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W.Va. Going to the Dogs, Horses

February 1, 2014 For years, some people maintained we West Virginians were allowing ourselves to be victimized by what at one time were called “the interests. more »»

More Than Just a Dog

February 1, 2014 “It was just a dog.” When I heard that off-handed comment, I was angry, sad. Rocco was not just a dog, he was a hero. more »»

Tax Hike Bad for W.Va.

January 30, 2014 In 2007, West Virginia ranked dead last in per capita income in the United States. more »»

Making State Toxic Hell

January 29, 2014 At an academic conference I attended last fall, one of the presenters wondered how West Virginia, with its abundance of mineral wealth, remained one of the poorest, most backward states in the nation. more »»

How Not To Save The Planet

January 26, 2014 Questioning even the most outrageous claim by climate change alarmists will get you the kind of response once reserved for folks who warned about an international communist conspiracy based in... more »»

Getting More Out of Textbooks With SQ3R Planning

January 26, 2014 Many students approach their textbook assignments without any strategic “purpose” in mind. Consider the following “relay track team” coaching analogy. more »»

‘Wii Can Be Healthy’ Starts Feb. 15

January 26, 2014 The Marshall County Health Department for the third year will be partnering with the Health Plan of the Upper Ohio Valley in a program known as the “Wii Can Be Healthy Project. more »»

Visit Almost Heaven, Ms. Harrop

January 25, 2014 At least Froma Harrop knows there is a West Virginia. A fair percentage of people think we’re the western half of a state governed from Richmond. more »»

Is West Virginia a Cult?

January 25, 2014 After decades of suffering environmental torture at the hands of polluting industries, West Virginians might regard a chemical spill that poisoned the drinking water of 300,000 residents — and is... more »»

Take Me To The Country

January 25, 2014 Despite growing up in the suburbs, my siblings and I were often treated to a taste of the country life by our parents. more »»

Learning How to Work For a Living

January 19, 2014 Americans should have known half a century ago that then-President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” wasn’t going to work. more »»

Martin Luther King Legacy One of Fighting for Peace

January 19, 2014 It is said that at least 15 “small wars” and a score of lesser conflicts now rage around the globe, taking a grievous toll —uncounted hundreds dead each day, thousands maimed and untold wealth... more »»

JMHS Parking Lot Now Has Lights

January 19, 2014 If you happen to be traveling on W.Va. 2 in Glen Dale in the vicinity of John Marshall High School some evening and look to the east you will see something you have never seen ther. more »»

Protection Not EPA’s Middle Name

January 18, 2014 Perhaps the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ought to worry less about shutting down every coal-fired power plant in the country and more about safeguarding Americans against toxic tap water. more »»

Hanging On By A Thread

January 18, 2014 I really did not expect it to make it through the last wind and snowstorm. After all, the mud-clad sphere was hanging by what appeared to be a thread from the tree overhanging the road. more »»

‘Awareness’ Campaigns Questionable

January 12, 2014 With any luck, several Hollywood celebrities will agree to help me in the awareness campaign. I’m planning to address a little-known threat to public safety. more »»

Delaying Massive Flood Insurance Premium Hikes

January 12, 2014 For too many homeowners in West Virginia, flood insurance rates are rising faster than floodwaters in a rainstorm. more »»

Municipal, County Elections Slated

January 12, 2014 Beginning Monday and continuing through the next two weeks, those wishing to seek city offices in Benwood, Cameron, Glen Dale and McMechen must file their candidacy with the city clerk in their... more »»

Spending Balloons in Charleston

January 11, 2014 If you’ve been following the West Virginia budget news lately, you may be expecting a period of austerity in state government. Don’t hold your breath. State spending is about to explode. Gov. more »»

Looking For Signs of Life

January 11, 2014 The first sign was when the water pipes did not freeze. We have learned to take the advice of people more knowledgeable in this stuff, so we let the water trickle from the pipes for three days. more »»

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