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Exaggerating Effects Of Climate Change

November 6, 2015 Alarmism over climate change serves no one. While many scientists agree the earth is warming, how much and how fast that will continue to occur is uncertain. So is the cause of the phenomeno. more »»

Ohio Voters Right To Reject Issue 3

November 5, 2015 Proponents of legalizing marijuana in Ohio spent an enormous amount, $25 million by one estimate, trying to convince voters to go along with them. more »»

Law No Benefit For Many Kids

November 5, 2015 West Virginia has had plenty of bad news when it comes to its rankings among the states in terms of various measures of well-being. more »»

Defend the People, Not Political Parties

November 5, 2015 It is possible for U.S. senators to put the good of their political parties aside and do the right thing for Americans. Look at Sens. Shelley Capito, R-W.Va., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va. more »»

Challenge of Kids, Technology Growing

November 5, 2015 Many people still remember a time when it was the number of hours children spent in front of “the boob tube” that was worrisome. Technology has made that an old-fashioned concer. more »»

Rainy Day Fund Meant for State

November 4, 2015 West Virginians are lucky to have a “rainy day” fund to cushion the state budget during rough periods — such as now. more »»

Policing the Ranks In Law Enforcement

November 4, 2015 Law enforcement officers and deputies dedicated to serving and protecting — and that includes almost everyone who wears a badge — want nothing to do with bad cops who abuse the trust placed in the. more »»

Ensure Knowledge Of Evil Never Dies

November 4, 2015 For hundreds of Northern Panhandle students, the Holocaust now is something more than a few sentences in a history textbook. They have met a woman who survived it. more »»

Answering The Test Question

November 4, 2015 One wonders whether it has crossed President Barack Obama’s mind that one reason schools spend so much time preparing for and administering tests to students is that the federal government requires... more »»

Make Spending Reform a Priority

November 3, 2015 Conservatives in Congress made a mistake by approving a two-year federal budget. President Barack Obama could barely contain his glee over the measure. more »»

Curbing Truancy In Local Schools

November 3, 2015 No matter how good schools are, their students miss important learning opportunities when they do not show up for class. more »»

Your Vote Can Be Important

November 3, 2015 If you are a registered voter in Ohio, you may already have cast a ballot through the state’s absentee voting system. If so, good for yo. more »»

Monitor Pushers Getting Breaks

November 2, 2015 Profiling — when law enforcement officers pay special attention to certain classes of people — has gotten an unmerited broad-stroke bad reputation among some Americans. more »»

Officials Right To Resist EPA

November 2, 2015 Mountain State officials should not be fighting the Environmental Protection Agency plan to shut down as many coal-fired power plants as possible, urged James Van Nostrand of West Virginia... more »»

Small U.S. Force In Syria Unrealistic

November 2, 2015 Members of U.S. military special operations units are very, very good at what they do. But they are not that good. more »»

Checking the ‘Haul’ From Halloween

November 2, 2015 Most parents probably check the candy and other treats their children bring home from trick or treating during the Halloween seaso. more »»

Getting a Start On Tax Reform

November 1, 2015 Coaches know how critical momentum can be, even in a lopsided game. If you’re ahead on the scoreboard, it is critical for your team to remain aggressive, otherwise there may be an upset. more »»

It’s About More Than Marijuana

November 1, 2015 Ohioans have been exposed to so much controversy about a proposal to legalize marijuana that some may have given little thought to what else will be on their election ballots Tuesday. more »»

Who Pays for Big Government?

October 31, 2015 So, is this the strategy once again? Another scheme to burn middle-class Americans so government can use their money to buy loyalty from lower income voters? Here’s the brilliant aspect of what... more »»

More Tricks Than Treats

October 31, 2015 How did we ever reach adulthood? On the Halloweens of my generation’s youth, we stuffed ourselves on sloppy joes or hot dogs cooked over an open fire at the Hogan family homestead down the stree. more »»

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