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Don’t Grant Request By Would-Be Assassin

April 24, 2015 John Hinckley Jr. shot then-President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The attack nearly killed Reagan. His press secretary, James Brady, was left with permanent brain injury. more »»

Revisit CAC Board Picks

April 23, 2015 A meeting scheduled for today between Jefferson County commissioners and the head of the local Community Action Council will not be pleasant. That is appropriate. more »»

Improving Weirton Election Process

April 23, 2015 Weirton officials were wise to establish an advisory board to ensure the municipal election in June goes smoothly. It is to be hoped the panel can be disbanded after that balloting, however. more »»

Boosting Baseball Popularity

April 23, 2015 About this you may be certain: the 2015 Major League Baseball season will be one to remember for young and old alike with a record number of people (some 74 million people plus) passing through the... more »»

Fighting Robots With Robots

April 23, 2015 So machines are now able to assess a human’s mood. more »»

Setting Vacant Building Limits

April 23, 2015 Most people probably do not like the idea of making life tougher for someone with the misfortune of owning a building he cannot afford to keep in good repair. more »»

True Blue Democrats Can’t Wait for Hillary to Lose

April 23, 2015 By Carl Jackson For Town Hall “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. more »»

Rethink Federal Employee Rules

April 23, 2015 Drug Enforcement Agency head Michele Leonhart is retiring — forced out of office because members of Congress were angry she had not responded decisively to reports of wrongdoing among DEA agents. more »»

Battling What Causes Truancy

April 22, 2015 Social workers gathered in West Virginia last week noted schools play a pivotal role in reducing the number of young people incarcerated — with truancy prevention being only part of the solution. more »»

Criticizing Policies She Once Backed

April 22, 2015 Growth in the U.S. economy has “stalled out,” Hillary Clinton said during a presidential campaign stop in New Hampshire on Monday. more »»

Board Right On Tax Break

April 22, 2015 No doubt Ohio County Board of Education members Gary Kestner, Shane Mallett and Tim Birch canthink of very worthwhile ways for the school system to spend $380,000 a year. more »»

Holding Judges To Higher Standard

April 22, 2015 No doubt Mingo County Circuit Judge Miki Thompson had the very best of motives for what she did earlier this month. Too bad she did not consult the state’s rule book for judges. more »»

Coal Ash Bill A Senate Test

April 21, 2015 Sen. Joe Manchin’s decision to seek re-election rather than run for governor is good news for West Virginians. How good? We may know soon. Manchin, D-W.Va. more »»

Service Evidence Of Compassion

April 21, 2015 Sometimes it is said that people in certain unfortunate circumstances are not viewed as compassionately as others. Drug addicts, prostitutes and the homeless often fall into the category. more »»

Adding Minutes To School Day

April 21, 2015 West Virginia Board of Education members were right to reject requests for waivers from the state mandate that public schools hold classes at least 180 days a year. more »»

Avoiding Naval Battle Against Iran

April 21, 2015 When then-President John F. Kennedy used Navy vessels to blockade Cuba in 1963, he made it clear they were to prevent Soviet ships from delivering missiles to the island nation. U.S. more »»

Avoid Weirton Election Errors

April 20, 2015 Whether voters on June 9 approve a public transit levy in Weirton may be the least of city officials’ worries. The very legitimacy of municipal elections is a more critical issue. more »»

Honor Volunteers Who Help Others

April 20, 2015 Ohio Valley residents are very compassionate people who often do more than feel sorry for others who need help. more »»

Manchin Helps W.Va. in Senate

April 20, 2015 The U.S. Senate has been called the world’s most exclusive club. Most of its members seem to feel keenly the distinction voters have granted them, along with the enormous power of the Senate. more »»

Demand Fairness, Impartiality in Law

April 20, 2015 Fairness and impartiality are at the foundation of the American concept of justice. It has been eroded to an alarming extent. more »»

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