates: Keep All Your Options Open

May 4, 2014 Once again, in the blossoming spring of the year, thousands of undergraduate seniors will be sent forth into an unknown future to assume the onus of perpetuating a precarious human existence. more »»

Who’s Going to Pay the Bills?

May 3, 2014 As I’ve noted previously, West Virginians recognize a bargain when they see it. They also understand a bad deal when it’s offered to them. more »»

Sister Maureen Was Right

May 3, 2014 I envied them, even though I know envy is a sin. I saw how they were respected and that was neat. I wanted to be like them. more »»

Ensuring We Rely On Politicians

April 27, 2014 Government is well on its way to ensuring a large segment of the private sector is no longer, well, entirely private. You may have heard of the proposed new power plant in Marshall County. more »»

Here’s How to Do Well on the Big Test in School

April 27, 2014 As the end of the school year approaches, many students will be confronted with those dreaded final exams and state competency tests. Naturally, the key is proper study throughout the entire year. more »»

‘Safetypup’ Aimed At Local Youngsters

April 27, 2014 The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department is coordinating its annual Safetypup program in an effort to keep youngsters safe and drug free. more »»

True or False? It Depends ...

April 26, 2014 Be glad you’re not a member of the U.S. Supreme Court. If you were, you’d be in the middle of a controversy over lies told about politicians. more »»

In Defense Of W.Va.

April 26, 2014 I live in West Virginia. I wear the blue and gold state colors, on the appropriate days. I cheer on the schools’ sports teams and applaud their academic achievements. more »»

Crosses Not Harming Anyone

April 20, 2014 I suspect many people share my opinion about separation of church and state in America: Crosses on public property aren’t that big a deal. I could write a book about things that concern me more. more »»

Here’s How to Get Rid of Fear, Stress in Our Lives

April 20, 2014 In the last few weeks there have been numerous events that would make average men or women pull their hair wondering, “What’s going to happen next?” A plane has fallen out of the sky and over a mont... more »»

Grand Vue Park Celebrates 40th

April 20, 2014 Grand Vue Park will be observing its 40th anniversary on April 27 with an Open House from 1-5 p.m. more »»

Truly Sincere Gifts Are Anonymous

April 20, 2014 “Make certain you do not perform your religious duties in public so that people see what you do publicly, you will not have any reward from your Father in heave. more »»

Who Would Succeed Manchin?

April 19, 2014 No doubt some U.S. senators, both Democrats and Republicans, get tired of hearing Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., talk about how we do things in the Mountain State. The feeling is mutual, in a way. more »»

Finding The Golden Egg

April 19, 2014 In 1969, the “golden egg” was born. It was the year that the L’eggs pantyhose company introduced its product to retailers. more »»

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