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Educate Voters On City Charter

June 9, 2014 Members of a special commission formed to recommend revisions to Steubenville’s city charter have completed their work. Now the ball is in City Council’s court. more »»

Fistfights Can End in Tragedy

June 9, 2014 On television, in the movies and in some video games, fistfights can go on for minutes. Antagonists trade powerful blows, yet keep coming back for more. Real life often is different. more »»

Funding Not Key To VA Problem

June 9, 2014 The outrageous, criminal mess at Department of Veterans Affairs health care facilities needs to be cleaned up. Americans seem united in that demand. Now comes the tough part — making it happen. more »»

Too Many Unable To Find Jobs in U.S.

June 9, 2014 Some young Americans unable to find jobs after they graduate from college, simply stay on campus, working toward advanced degree. more »»

Police, Deputies Should Cooperate

June 8, 2014 Relations between Wheeling and Ohio County officials seem to be good, for the most part. Several examples of mutually beneficial cooperation have occurred during the past few years. more »»

Public Has Right To Most Records

June 8, 2014 Too much government information is kept from the public on the pretext that it is for the public’s good. more »»

Explain Vote to Fire W.Va. Ethics Official

June 8, 2014 Modern practice in firing public employees and officials is to simply let them go with no explanatio. more »»

Pats on the Back:

June 8, 2014 - To the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department and the county’s Coalition Against Drug Abuse, for their plan to hold a “kickoff to summer” community picnic from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. more »»

Vendetta Against Coal Is Apparent

June 7, 2014 It has become perfectly clear that President Barack Obama’s goal is to shut down coal-fired power plants — whether doing so is essential in battling climate change or not. more »»

Cracking Down On ATVs in Moundsville

June 7, 2014 Moundsville residents Heidi and Timothy Gast are worried, they told members of City Council this week. Their concern is over misuse of all-terrain vehicles in the communit. more »»

D-Day a Time To Be Grateful

June 6, 2014 Many Americans probably have never heard of Guadalcanal, the Kasserine Pass, Anzio, the Hurtgen Forest, Peleliu, the Coral Sea, Tarawa or Ploesti. more »»

D-Day Observance Vital for the Future

June 6, 2014 In one old black-and-white newsreel, men wearing helmets and carrying rifles advance from the sea across a beach. They are bent forward slightly, as if walking into the teeth of a storm. more »»

Checks, Balances Now Out of Balance

June 6, 2014 Once again — this time in a matter of life and death — President Barack Obama has thumbed his nose at Congress. Many members, both Democrat and Republican, are angry. more »»

Make WVU-Marshall Partnership Count

June 6, 2014 West Virginia and Marshall universities are rivals in some ways, especially in athletics. more »»

Helping Bellaire As Firefighters

June 5, 2014 Bellaire officials’ previous effort to establish a volunteer fire department ended badly. A second attempt now has limited time to succeed. more »»

Save $1.5 Million On Sale of Bonds

June 5, 2014 Wesbanco Arena clearly is in need of improvements, so Wheeling officials are right to be planning to make them. more »»

Diversification Made Much More Difficult

June 5, 2014 It has been suggested that President Barack Obama’s war on coal represents an opportunity West Virginians should seiz. more »»

Obamacare Errors Continue to Pile Up

June 5, 2014 A health insurance company that notified one-fourth of its customers their rates might go up or they might not get coverage at all because of an in-office mistake with records might well pay the... more »»

Never Forget The Holocaust

June 4, 2014 Her mother tried in vain to cover her eyes so she could not see what was happening, Sofiya Karpovich remembers. But she saw. She cannot forget. more »»

Preventing New Chemical Spills

June 4, 2014 Throughout West Virginia are located thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of storage tanks containing liquids that could, if released, contaminate water supplie. more »»

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