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Taking Secrecy Personally

March 9, 2014 While we were discussing one of the problems we at the newspaper sometimes have in obtaining public records, another journalist advised me, “Don’t take it personall. more »»

Education, Success Simply a Matter of Hard Work

March 9, 2014 During a recent conversation with public policy makers about the advantages of year-round education (not necessarily year-round schools), my thinking went almost immediately to traditional Asian ric... more »»

Spring Clean-Up Schedule Released

March 9, 2014 With spring just around the corner, hopefully, Marshall County residents should begin getting ready for the annual Spring Clean-Up effort which will begin April 5 and continues through June 7, with... more »»

Lawmakers Don’t Trust Selves

March 8, 2014 Some of the amendments legislators have suggested for state Senate President Jeff Kessler’s Future Fund bill have interesting undertones. more »»

Call The Police

March 8, 2014 I don’t know who the “concerned citizen” is but he or she gets a gold star for their actions on Feb. 23 in Fairmont, W.Va. more »»

Debt Owed To Wounded Warriors

March 2, 2014 Somewhere in Afghanistan a couple of years ago, a young American on patrol with a platoon of other U.S. Army troops was looking forward to the end of his tour of duty. more »»

‘Silent Cal’ Spoke Loudly With Pro-Growth Action

March 2, 2014 A couple of weeks ago, near Presidents Day, a couple of cronies and I were sharing a libation in a local tavern and, at one point in our conversation, we began to discuss who we believed to be the... more »»

Benwood Native Honored in N.Y.

March 2, 2014 Benwood native Travis Tellitocci has been named a Dutchess County New York Regional Chamber of Commerce Forty and Under honoree. more »»

Perfect (Fiscal) Storm Coming?

March 1, 2014 The proverbial perfect storm may be bearing down on West Virginia, but you wouldn’t know it to watch what’s going on in the state Capitol. more »»

Keeping Fingers Crossed

March 1, 2014 My fingers are sore beyond words. Tiny crevices have developed, split open by the biting cold of winter and the excessive hand washing meant to ward off the flu bug making the rounds of the office. more »»

Keeping Our Water Safe

February 25, 2014 Sometimes we don’t learn from the lessons of others; we must have our own experiences in order to begin our understanding of how actions affect our environment and our childre. more »»

Passing The Obamacare IQ Exam

February 23, 2014 It has become clear within the past couple of weeks that universities such as Harvard and Yale ought to be sending legions of recruiters to West Virginia. more »»

Learn Better by Understanding Textbook Organization

February 23, 2014 This Sunday I want to talk about the various textbook organizational patterns. You would be wise to carefully read the following and share this information with your children. more »»

Moundsville Set For Home Rule

February 23, 2014 One of this year’s goals of Moundsville City Council is writing and submitting a plan to the West Virginia Municipal Home Rule Program for membership consideration. more »»

Getting the Most Out of the Marcellus by Exporting Ethane

February 23, 2014 For the past century, West Virginia has mined the coal that has built America and provided low-cost electricity for our region. more »»

Avoiding Controversial Issues

February 22, 2014 Social Security really isn’t the “third rail” of politics, despite what has been said. Abortion earns that distinctio. more »»

Who Will Be Next?

February 22, 2014 “I knew that guy from high school.” “ I think I went out with that guy’s sister.” “Isn’t that so-and-so’s kid?” “I never knew they were into drugs like that. more »»

Reducing Burden of Costly Government Regulations

February 19, 2014 There is a need for sensible government regulations that keep Americans healthy and workers safe. more »»

Drawing for Ballot Positions Slated

February 16, 2014 The ballot positions for the May 13 Primary election in Marshall County will be drawn at 9 a.m. Tuesday by the County Clerk Jan Pest, with the candidates invited to attend. more »»

The Emperor Has No Clothes

February 15, 2014 It is becoming crystal clear that the emperor has no clothes — and has run out of ways to disguise his nakedness. Unless I miss my guess, he will be entirely out of ideas by late this summer. more »»

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