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If We Want Better Roads, Someone Will Have to Pay

July 19, 2015 This article was started prior to the commentary in last Sunday’s News Register and Lori Kestner’s letter to the editor on the same page. more »»

Court’s Coal Stance Unrealistic

July 18, 2015 A majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices ruled recently that, in effect, it’s not what the law states in plain English that matters. more »»

Letting Go Of ‘Things’

July 18, 2015 Sorting through the boxes of items set aside for an upcoming garage sale, decades of memories came rushing by. more »»

We Need All The Help We Can Get

July 12, 2015 Ask a general or admiral about the key tenet of how to wage war: When you’re in one, you throw everything you have at your foe. We West Virginians and Ohioans are in a war right now. more »»

Confederate Flag a Symbol of Brutal Inhumanity

July 12, 2015 Do white people who claim the Confederate flag as part of their heritage really know what they are claiming? First and foremost, the Confederate flag is a symbol of treason. more »»

A New Order in the Court; Rainy Days; and Parades

July 12, 2015 Editor’s note: Reporters are constantly surveying their surroundings, and in doing so often turn up many tidbits of news that don’t make it into the daily newspape. more »»

Moundsville Native Sonny Allen Being Honored in Virginia

July 12, 2015 Moundsville native Sonny Allen will be the recipient of another honor when on Oct. 20 he will be inducted into the Hampton Roads (Va.) Sports Hall of Fame. more »»

Dreaming of an Electorate Fed Up With Slogans

July 12, 2015 I had a daydream that it was November 2016, just after the election for governor. Must have been something spicy I ate that fevered my imagination ... more »»

Send Crooked Politicians to Jail

July 11, 2015 Crooked politicians are found in every state. But it’s a safe bet that West Virginia, if not No. 1, is in the Corrupt Government Hall of Fame. more »»

Password Panic Alleviated

July 11, 2015 His name is Chuck. He was the third and final person I spoke with in my effort to remedy a problem with my cellphone, email and such things out of my realm of understanding. more »»

Rebel Against Flag Debate Hardliners

July 5, 2015 It is understandable that many black Americans view the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of racism. more »»

Prayers Answered as the Constitution Prevails

July 5, 2015 In St. Francis’ prayer we ask God to grant, “that we may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love.” St. more »»

From Suit to Rock Concert Shorts; Fracking Banned

July 5, 2015 Editor’s note: Reporters are constantly surveying their surroundings, and in doing so often turn up many tidbits of news that don’t make it into the daily newspape. more »»

Fair Will Include Variety of Pageants in Several Age Groups

July 5, 2015 Although we are just a few days into the month of July, it will not be long, three weeks to be exact, until the annual Marshall County Fair. The main attractions run from July 27 to Aug. 1. more »»

Are We Still Truly Independent?

July 4, 2015 After most of what now is England was pacified by Roman conquerers, many of the region’s inhabitants were happy to settle in as subjects of the empire. more »»

Liberty Still Stands Tall

July 4, 2015 She never gets tired. Not even after 129 years of holding her arm high against the New York City skyline. It is not easy keeping that torch lit, either, but she manages. more »»

Using MECA to Encourage Children to Write

June 28, 2015 D. F. K. Bertolette wrote in his book: “A teacher is not measured by the number of bright students he makes brighter, but rather by the number of indifferent students he makes brigh. more »»

Main Street Bank Continues Growth in Marshall County

June 28, 2015 Three years ago, Main Street Bank opened an office in Moundsville and this past week officials of the banking firm made yet another commitment to the city. more »»

Founders Would Be Appalled

June 28, 2015 What would Patrick Henry say today? “Give me liberty or give me death?” Nah. More like, “Give me liberty or, heck, let me trade that for a government that promises to protect me from lemonade. more »»

Exposing Secrecy in Government

June 27, 2015 It’s a fairly safe bet that if you read this column regularly, you’re going to be very angry in about a year. So will lots of other West Virginians. more »»

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