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Scare Tactics Have A History in Alaska

September 3, 2015 Alaska was an excellent selection for President Barack Obama’s scare campaign on climate change, during which he has warned entire countries could be submerged by rising oceans if global warming is... more »»

Small Farmers Face EPA Wrath

September 3, 2015 For anyone under the impression the U.. more »»

Ensuring Big Trucks Are Safe

September 2, 2015 More than twice a day on average during April, May and June, West Virginia Public Service Commission inspectors mandated that commercial trucks be taken out of service. more »»

Constitutional Rights Imperiled

September 2, 2015 It appears the very agency accused of spying unconstitutionally on Americans now has the authority to stop anyone who objects. Two recent court rulings make that clear. In 2013, a U.S. more »»

Rethink Health Care Approvals

September 2, 2015 Health care providers in West Virginia have complained for years about the state’s Certificate of Need rule. more »»

Stop Inciting Violence Against Law Officers

September 2, 2015 Many in law enforcement feel under siege because of public protests in which violence directed at them is encouraged. more »»

Ponder Facts, Not Propaganda

September 1, 2015 “Buddie” the marijuana legalization mascot has begun hitting the road in Ohio, urging voters — especially college students — to vote for state Issue 3 on the November election ballot. more »»

‘Mount McKinley’ Is Law of the Land

September 1, 2015 What would William McKinley, who served as president from 1897 until he was assassinated in 1901, think of a chief executive who refused to obey the law of the land? Modern-day Americans can only... more »»

Not Living Up To Promises

August 31, 2015 States that bowed to federal pressure to adopt the “Common Core” public school standards, including West Virginia, are not taking a common approach to testing students. more »»

Diverting Attention From Real Issues

August 31, 2015 Liberals learned half a century ago that a very effective way of stifling dissenters is to claim they are war mongers. more »»

Make Children’s Safety Top Priority

August 30, 2015 Thank heaven school bus drivers are looking out for the children they transport — because throughout the Ohio Valley, hundreds of motorists are demonstrating they just don’t care. more »»

EPA Arrogance Knows No Bounds

August 30, 2015 Many West Virginians and Ohioans are as worried about the Environmental Protection Agency’s new water rules as they are concerning the agency’s assault on the coal industry and reasonably priced... more »»

Consider New Water Wells for Wheeling

August 30, 2015 Last week we reported Wheeling’s new water treatment plant dealt successfully with the threat posed by elevated blue-green algae levels in the Ohio River, from which drinking water for thousands of... more »»

Pats on the Back:

August 30, 2015 - To public safety workers and civilians honored last week in Wheeling. Police Chief Shawn Schwertfeger presented several awards and commendations, some for life-saving efforts. more »»

Above Average Not Acceptable

August 29, 2015 Most Ohio County public school students who took the state’s new standardized test could not achieve scores demonstrating grade-level proficiency in English and mathematics. more »»

W.Va. Lags Behind Most Other States

August 29, 2015 Mountain State residents know our children need first-class educations in order to compete with their peers from other states and nations for good jobs in the future. more »»

Too Many Babies Are Dying in Ohio

August 29, 2015 In a nation where the infant mortality rate is substantially higher than in most other developed countries, Ohio stands out. more »»

Guard Against Internet Perils

August 28, 2015 West Virginia residents who shook their heads in disgust at the arrest of Jared Fogle on charges of, among other things, possession of child pornography, may be surprised to learn that right here... more »»

Youthful Bullying Has Many Victims

August 28, 2015 The enormous harm bullying can do to the children who are targets is bad enough. But the “collateral damage” can be much, much wors. more »»

Watching Over The Children

August 28, 2015 Someone has to look out for the health and safety of children. When their parents or guardians fail in that, the rest of us have a special responsibility to do so. more »»

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