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Influence of Big Money on College Sports Growing

December 22, 2013 For my 23 years as a university president/chancellor, I encouraged increased emphasis on intercollegiate athletics, believing at the time that the reasons were well founded. In the main, they were. more »»

Sonny Allen Gets ‘Distinguished’ Title

December 22, 2013 While watching the Marshall-West Virginia mens basketball game a week ago, a list of 11 former Marshall coaches/players appeared on the screen, and among the names was Moundsville native Sonny Allen. more »»

Lump of Coal Is Right for Obama

December 21, 2013 As a public service to those of you who haven’t finished your Christmas shopping for the politicians on your gift list, here are some suggestions: - President Barack Obama — A lump of coal, and not... more »»

Making A List Or Two

December 21, 2013 If you are anything like me, your purse, wallet and pockets are stuffed with paper lists for gift buying, meal planning, Christmas card sending, bill paying and all sorts of other reminders to get... more »»

Pining For Real Tree At Christmas

December 15, 2013 We fell in love at first sight. My wife and I agreed we simply had to have the small, artificial pine tree we saw at a store recently. So we bought it, and we’re really glad we did. more »»

Forgiveness One of the Great Gifts We Can Give

December 15, 2013 They say that there are more than 7 billion people on the Earth. I personally believe that only God knows the exact count. It probably changes every second. more »»

Glen Dale School Improvements Set

December 15, 2013 The Marshall County Board of Education received an early Christmas present this past week when the state School Building Authority approved a Majority Improvement Fund allocation of $831,54. more »»

Here’s the Big Obamacare Lie

December 14, 2013 The good news, the son of a friend of mine told him, is that he finally was able to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. more »»

Are You Calling?

December 14, 2013 Usually I ignore the nuisance phone calls from people I do not know invading my home space. more »»

When Music Is Beautiful, Disturbing

December 8, 2013 “Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” — From Bram Stoker’s “Dracula. more »»

Remember Ayn Rand When Dealing With Iran

December 8, 2013 In “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal” (1946), atheist Ayn Rand’s remarkable analysis includes three characteristics of compromise, to wit: 1. more »»

New Moundsville Businesses Planned

December 8, 2013 Two new businesses are schedule to open soon in Moundsville. more »»

Property Taxes May Be Affected

December 7, 2013 What would we in this area of West Virginia do if as much as one-fourth of the local funding for our schools, municipalities and counties was wiped out? It is not beyond the realm of possibility,... more »»

What’s In A (Special) Name?

December 7, 2013 Just about everyone in my family has one or had one at some point in their lives. Not all of us appreciate nicknames, but sometime they just stick. more »»

Make Kids Believe In Santa Claus

December 1, 2013 Most adults stopped believing in Santa Claus years ago. That’s a shame. He really exists, you know. At least, that’s what his helpers have led me to believe. more »»

Central Government Approaches Critical Mass

December 1, 2013 After years of enrichment, our central government is very close to achieving critical power mass and triggering the equivalent of an irreversible nuclear reaction that will permanently lower the... more »»

Preview of Trees, Wreaths Slated

December 1, 2013 Since many people have asked to be able to view the Christmas trees and wreaths in advance of the Tree Gala auction, which will take place on Thursday, the committee has decided to have a public... more »»

Ferns’ Senate Bid Is a Big Risk

November 30, 2013 Of the two significant changes House of Delegates member Ryan Ferns made this week, the one that received less publicity is the one most likely to affect his future in politics. more »»

The Demise Of Cursive Penmanship

November 30, 2013 It’s a rarity these days. I opened the mail in the office and found a handwritten note, I marveled at the beauty of the penmanship. more »»

Enjoying Her Family Every Day

November 24, 2013 My granddaughter will be tasting Thanksgiving turkey for the first time Thursday. more »»

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