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Reduce Burden Of State Government

July 19, 2014 West Virginia legislators may not be able to kill two birds with one stone, but perhaps they can at least wound them. more »»

Wind Farm Gets License to Kill

July 18, 2014 It is illegal to kill certain endangered animals, including golden eagles. If you get caught doing so, even accidentally, the federal government will punish you with stiff fines. more »»

Obama Cronies Protect Each Other

July 18, 2014 No reasonable person can doubt some Internal Revenue Service officials abused their power in harassing conservative organizations. But it is unlikely anything ever will be done to punish the. more »»

Judges Should Rein In the EPA

July 18, 2014 Environmental Protection Agency officials are well on their way to success in an unprecedented grab for power over air pollution laws. more »»

Stop Funding New Fiasco in Washington

July 18, 2014 The federal government is notorious for inefficiency and waste. more »»

Repealing Obamacare

July 17, 2014 Like millions of other Americans, some Ohioans decided health insurance coverage through the Obamacare law sounded good.?So they signed up for i. more »»

Let EPA Know How You Feel

July 17, 2014 Public opinion — at least, that of West Virginians — does not seem to have any effect on the Environmental Protection Agenc. more »»

EPA Wants Power Over Paychecks

July 17, 2014 Most Americans probably believe the main threat they face from the Environmental Protection Agency is higher electric bills and devastation to the economies of coal-mining states. That is incorrec. more »»

Politics, Not Charity, Is Union’s Priority

July 17, 2014 Most Americans are level-headed enough not to allow politics to become too personal. But some liberals seem intent on demonizing anyone who disagrees with them in any way. more »»

Spill Case Fine Far Too Low

July 16, 2014 Federal officials sometimes seem overly eager to enforce some laws and regulations, at times inventing new ones to fit their own ideological agendas. more »»

Don’t Limit Basic Free Speech Rights

July 16, 2014 Frustrated that the Constitution enshrines Americans’ freedom of speech, including that in which they spend money to speak out on political candidates, a few liberals in the U.S. more »»

Improve Health Care in W.Va.

July 16, 2014 New federal Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell has an opportunity to do something important for her native state — West Virginia. more »»

Reporting Sexual Assaults on Campus

July 16, 2014 If you are a young woman heading off to college this fall, or her parents, a federal government report should concern you. more »»

Party Affiliation Can Be Irrelevant

July 15, 2014 Political party affiliation ought not to matter as much in local government as it does at the state and federal level. more »»

Wasting Billions In Government

July 15, 2014 Estimates by federal agencies that they in effect threw away nearly $100 billion last year should infuriate taxpayers. It is our hard-earned money, after all. more »»

Democrat Party Sent a Message

July 15, 2014 News that fewer than half the voters in West Virginia consider themselves Democrats should have come as no surprise to party leaders. more »»

IRS Coverup Sounds Increasingly Probable

July 15, 2014 Internal Revenue Service officials testifying before Congress in the probe of the agency’s harassment of conservative organizations have acted shocked — shocked — at suggestions a coverup is... more »»

Work Incentive May Pay Off

July 14, 2014 Something of an experiment in conservative economics is underway in Ohio. Both Gov. John Kasich and state legislators deserve enormous credit for engaging in it. more »»

Blame Obama, Reid on Roads

July 14, 2014 Within weeks, some highway and bridge projects in West Virginia could come to a screeching halt. more »»

Rethink Strategy Against Terrorists

July 14, 2014 Sunni Muslim extremists who have proclaimed creation of a caliphate in Iraq and Syria have been ridiculed by many of their enemies, including other Islamic rebels in Syria. more »»

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