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Attracting, Keeping Health Care Workers

September 10, 2014 As West Virginians grow older, on average, so do the doctors and other health care professionals upon whom we rely. It does not require a Ph.D in demographics to understand what that means. more »»

Hit Terrorists’ Bank Accounts

September 9, 2014 Some local high school students may understand more about defeating Islamic State militants than does President Barack Obama, at least to judge by his public pronouncements on the matter. more »»

Getting Online Records Right

September 9, 2014 Obtaining government documents ought to be easier than ever in the digital age. more »»

Don’t Grant Breaks For Ohio Casinos

September 9, 2014 When Ohio voters finally agreed a few years ago to allow casino gambling in their state, many did so with reservations. more »»

Don’t Let Company Dodge Cleanup Cost

September 9, 2014 Federal Bankruptcy Judge Ronald Pearson, in Charleston, has expressed concern the company guilty of allowing a massive chemical spill that affected water supplies for 300,000 West Virginians earlie... more »»

Treating More Drug Addicts

September 8, 2014 If you think the war on drugs has been going well in this part of the country, you have not been reading the newspaper. Drug-related arrests are in the news virtually every da. more »»

School Counselor Should Be Fired

September 8, 2014 Ohio County Board of Education members did the right thing in February, after learning Ritchie Elementary School guidance counselor Kristyn Fetcko had been indicted on charges of selling illegal... more »»

Ensure Children Attend School

September 7, 2014 Students don’t learn much when they are not in school, and West Virginia has a problem with that, according to a national organization. more »»

Require Drillers To Obey the Law

September 7, 2014 Many area residents have benefitted from the gas and oil drilling boom — but that is no license to ravage the environmen. more »»

Reduce Tax Burden On Property Owners

September 7, 2014 Ohio County educators and school administrators should view their top priority as improving service to students, of course. That said, another priority set officially last week is laudable, too. more »»

Taking the Lead In Steubenville

September 6, 2014 About 150 people were concerned enough about violence in Steubenville to attend a Wednesday night meeting to discuss the challenge. They’re outnumbere. more »»

Expedite Lawsuit Against the EPA

September 6, 2014 Irreparable harm will be done to many American families if the Environmental Protection Agency’s campaign to close coal-fired power plants is not blocked. more »»

Online Gambling Up to Legislature

September 5, 2014 West Virginia Lottery Director John Musgrave believes the state can replace lost gambling revenue through online gambling. more »»

Cleaning Up From Nuclear Mistakes

September 5, 2014 President Barack Obama’s administration seems to have billions of dollars to throw away on unrealistic “alternative energy” subsidies — but not enough to clean up dangerous mistakes from the last... more »»

Ensure Nurses Are Drug-Free

September 5, 2014 Nurses whose judgment is impaired by drug abuse — either because they are under the influence when working with patients or are preoccupied with where to get their next fix — are dangerous. more »»

Moms, Dads First Line of Defense

September 5, 2014 A Moundsville mother has provided a “that’s how it’s done” example of protecting children from online predators. more »»

Getting Ready For Snow, Ice

September 4, 2014 Salt — plain old sodium chloride — is the key to a critical public service on which area residents depend during the winter months. more »»

Review Pipeline Safety Regulations

September 4, 2014 A review of safety regulations for natural gas pipelines in West Virginia should be the top priority for Mary S. Friend, named this week as the state’s top official in charge of the matter. more »»

Miners Can Trust Capito

September 3, 2014 After endorsing Barack Obama for president in 2008, the United Mine Workers union refused to make the same mistake when he was up for re-election in 2012. more »»

Monitor Children’s Online Activities

September 3, 2014 Parents are advised regularly and strongly to monitor their children’s online activities. The Internet is a jungle in which many predators stalk naive youngsters, it is explained. On Aug. more »»

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