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Getting Along On School Board

May 13, 2016 If there was any doubt about a shift in the balance of power on the Ohio County Board of Education, it was erased after the election this week, won by incumbent board member Sarah Koegler and... more »»

Insist on Qualified Teachers in W.Va.

May 13, 2016 Attracting good, state-certified teachers does not seem to be much of a problem for schools in our area. But for those in some West Virginia counties, it is a serious challenge. more »»

Fund Firefighter, Police Pensions

May 12, 2016 Weirton police officers and firefighters often have to take great personal risks to keep faith with those they serv. more »»

Don’t Apologize For Ending War

May 12, 2016 President Barack Obama’s aides insist his planned visit to Hiroshima, Japan, will not include a U.S. apology for dropping an atomic bomb on that city in 1945. Good. more »»

Curbing Culture Of Teen Violence

May 11, 2016 Kids will be ... violent criminals? Apparently, it has come to that in our area. An example was reported last week in Steubenvill. more »»

Keeping Health Information Private

May 11, 2016 If you are an Ohioan who has received help from the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, you may not want that fact to be common knowledge. Your mail carrier may know. more »»

Terrorism, Mental Illness Are Linked

May 11, 2016 German authorities say there is no link between Islamic terrorism and a man who stabbed four people at a train station Tuesday. The attacker is just mentally ill, they explain. more »»

It’s Important To Vote Today

May 10, 2016 There is no way you can leave work today, even to cast a ballot in the West Virginia primary election. After work, you have a ton of things to do. more »»

Teaching Honesty In Ohio Schools

May 10, 2016 It should not have required a decision by Ohio’s highest court to ban public school districts from collecting taxpayers’ money under false pretenses. It did, however. more »»

Losing the War Against Drugs

May 9, 2016 West Virginians have mounted an enormous, powerful counter-offensive against drug abuse — but we are losing the war. more »»

Cracking Down On Truancy in Ohio

May 9, 2016 Critical thinking is one of the skills educators seek to instill in young people. Perhaps we adults need remedial classes on the subject, to judge by some public school policies. more »»

Voting Still Vital For Republicans

May 8, 2016 Many Republican voters have been energized this year because they either favor Donald Trump for president — or had hoped to block his bid for the White House. more »»

Go Heavy on Cuts, Light on Tax Hikes

May 8, 2016 It has been a safe bet for at least two weeks that any agreement on a new state budget for West Virginia would have to wait until at least mid-May. more »»

Use ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Less Often in Ohio

May 8, 2016 Expelling a first- or second-grader from school is ridiculous. It also is a lazy reaction to discipline programs that might be corrected at an early age. more »»

Clinton, Trump Share Reliance on Government

May 8, 2016 Nationalism and socialism are in full gallop in America today while conservatives are without a horse. more »»

Democrats Have Option on Court

May 7, 2016 Old habits die hard. more »»

Being Certain You Cast a Ballot

May 7, 2016 If you are concerned about the direction of politics in your community, the state of West Virginia and the nation, you ought to be determined to vote in the primary election on Tuesda. more »»

Minimizing Risk At Intersection

May 6, 2016 A project to improve safety at the dangerous intersection of Ohio 7 and Hanover Street in Martins Ferry did not come soon enough to prevent another serious accident at the site. more »»

Give Police Guide On Body Cameras

May 6, 2016 Use of body cameras by law enforcement officers and deputies in Ohio is increasing and will continue to do so. It makes sense for the state to have at least limited rules for them. more »»

Killing More Eagles

May 6, 2016 President Barack Obama wants us to think of him as the environmental president. It just isn’t true. more »»

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