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Help Find Cameron Cemetery Vandals

April 9, 2014 With any luck, someone knows something that will help the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department bring to justice the perpetrator(s) of an outrageous act of vandalism at a cemetery. more »»

Help Ohioans Earn Diplomas

April 8, 2014 More than a million Ohio adults never graduated from high school. Every year, about 24,000 teenagers join them by dropping out of school. more »»

Check Pros, Cons On Annexation

April 8, 2014 Annexation of areas outside municipal limits traditionally has been a way for towns and cities to grow not just in population but also in revenue. more »»

Coping With Mental Illness in the Military

April 8, 2014 Programs to help U.S. servicemen and women suffering from mental challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder, have been around for decades. Clearly, more effort needs to be put into them. more »»

Liberals Want New Taxes, More Debt

April 8, 2014 It used to be that liberals were known as the tax-and-spend crowd. Now they are the tax, borrow and spend group, as a federal budget proposal unveiled Monday makes plain. more »»

Paying Down Debt Is Wise

April 7, 2014 Belmont County commissioners are doing the smart thing with a windfall of more than $3 million. more »»

Germany Is Good Site for Conference

April 7, 2014 It is appropriate that a major conference on climate change — and what to do about it — is being held this week in Berlin. more »»

Make Education Seamless Process

April 6, 2014 The chasm between public schools and higher education is not as wide as it sometimes seems. Clearly, however, more needs to be done to eliminate it in West Virginia. more »»

Ensuring Access To Public Records

April 6, 2014 Public officials constantly find new ways to deny the public access to government documents. A group of Ohio legislators wants to put more teeth in the state’s open records laws. more »»

W.Va. Singled Out For Federal Cutback

April 6, 2014 If you smelled a rat after hearing of a federal government plan to reduce funding for black lung clinics operated by states, you probably are not alone. As we reported last week, the U.S. more »»

Don’t Let Flaws Remain in Law

April 5, 2014 Why the rush and the enormous pressure to get a badly, expensively flawed law on the books in West Virginia? Mountain State residents should be asking that question as we await promised action to... more »»

Stop the ‘Green’ Waste in Ohio

April 5, 2014 Ohioans already are paying electric bills hundreds of millions of dollars higher than necessary because of the state’s alternative energy mandates. more »»

Set Priorities In Steubenville

April 4, 2014 Steubenville City Councilman Bob Villamagna could have been speaking for any number of local officials in our area on Tuesday, when he burst out that he is “getting sick and tired of hearing what w... more »»

Curb Tinkering With Economy

April 4, 2014 It is difficult — with good reason — to believe that any “reform” initiated in the U.S. more »»

New Law Will Be Expensive

April 3, 2014 A minimum wage/overtime pay measure that Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and legislative leaders admit is flawed has become law in West Virginia. more »»

Why Were ‘Rape Kits’ Not Tested?

April 3, 2014 Ohio legislators are considering a bill that would repeal the state’s 20-year statute of limitations on prosecutions for rape. more »»

Obamacare Far From Success

April 2, 2014 It is not really amazing what a combination of coercion and giveaways can accomplish in a year. more »»

Curbing Crimes Of Violence in Ohio

April 2, 2014 While crime in general has been on the decline in Ohio for some time, offenses involving firearms have been trending upward during the past few years. more »»

Hitting Drug Dealers Hard

April 1, 2014 Ohioans certainly cannot arrest their way out of the illegal drug epidemic, as Attorney General Mike DeWine has pointed out. But authorities in Monroe County are giving it a heck of a shot. more »»

Helping W.Va. Victims of Rape

April 1, 2014 Sexual assault is a brutal, life-changing crime. We West Virginians do what we can to prevent it, bring perpetrators to justice and help victim. more »»

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