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Giving Teen Second Chance

August 13, 2014 It would have been easy for Steubenville High School football Coach Reno Saccoccia to say no when Ma’Lik Richmond asked to rejoin the tea. more »»

Hats Off to School Board Member

August 13, 2014 Many people who know Ohio County Board of Education member Timothy Birch cannot recall ever seeing him without his trademark hat. He wears it constantly, everywhere. more »»

Be Realistic In Budgeting

August 12, 2014 State officials found out last week they may have chosen to see a glass half full when it was really closer to empty. more »»

Airstrikes Won’t Defeat Terrorists

August 12, 2014 Islamic State terrorists poised to conquer Iraq will suffer from U.S. airstrikes — but that will not be enough to defeat them. Only attacks on the ground can do that. more »»

Saving Money On Electricity

August 11, 2014 In the midst of an ongoing assault from the federal government, American Electric Power executives continue to look for ways to improve efficiency — and financial performance — in order to keep the... more »»

Airport Screeners Ignore Known Risk

August 11, 2014 Perhaps it is time federal airport security screeners are told to do more “profiling” of a sort. A week ago, a San Francisco woman managed to sneak aboard an airliner in San Jose, Calif. more »»

Cabela’s Project Lesson in Success

August 10, 2014 Ohio Valley residents have every reason to desire more economic development “folly” like what is being celebrated this week. more »»

Enforce the Law On Stopped Buses

August 10, 2014 Most of the time, a school bus stopped on a highway or street means children are about to board it or disembark. Often they cross streets or roads to do so. more »»

Finding More Money For Roads, Bridges

August 10, 2014 West Virginia needs nearly $1 billion more each year to maintain highways and bridges adequately and build new ones, members of a commission established by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin have concluded. more »»

Defending W.Va. In the Senate

August 9, 2014 Rep. Shelley Capito, who is seeking a seat in the Senate from West Virginia, works hard to represent her fellow Mountain State residents. more »»

Winning the Battle Against Litterbugs

August 9, 2014 Among the most impressive environmental program successes in West Virginia has been the ongoing campaign to keep roadsides free of trash and jun. more »»

OSU Band Probe Needed

August 8, 2014 After an internal investigation concluded Ohio State University’s renowned marching band was permeated by a “highly sexualized” culture, its director, Jonathan Waters, was dismissed. more »»

Don’t Allow Obama To Alter Tax Code

August 8, 2014 White House aides say President Barack Obama may use an executive order to crack down on what he has called “corporate deserters.” Incredibly, three members of Congress requested the action. more »»

Protecting Public Water Supplies

August 8, 2014 West Virginia Public Service Commission officials’ desire to learn whether adequate precautions were taken to protect public water customers before and after a dangerous chemical spilled into the... more »»

Administration Tries To Block Watchdogs

August 8, 2014 Perhaps the best friends Americans have in government are the inspectors general who act as watchdogs to root out waste and sometimes, crime by politicians and bureaucrats. more »»

Reject Tax, Reduce Costs

August 7, 2014 Talk of a new “user fee” — actually a tax — persists among some Wheeling City Council member. more »»

Justice Department Not Doing Its Duty

August 7, 2014 Internal Revenue Service officials finally are being called to account in court. more »»

School Officials Reacted Wisely

August 6, 2014 Union Local school district officials are dealing with a very, very difficult situation. more »»

Capito Consistent In Fighting Obama

August 6, 2014 U.S. Rep. Shelley Capito, R-W.Va., has fought President?Barack Obama consistently on a variety of his initiatives, including but not limited to the war on coal and reasonably priced electricity. more »»

Hire TSA Agents Who Know the U.S.

August 6, 2014 As Washington, D.C., resident Justin Gray was trying to board an airliner in Orlando, Fla., earlier this summer, a Transportation Safety Administration agent asked him for some identification. more »»

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