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Let’s Not Bury Heads In the Sand

November 1, 2015 Are there students at Wheeling Park High School who abuse drugs? Of course there are. more »»

Business Group Falsely Labels W.Va. a ‘Hellhole’

November 1, 2015 When most people think about the “chamber of commerce,” they think about a local organization that helps area business owners network with each other and support their local community. more »»

Bumper Cars, Ghost Towns and Treating Allergies

November 1, 2015 Bumper Cars, Anyone? Many water cooler discussions in Wheeling this week centered around horrible traffic backups Wednesday and Thursday during the five o’clock exodus from the city. more »»

Drive to Assist Needy Termed a Success Despite the Rain

November 1, 2015 The “Warm the Community” and “Feed the Hungry” event held Oct. 24 was very successful, especially when it came to the collection of coat. more »»

Stand At Attention, Convict!

October 25, 2015 Visualize a judge being able to say this to a drug-pushing thug in front of him asking for early release from prison: “So, sonny, you like violence, do you? The prosecutor tells me you had several... more »»

Ohioans Should Vote to Legalize Marijuana

October 25, 2015 America is rife with contradictions, but nowhere is our schizoid nature more evident than in our attitudes towards drugs. And we draw some rather arbitrary lines between what is legal and illega. more »»

Boo!; Cold Mornings; Water Woes; and Box Office Hits

October 25, 2015 Halloween Party The Village of Bethlehem inaugural Community Halloween Party is set for 3-6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31, at the Bethlehem Community Park. more »»

A Lot of Great Things Going on at Grand Vue Park in Moundsville

October 25, 2015 When a person enters the main office of Grand Vue Park’s banquet, hall one of the first photographs he/she will see is that of a water slide which was a part of the old swimming pool in the early... more »»

Saying Thanks to Liberal Professors of the Past

October 25, 2015 When I matriculated at a state university in Pennsylvania during the mid to late 1960s, I was, of course, surrounded by many liberal professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and... more »»

Whipping Drug Abuse in America

October 24, 2015 We whipped tobacco, so we can beat heroin and pain pills. That’s what President Barack Obama said Wednesday in Charleston. But he’s wrong. Very, very wrong. more »»

Enough Is Just Right

October 24, 2015 I opened the kitchen drawer, searching for the little Aunt Louise spatula. That’s what I call my prized metal spatula that my late aunt had given me years ago. more »»

In Search of a Cause

October 24, 2015 "If the Cold War is over, what's the point of being an American?" said Rabbit Angstrom, the protagonist of the John Updike novels. more »»

Lifting People Out of the Trash Cans of Life

October 18, 2015 This week is my father’s 75th birthday. He died 10 years ago. He is my inspiration for this story. Please allow me to share it with you. He was known for helping peopl. more »»

Unwanted Tires, Appliances, Electronics Will Be Accepted

October 18, 2015 If you are looking to get rid of old tires, electronic items or white goods, go to the north parking lot of Monarch Stadium in Moundsville from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturda. more »»

Pope’s Message Firmly in the Catholic Tradition

October 18, 2015 Since Pope Francis’ inspiring visit to the United States, articles appeared in the media praising him for his personal traditional views but questioning his stance on “political/secular” views and... more »»

Kids Just A Market For Pushers

October 17, 2015 Are the kids at Brooke High School dope-crazed zombies, more worried about their next fix than the upcoming big chemistry test? Of course not — and that’s the truly scary thing about what the... more »»

Debating Without Jim Justice?

October 17, 2015 So, how do you feel about the Democrats’ debate? Not the one on Tuesday. The one proposed for Wheeling, between Democrat contenders for governor of West Virginia. more »»

When Kids Go Wrong

October 17, 2015 There are certain sounds that when you hear them, they conjure up memories. So when you hear them after a long absence, you can’t help but smile or wince, whatever the emotion those sounds evoke. more »»

Being Safe Around Firearms

October 11, 2015 Guns really don’t kill people. more »»

Technology No Magic Wand for Better Education

October 11, 2015 For decades, there has been a vision of an education system transformed by technology. more »»

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