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Protecting Our Homes, Families

January 5, 2014 Just a few days after Christmas, a Wheeling Island woman was awakened late at night by an intruder. He’d been trying to steal jewelry and money. more »»

Central Government Is Attacking Senior Citizens

January 5, 2014 As five million Americans reach age 65 each year and join millions of others in the final season of their lives, most expect to enjoy their long-promised and eagerly anticipated golden years. more »»

Rev. Thomas Steele Planning to Retire

January 5, 2014 The Rev. J. Thomas Steele, pastor of the Moundsville Baptist Church, announced to his congregation last Sunday that he is going to retire. more »»

Capito Can’t Be Stereotyped

January 4, 2014 Rep. Shelley Capito has a big ace up her sleeve going into the race to succeed Sen. Jay Rockefeller. It is simply that Democrats will be unable to portray her as a hardline conservative. more »»

Welcome Back, Kids

January 4, 2014 Her voice was calm, reassuring. She never wavered in her soft, sweet tone. Her patience was made in heave. more »»

Explaining People Who Help Others

December 29, 2013 I was drenched to the skin, cold, tired, frustrated and worried as I drove back to Wheeling from Parkersburg one night last weekend. But I felt pretty good about life in general. more »»

How to Make the Most of Different Learning Styles

December 29, 2013 Last month, we looked at the reading, writing and listening learning styles. more »»

Year’s Important Events Reviewed

December 29, 2013 Two events sponsored by the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce attracted the most ever attendance during the past yea. more »»

New Year Will Be Challenging

December 28, 2013 Sometime next summer or early in the fall, President Barack Obama will announce another Obamacare reprieve for businesses. more »»

Learning To Zip My Lip

December 28, 2013 I’m turning over a new leaf. At least I plan to make an earnest effort to change my ways. Do not confuse this with New Year’s resolutions. Those are always well meaning but difficult to keep. more »»

It Really Is All About Children

December 25, 2013 Remember the happiest you ever saw your children on Christmas morning? Think hard. It wasn’t the year your son got his first bicycle. more »»

‘Privacy’ Not Really A Concern

December 22, 2013 Among the most interesting and potentially important stories we’ve carried this month was one about the FBI program that allegedly has headed off nearly 150 violent rampages during the past yea. more »»

Influence of Big Money on College Sports Growing

December 22, 2013 For my 23 years as a university president/chancellor, I encouraged increased emphasis on intercollegiate athletics, believing at the time that the reasons were well founded. In the main, they were. more »»

Sonny Allen Gets ‘Distinguished’ Title

December 22, 2013 While watching the Marshall-West Virginia mens basketball game a week ago, a list of 11 former Marshall coaches/players appeared on the screen, and among the names was Moundsville native Sonny Allen. more »»

Lump of Coal Is Right for Obama

December 21, 2013 As a public service to those of you who haven’t finished your Christmas shopping for the politicians on your gift list, here are some suggestions: - President Barack Obama — A lump of coal, and not... more »»

Making A List Or Two

December 21, 2013 If you are anything like me, your purse, wallet and pockets are stuffed with paper lists for gift buying, meal planning, Christmas card sending, bill paying and all sorts of other reminders to get... more »»

Pining For Real Tree At Christmas

December 15, 2013 We fell in love at first sight. My wife and I agreed we simply had to have the small, artificial pine tree we saw at a store recently. So we bought it, and we’re really glad we did. more »»

Forgiveness One of the Great Gifts We Can Give

December 15, 2013 They say that there are more than 7 billion people on the Earth. I personally believe that only God knows the exact count. It probably changes every second. more »»

Glen Dale School Improvements Set

December 15, 2013 The Marshall County Board of Education received an early Christmas present this past week when the state School Building Authority approved a Majority Improvement Fund allocation of $831,54. more »»

Here’s the Big Obamacare Lie

December 14, 2013 The good news, the son of a friend of mine told him, is that he finally was able to sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. more »»

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