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Paisley’s Selfie; A Drilling Dispute; and Closed Doors

June 8, 2014 Editor’s note: Reporters are constantly surveying their surroundings, and in doing so often turn up many tidbits of news that don’t make it into the daily newspape. more »»

Fostoria Museum Reopening Slated

June 8, 2014 The grand reopening of the Fostoria Glass Museum, Sixth Street and Tomlinson Avenue, Moundsville, will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday. more »»

Candidates’ Denials Not Credible

June 7, 2014 How were we to know? That has become a popular line among Democrats running for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in West Virgini. more »»

What Can We Say Or Do?

June 7, 2014 What do you say? What words will take away the hurt so deep it transcends the worst pain felt by humans? How do you comfort a mother who endured 12 hours of labor to bear a child which is then taken... more »»

Raise The Roof Over VA Scandal

June 1, 2014 It’s been said that whenever reformist politicians take office in Washington, the vast federal bureaucracy has a message for them:?We were here when you arrived, and we’ll be here when you’re gone. more »»

Getting Together to Eat Really Good, Healthy Food

June 1, 2014 Americans are waking up to the fact that our health ailments are frequently related to our diets — the food we eat. more »»

Security; Unclaimed Millions; and a Sign of Thanks

June 1, 2014 Editor’s note: Reporters are constantly surveying their surroundings, and in doing so often turn up many tidbits of news that don’t make it into the daily newspape. more »»

Midget League Has 60-Year History

June 1, 2014 Received a postcard reminder from Jim Heath, the organizer of the “Boys of Summer” get together which will be held June 20-21 in Moundsvill. more »»

Dems Hope to Outspend Jenkins

May 31, 2014 It didn’t take long for outside cash to come flooding into West Virginia in support of a candidate for Congress. What at first seems surprising is the beneficiary — Rep. more »»

Cookie Jar Of Success

May 31, 2014 When I was 14, my godmother took me to visit New York City, where she was an ambassador to Lebanon and worked with folks at the United Nations. We toured the U.N. more »»

Americans Have Not Forgotten Our Honored Dead

May 26, 2014 By Adam Kelly Sometimes on one of those late spring days when Memorial Day comes, you can almost see them, marching, marching onward, the legion of the forgotten dead. more »»

Honoring Veterans A Last Time

May 25, 2014 Veterans of military service share a unique bond. Many will say that when the chips were down in battle, they weren’t fighting for their country as much as for their comrades in arms. more »»

Free-Market System Not Driven Solely by Greed

May 25, 2014 Capitalism is once again under assault. Its recent resurgence seems to have started with Gordon Gekko’s address in 1987’s film, “Wall Street. more »»

Memorial Day Observances Planned

May 25, 2014 There will be Memorial Day observances in all five Marshall County municipalities on Monday. The first is set for 8 a.m. more »»

Finding Fun Ways to Encourage Children to Read

May 25, 2014 Parents with younger children in pre-school programs and the lower elementary school levels (kindergarten to third grade) should plan organized, family-oriented reading activities. more »»

Veterans Deserve More From Us

May 24, 2014 As I watched military veterans participating in the annual Torch Relay last night, I had to wonder how many of them, having done their duty for us, have found us shirking our duty to them. more »»

Forever In Our Hearts

May 24, 2014 A few times a week my older sisters will send me a text or call me to let me know that one of our favorite old movies is on TV that night. more »»

Our Veterans Deserve Better

May 24, 2014 America’s veterans deserve better than they’re receiving right now. more »»

Landfill Record Decisive

May 18, 2014 Many West Virginians share a deep love for our rugged, beautiful environment. We get angry when it is abused. We are suspicious of those we fear may damage it. more »»

Neglecting and Abusing Those Who Served Nation

May 18, 2014 One hundred twenty years ago, Rudyard Kipling captured the plight of forgotten and neglected veterans everywhere and it is still spot-on today. more »»

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