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Curb Truancy In Our Schools

September 27, 2014 The worst failures in public schools sometimes occur in classrooms featuring very good, extremely dedicated teachers. There is not much they can do for a student who is absent habitually, after al. more »»

Getting Involved In Senate Debate

September 27, 2014 For a full hour on the evening of Oct. 7, the two leading candidates for a Senate seat from West Virginia will answer questions about various issues important to state resident. more »»

Kasich Record Sways Voters

September 26, 2014 No intelligent candidate for public office relaxes during an election campaign. “Always run scared” is a philosophy shared by nearly all successful politicians. But it must be tempting for Ohio Gov. more »»

Firearms, Children Can Be Deadly Mix

September 26, 2014 Responsible gun owners understand certain safety rules must be obeyed all the time. Perhaps highest on the list of imperatives is never, ever allowing a child to be endangered by a firearm. more »»

Setting Storage Tank Priorities

September 26, 2014 Hundreds of substances could threaten human health if they leaked into streams from which drinking water is drawn. Water is not one of those substances. more »»

Holder Was Failure In War on Drugs

September 26, 2014 Attorney General Eric Holder, who is stepping down, will not be missed by Americans worried about the drug abuse epidemic. more »»

Funding Facelift In Steubenville

September 25, 2014 A million dollars could make quite a dent in the list of 70 dilapidated buildings Steubenville officials would like to demolish. more »»

Chamber Strength Lies in Its Members

September 25, 2014 Business organizations sometimes are viewed as little more than ways for merchants and manufacturers to gather socially and, perhaps, to sponsor a special event or two a yea. more »»

Broadening War On Drug Abuse

September 25, 2014 It may be too much to say the war on drugs has failed. But it is plain the pushers are on the offensive. That means new tactics, perhaps even a better overall strategy, are neede. more »»

Welcoming Travelers To West Virginia

September 25, 2014 Welcome centers and rest areas along interstate highways are keys to tourism, as officials in most states recognize. more »»

Ensure U.S. Can Win War

September 24, 2014 When our armed forces go to war — and make no mistake about it, they have — Americans rally in support. more »»

Two-Year Colleges Serve as Models

September 24, 2014 A milestone reached by Eastern Gateway College in Steubenville — along with similar announcements that come on a regular basis from other local two-year institutions — ought to serve as a wakeup... more »»

Stop Protecting Known Predators

September 24, 2014 At least five teachers or other staff members at public schools or facilities for troubled children in our area have been charged with sexual misconduct — often involving students — during the past... more »»

Ensuring Disaster Victims Not Forgotten

September 24, 2014 Except in a few old history books and the memories of a dwindling number of local residents, the 119 men who died in a 1924 mine disaster in Benwood seemed destined to be forgotten. more »»

Reading Scores Cause for Praise

September 23, 2014 Many Ohioans interested in public education quality will make judgments about their own school districts on the basis of letter grades released by the state Department of Education. more »»

Ensure Fire Hydrants Can Be Relied Upon

September 23, 2014 Nearly one-third of the fire hydrants in New Cumberland now bear tags indicating they are out of servic. more »»

Taxpayers Have Earned a Break

September 23, 2014 Few people in Wetzel County can remember the last time voters said no to a tax issue intended to benefit public schools. Community support for education is a tradition there. more »»

President Needs Better Protection

September 23, 2014 Omar J. Gonzalez was carrying a knife when he stormed into the White House Friday evening. What if he had been equipped with a bomb? Gonzalez, a military veteran, clearly is mentally unbalanced. more »»

EPA Attempts To Mislead

September 22, 2014 Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency agreed to extend the public comment period on the proposed Clean Power Plan, which targets coal-fired power plants and attempts to subject those plant... more »»

Support Juvenile Drug Court Work

September 22, 2014 Many juveniles who abuse drugs and alcohol have not yet become addicted. Those who are sometimes are not so strongly hooked that there are excellent prospects for treating them. more »»

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