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Keep Kessler In Leadership Post

November 9, 2014 State Senate President Jeff Kessler is precisely what West Virginia Democrats need to recover from the Election Day drubbing they suffered last week. more »»

Boost Participation In W.Va. Politics

November 9, 2014 Just 37.3 percent of registered voters went to the polls for the Tuesday election in West Virginia. more »»

Pats on the Back:

November 9, 2014 -- To Ohio Valley veterans of military service and to all who will be involved in events honoring them on Tuesday. more »»

W.Va. Voters Want Results

November 8, 2014 Republicans who will lead the House of Delegates and state Senate early next year have a limited window of time to convince voters they made the right decision in abandoning Democrat domination for... more »»

Late-Term Abortion Ban Worth a Try

November 8, 2014 One criticism liberals often make of Republicans is that the GOP puts too much energy into so-called “social issues. more »»

Building Public Faith in Schools

November 7, 2014 Brooke County school officials’ elation at approval of a tax levy to build a new middle school and improve Brooke High School should be tempered by a look at election numbers. more »»

Delaying Action On Immigration

November 7, 2014 For months, President Barack Obama and his aides have been suggesting he would take executive action to repair the nation’s broken system of regulating immigration. more »»

Manchin Policy About to Pay Off

November 7, 2014 Few Democrats had any reason to smile this week. By the hundreds throughout the country, they were thrown out of office. more »»

Get Health Care Costs Under Control

November 7, 2014 Saving most Americans money on health insurance by repealing the most objectionable sections of the Obamacare law ought to be a priority when the new Congress convenes early next year. more »»

W.Va. Voters Reject Liberals

November 6, 2014 West Virginians have seen the extreme liberal wing of the Democrat Party in action, and they want no part of it in Washington or Charlesto. more »»

Ohio Deals With Ebola Effectively

November 6, 2014 How to defend the public against the threat of Ebola has been controversial in several states, with President Barack Obama second-guessing some governors who dared to pursue what they viewed as... more »»

Disenchantment High in W.Va.

November 6, 2014 Throughout West Virginia — but especially in the southern coalfields — Democrat leaders may be wondering why voters have deserted them. That is the wrong question to be asking. more »»

Permit Keystone XL Project to Proceed

November 6, 2014 Delays in constructing the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to bring Canadian oil to the U.S. have doubled the cost to build the facility, it was reported this week. more »»

Deter Corrupt Public Officials

November 5, 2014 Three men involved in abusing the Ohio public’s trust are to be sentenced for their crimes this week. The judge ought to throw the book at them. more »»

Copper Thefts Can Lead to Tragedies

November 5, 2014 In addition to theft, the person or people who stole copper wiring from a power company facility in Marshall County are guilty of killing an innocent man. more »»

Bipartisanship Still Important

November 5, 2014 Among astute Republican leaders, there will not be much popping of champagne corks during the next several days. more »»

Moundsville Needs ATV Regulations

November 5, 2014 While many local residents were pondering Monday night how they would vote to affect weighty issues of state and federal policy, a substantial number of Moundsville residents had something else on... more »»

Voting Today Is Important

November 4, 2014 If you are a registered voter who has not yet cast a ballot in today’s election, you should do so as soon as possible — both to do your civic duty and for your own personal good. more »»

Reject ‘Nuclear Option’ By Reid

November 4, 2014 For generations, the U.S. Senate safeguarded substantial minorities through its rules on filibusters. more »»

Seize Opportunity For W.Va. Growth

November 4, 2014 Regardless of which political party controls the West Virginia House of Delegates after today’s election, members of that body and other state officials should seize an unusual opportunity to bring... more »»

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