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W.Va. Voters Expect Change

December 14, 2014 Hearing that both Republican and Democrat members of the state Legislature do not intend to let political partisanship produce gridlock like that sometimes seen in Washington probably came as no... more »»

Safeguard Parents’, Students’ Privacy

December 14, 2014 As much as 80 percent of the controversial federal “Common Core” education standards matches state guides in effect for years, members of the West Virginia Board of Education were told last week. more »»

’Tis Season to Ensure All Can Be Merry

December 14, 2014 We in the Ohio Valley live among some of the most compassionate, generous people we know. Especially during the Christmas season, we open our hearts and our wallets to those in need. more »»

Spotting, Helping Heroin Addicts

December 13, 2014 Heroin is readily available in the Ohio Valley. It is not expensive, as illegal drugs go. Becoming a victim of it is virtually automatic for some people. A task force organized by U.S. more »»

Giving Steubenville Basis for ‘Rebrand’

December 13, 2014 Several members of Steubenville City Council made an excellent point — one overlooked in many communities — last week. more »»

Ending Costly School Mandates

December 12, 2014 Public school districts in Ohio should be held accountable for meeting state standards of what children lear. more »»

Setting Priorities In Battling Disease

December 12, 2014 Congress probably will go along with President Barack Obama’s request for $5.4 billion to fight Ebola abroad and ensure this country is better prepared for an outbreak. more »»

Reform Juvenile Justice in W.Va.

December 12, 2014 Getting juveniles back on the right track before they commit crimes bad enough to send them to corrections centers obviously is a laudable goal. We don’t do that very well in West Virginia. more »»

Government Limits Americans’ Choices

December 12, 2014 If you are a low-income woman planning to pay for all or part of your groceries with vouchers from the federal WIC program, feel free to load up the cart with any fruits and vegetables you like. more »»

EPA Should Heed Ohioans

December 11, 2014 With their last chance to submit comment on the U.S. more »»

Ensure CIA Is Following Rules

December 11, 2014 Much of the contents of a Senate report on use of torture by the CIA was known before the document was released this week. more »»

Move Swiftly On Moundsville Power

December 11, 2014 Officials of the state Department of Environmental Protection moved swiftly to review, then approve an air quality permit needed for the proposed Moundsville Power generating station. more »»

Holding Executive Responsible for Spill

December 11, 2014 Too often, top executives of companies whose actions harm the public escape any punishment. Paid very well by their firms, they enjoy the good life while victims try to put their lives back together. more »»

Progress, Not Miracles, Desired

December 10, 2014 Rome was not built in a day, it has been said. West Virginia will not be rebuilt in one legislative session. more »»

Climate Change Myth Dispelled

December 10, 2014 During a visit to California earlier this year, President Barack Obama linked the lengthy drought there to climate change. more »»

Avoid Draining Emergency Funds

December 10, 2014 Temporary setbacks often tempt us to dip into our savings accounts, even if we have reserved that money for emergencies, in order to get by without reducing our standards of living. more »»

Make Conservation Tax Break Permanent

December 10, 2014 Everyone in West Virginia and Ohio lives within a few hours’ drive of valuable, often beautiful, natural areas preserved in part because of a federal tax break. It ought to be made permanen. more »»

Why Were Rape Kits Not Tested?

December 9, 2014 Hundreds of Ohio rape cases have been solved because of state Attorney General Mike DeWine’s initiative to have old evidence examined, authorities sa. more »»

Profiling Rule Just Politics as Usual

December 9, 2014 Politicians are eager for the public to think they are doing something about whatever issue draws the largest headlines at any given moment. more »»

Being Ready For Threats to Health

December 9, 2014 Public health threats in the headlines — the chemical spill at Charleston and Ebola come to mind — may fade from the headlines fairly quickl. more »»

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