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Issue One of Power

April 19, 2016 It has been obvious for years that Congress should update the nation’s immigration laws. But lawmakers’ failure to do that does not give the president authority to override the statutes. more »»

Improving Parks With Partnerships

April 19, 2016 West Virginia state government is flat broke, in case you had not noticed. And state parks are far from at the top of the list for what little money can be found in Charleston. more »»

Earmarks Gone, But Waste Thriving

April 19, 2016 Remember when Congress said it was eliminating earmark spending? Absurd wastes of taxpayer money through pork barrel projects were going to be a thing of the past. Not so fast. more »»

Bigotry Is Not Acceptable Here

April 18, 2016 What happened to a campaign sign promoting the City Council candidacy of a Wheeling woman is inexcusable, regardless of why it occurre. more »»

Failure to Check Was a Mistake

April 18, 2016 A quick search of the state sex offender registry last fall would have alerted West Virginia legislators that hiring Alexander Phillip Collins as an intern was not a good idea. more »»

Helping Southern W.Va. Recover

April 18, 2016 Nineteen of West Virginia’s 55 counties have unemployment rates higher than 10 percent, according to the most recent release of statistics on the matter. more »»

Realistic School Grading Essential

April 17, 2016 How students perform on standardized tests certainly is an important yardstick to use in judging a school’s effectiveness — and deciding what to do to make it better. more »»

Don’t Play Politics With Appointment

April 17, 2016 West Virginia state Auditor Glen Gainer will be leaving office early, he announced last wee. more »»

Taxes Already High Enough in W.Va.

April 17, 2016 As state legislators work to devise a budget for the coming year, many West Virginians are working on state and federal income tax returns, due within just a few days. more »»

Pats on the Back:

April 17, 2016 - To Sharon and Dan Caretti of Monroe County, this year’s recipients of the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention award, presented last week by the Belmont County Department of Job and Family Services... more »»

More Spending Cuts Reasonable

April 16, 2016 Some compromises probably will be needed to balance West Virginia’s budget for the coming year. more »»

Don’t Create New Drug Problems

April 16, 2016 Knowledge of how many Ohioans became addicted to drugs ought to be firmly in the minds of state legislators writing a bill to legalize use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. more »»

Leave the Fairs, Festivals Alone

April 16, 2016 It probably will come as some surprise to people interested in the history and culture of black residents of our area that they are part of the problem in West Virginia. more »»

Leaving, on A Jet Plane

April 16, 2016 I was 14 before I took my first ride in an airplane. But I had been at the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport many times before that as a child. more »»

An Imperial Overstretch

April 16, 2016 This week, SU-24 fighter-bombers buzzed a U.S. destroyer in the Baltic Sea. The Russian planes carried no missiles or bombs. more »»

Defend Freedom For Ohio Pastors

April 15, 2016 Solemnizing a marriage, especially when done by a member of the clergy, is not the same thing as baking a wedding cake or renting an apartment. more »»

Insisting on Better Student Conduct

April 15, 2016 For many years, the reaction to misbehavior by college campus organizations such as fraternities too often was that, well, boys will be boys. No mor. more »»

Keep Garland Off Supreme Court

April 15, 2016 Whether they refuse to even consider him or hold hearings on his nomination, U.S. senators should not place federal Judge Merrick Garland on the Supreme Cour. more »»

Banning Books Can Increase Popularity

April 15, 2016 Nearly everyone agrees censorship and banning books (or, rather, eliminating access to books) are wrong ... except for that one book he or she disagrees with or that makes him or her uncomfortable. more »»

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