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In a Way, Zimmerman Very Guilty

July 21, 2013 A gun changes everything. Perhaps that’s the lesson many Americans ought to take from the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. It’s something we really need to think abou. more »»

Government Police Raise Issues on Liberty

July 21, 2013 Following the Civil War, the former Confederate States were subjected to rule by U.S. Army troops during the10 long years of what history calls the Reconstruction. more »»

Kicking Off Annual Marshall County Fair

July 21, 2013 It’s fair time! This is the 65th year for the fair at its current location, the Marshall County Fairgrounds. more »»

Setting a Trap for Pat Morrisey

July 20, 2013 If you ever doubt politics permeates much that is done in Charleston, consider West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s dilemma. more »»

When Lightning Strikes

July 20, 2013 “You kids turn off the television and get away from the windows!” That was the usual response with the first clap of thunder heard at our childhood home. more »»

Americans Love Lists

July 17, 2013 America has fallen in love with rankings. more »»

U.S. Involved in World War - and Losing

July 15, 2013 The United States is at war with the rest of the world and our central government has barely mentioned it to us. more »»

Schools Need A Fighter

July 14, 2013 West Virginia Board of Education members have more flexibility than in the past in selecting a new state superintendent of schools. more »»

U.S. Involved in World War — and Losing

July 14, 2013 The United States is at war with the rest of the world and our central government has barely mentioned it to us. more »»

Harto Reaches Out To Help Employees

July 14, 2013 An email was sent this past week to Marshall County Chamber of Commerce members from TeleTech’s Diana Harto asking businesses if they are currently hiring and, if so, would they like to participate... more »»

Be Careful What You Wish For

July 13, 2013 Some of those involved in horse racing at the Charles Town, W.Va., track are objecting to a change in how their sport is regulated. They have taken their complaint to the state Supreme Court. more »»

Mapping Out The Directions

July 13, 2013 It’s been almost three years since Kaufman’s clothing store closed its doors in downtown Wheeling. The building remains, but now empty of its lovely wedding gowns and bridal party attire. more »»

Saving The Union At Gettysburg

July 7, 2013 West Virginians may well have played a critical role in saving the Union during the Civil War battle at Gettysburg, P. more »»

Not All Statutory Rapists Are Pedophiles

July 7, 2013 By now the mug shot of eighteen-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt, who is currently facing a possible penalty of fifteen years in prison for lewd and lascivious battery on a minor, has circulated enough... more »»

One More Baseball Stadium Left to See

July 7, 2013 One ball park remaining! What began 11 years ago as a three-game baseball motorcoach trip to Baltimore, Boston and New York has resulted in 39 multi-game trips, a total of 109 games and seeing... more »»

Coal Not a Concern? It Should Be

July 6, 2013 Very few Americans really care much what happens to a coal miner’s family in West Virginia or Ohio. more »»

Fishing For A Safe Drive

July 6, 2013 It was my mother’s suggestion, wise as she is at 87. more »»

Keep Coal in Energy Mix

July 3, 2013 Long before Americans were around to blame, there was climate change. Geology tells us that at one time, much of Ohio was covered by ic. more »»

Shut Up, Ethel - I’ll Do It Myself

June 30, 2013 At one point, doing about 65 mph, I was tempted to throw Ethel out of the car. Ethel had steered my wife and I very wrong. During a trip that was supposed to take us past Washington, D.. more »»

Teachers Accomplish So Much, Get So Little

June 30, 2013 I am a guy who lives for summer. more »»

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