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N. Korean Nuclear Missiles a Threat

March 11, 2016 U.S. officials cannot say — or at least, will not — whether North Korea has managed to miniaturize nuclear weapons enough to use them as missile warheads. more »»

Budget Bill Far From Realistic

March 11, 2016 West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s proposed budget for the coming year, totaling slightly more than $12.6 billion, simply will not work. State legislators know that. more »»

Preserving Our Past in Documents

March 11, 2016 Too often, as Wheeling residents have seen, our past crumbles into piles of bricks, stone and dust in front of our eyes as precious old buildings either collapse or are demolished. more »»

Iran’s Intent Clear

March 11, 2016 On Wednesday, Iran test-fired two missiles. Painted on both, in Hebrew, was the phrase, “Israel must be wiped out. more »»

Small Cuts Not Good Enough

March 10, 2016 West Virginia legislators seem to be looking at just about every method of balancing the state budget except the one virtually every taxpayer has to resort to when coping with a cash crunch: cuttin... more »»

Do as EPA Orders, Not as Agency Does

March 10, 2016 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials ought to consider a new motto: Do as we say, not as we do. Hypocrisy, demagoguery and political games are how Washington works. more »»

Resolving Issue Over Landfill

March 10, 2016 Most Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority board members think challenging a proposal for the local landfill to accept drilling waste is a bad idea. more »»

Don’t Let Bill On Infrastructure Die

March 10, 2016 A worthwhile bill that could benefit many West Virginians may have fallen through the proverbial crack in the Legislature. It already has been approved — unanimously — by the state Senate. more »»

Set Reasonable Taxes on Fuel

March 9, 2016 With fuel prices well below $2 per gallon, West Virginia motorists are getting a break in one major expense — but it has had an unpleasant side-effect. more »»

Allow Innovation In Public Schools

March 9, 2016 Not a single member of the West Virginia Legislature voted against what may be the most important school reform measure considered for years. Yet it has not been sent to Gov. more »»

Examine Online Vs. Paper Testing

March 9, 2016 Many Ohio students who took the last round of state standardized tests online, with computers, may have been operating at a handicap. more »»

Mandating Trucks In W.Va. Be Safe

March 9, 2016 What happened Monday on a highway in Wayne County “was a miracle,” a State Police trooper said. Indeed, that assessment may not be off the mark. A school bus was stopped on W.Va. 152 at about 4 p.m. more »»

Helping Small Business Owners, West Virginia Tourism Industry

March 9, 2016 We’ve all heard that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone. more »»

Issues Remain Kasich’s Focus

March 8, 2016 With the field of contenders for the Republican nomination down to four, two of them have adopted a strategy that helped propel one, Donald Trump, to the lead. Senas. more »»

Eisenhower Was Right to Worry

March 8, 2016 Were he alive today, former President Dwight Eisenhower would be angry about a report this week that some Navy SEALs have to share rifles. more »»

Pass Senate Bill On Greyhounds

March 8, 2016 Time is running out on a step West Virginia legislators seem to agree they need to take, but on which they cannot seem to come to terms about how to do i. more »»

Obama Fantasizes About Economy

March 8, 2016 “America’s pretty darn great right now,” President Barack Obama bubbled out on Friday, in discussing the economy. Credit, of course, belongs to him — he says. more »»

W.Va. Can’t Rely Just on Gas, Coal

March 7, 2016 Though the proverbial bloom is off the natural-gas-industry rose by now in West Virginia, a survey conducted by Energize WV and Mark Blankenship Enterprises indicates most voters in the Mountain... more »»

Showing Courage In the Legislature

March 7, 2016 Especially now, as West Virginians battle a true crisis of drug abuse, suggesting an illegal substance may be beneficial to some people takes some courage. more »»

Don’t Tolerate GOP Convention Violence

March 7, 2016 Perhaps it is a reflection of the rough-and-tumble process Republicans are enduring as they attempt to pick a nominee for president, but for whatever reason, Cleveland police are expecting trouble... more »»

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