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Job Fair Intended to Benefit All Ohio Valley Residents

February 8, 2015 The 10th annual Marshall County Job Fair will be held from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on May 15 at the Moundsville Training Center within the walls of the former West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsvil. more »»

Even More Advanced Gas, Oil Technologies Ahead

February 8, 2015 Part of the lore of the oil and natural gas industry is how new drilling techniques and fracing methods were used over the years to produce more oil and gas out of conventional vertical wells. more »»

Altering, Not Repealing, Wage Law

February 7, 2015 West Virginia’s prevailing wage law may not be repealed this year — but it may be altered in a way that would satisfy some of its critics. more »»

Parenting 101 Skills Not Lost

February 7, 2015 Law enforcement officers in Jefferson County have had a pretty tough week. It was not the violent drug trade or turf wars that got to them. more »»

Real Change May Be In The Works

February 1, 2015 These are exciting times. Really. For one reason or another, a lot more people seem willing to think outside the proverbial box — to try things that were taboo for generations. more »»

Marshall School Board Should Cut Levy Rate

February 1, 2015 This commentary reflects the contents of a memorandum letter recently submitted to the superintendent of the Marshall County Board of Education and its five elected members. more »»

Bats in the Theater; A Rocking Doctor; and Cops

February 1, 2015 Editor’s note: Reporters are constantly surveying their surroundings, and in doing so often turn up many tidbits of news that don’t make it into the daily newspape. more »»

Reynolds Memorial Hospital Future, Past Are Discussed

February 1, 2015 Reynolds Memorial Hospital has been a part of the Glen Dale community for 115 years, during which time there have been numerous changes at the facility, including the opening of the current hospita... more »»

Immunization Bill Is Improvement

January 31, 2015 Most people ought to have their children immunized against certain diseases, including measles, mumps, etc. That’s one issue on which the science really is settle. more »»

Weathering The Storm

January 31, 2015 I know how the weather forecasters in New York City feel. They predicted a mammoth blizzard for New York City that did not happen. They got a lot of people and businesses in an uproar. more »»

Defending Free Press In W.Va.

January 25, 2015 I feel relatively certain there are a number of people who, down through the years, have thought about beheading me or storming into my office with an AK-47 blazing. But it’s not going to happen. more »»

Using Figures of Speech to Make Your Points

January 25, 2015 Figurative language (or figure of speech) involves meaning that is deeper than its literal presentation. more »»

Lions Learn Fostoria Glass Moved to Moundsville From Ohio

January 25, 2015 It is only fitting that this year’s Fostoria Glass Society of America Convention and Elegant Glass Show will feature the American patter. more »»

Obama Keeping Pledge to ‘Remake the United States’

January 25, 2015 In May 2009, I wrote that President Obama has openly stated his desire “to remake the United States” predicated upon a “New Declaration of Independence — A New Foundation for America. more »»

GOP Moving Fast in Charleston

January 24, 2015 Something of a psychological change appears to be accompanying the earth-shattering political power shift in Charleston. more »»

A Few Good Men

January 24, 2015 It really ticks me off, the comments people make about firefighters. You know the ones about how all they do is sit around and play checkers all day, waiting for the fire bell to ring. more »»

Making Dishonesty Risky Policy

January 18, 2015 For several years, Steubenville’s school system has had a reputation of being something of an over-achiever — getting good results in terms of what students learn, with limited resource. more »»

Change a Matter of Generations in Afghanistan

January 18, 2015 The terrorist ordeals in Paris have certainly captured the attention of the world, and rightfully so. more »»

Martin Luther King Jr. Made Our World Better

January 18, 2015 When I was in my 20s I wrote this paper about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I want to share it with you because I think it still rings tru. more »»

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