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Marines Choose Wisely in Renforth

November 3, 2014 Americans have had faith in the Marines for more than two centuries. Of the five branches of the U.S. military service, it is the Leathernecks who inspire the most awe and trust. more »»

Capito Is Best Choice for Senate

November 2, 2014 Like many Americans, most West Virginians have been hoping for change ever since President Barack Obama’s ultra-liberal agenda became apparent. On Tuesday, we may be able to get it. Electing U.S. more »»

McKinley a Proven Leader in Congress

November 2, 2014 When U.S. Rep. David McKinley, R-W.V. more »»

Sending Republicans To W.Va. Legislature

November 2, 2014 One thing has stood out in the well-funded, often scurrilous attacks special interest groups have made against Republican candidates for the West Virginia House of Delegates from our area. more »»

Liberals Go All Out for Control

November 1, 2014 Independent liberal organizations are going all-out — both in spending and character assassination — in an attempt to keep Republicans from taking control of the West Virginia House of Delegates. more »»

Send Bill Johnson Back to Congress

November 1, 2014 Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, has been an effective defender of the interests of local residents during his time in Washington. more »»

Check Safety In Gas Industry

October 31, 2014 Some industries can never be entirely free of risk. Ohio Valley residents, many of whom have worked in coal mines, steel mills and similar jobs, understand that. more »»

Voters Not Likely To Elect Scofflaw

October 31, 2014 It is impossible to say how many times Ed FitzGerald broke the law by driving Cuyahoga County government vehicles without a valid operator’s license. more »»

Fighting Ebola In West Africa

October 31, 2014 Ebola has claimed just one life in the United States — but more than 5,000 in Africa. more »»

Body Cameras Good For Police, Public

October 31, 2014 Thanks to a $30,000 grant from Chevron, Marshall County sheriff’s deputies soon will add an important defense against being harmed — in court. more »»

Changing Label As a ‘Hellhole’

October 30, 2014 Rightly or wrongly, West Virginia has the reputation among some of being a “judicial hellhole,” with the odds in many Mountain State courts stacked against businesses. more »»

Ebola Decisions Based on Politics

October 30, 2014 President Barack Obama made it clear Tuesday that he bases many critical decisions on one type of science — political science. more »»

Berisford Shows Limits of Diplomacy

October 30, 2014 Moundsville native John Berisford is back home in the United States, finally. His situation makes it clear this country has much to do to improve our diplomatic relationship with China. more »»

Planning Lodge For Brooke Park

October 30, 2014 Construction of a lodge to provide overnight accommodations for visitors to Brooke Hills Park sounds like an excellent idea. more »»

Keep Building In Good Shape

October 29, 2014 The City-County Building housing most Wheeling and Ohio County government offices is nearly 60 years old. more »»

There’s Still Time For Early Voting

October 29, 2014 Thousands of Ohio Valley residents already have decided not to vote on Election Day next Tuesday. more »»

NPLEx Curbing Some Drug Crime

October 29, 2014 Either West Virginians are substantially healthier than they were last year or illegal drug “cooks” are having a lot more trouble finding the ingredients for their recipes. more »»

Ensure Kids View Halloween as Treat

October 29, 2014 Halloween is an exciting time for children and, yes, many adults. The youngsters delight in donning costumes and going door to door in search of candy and other treats. more »»

Consider Each Charter Proposal

October 28, 2014 Some Steubenville residents may spend a long time in voting booths as they cast ballots in the Nov. 4 election. They have much to consider. more »»

Protect Americans From Ebola, Too

October 28, 2014 If Ebola gains a foothold in a major U.S. metropolitan area, there will be hell to pay. Politicians being criticized for doing what they can to prevent that are doing the right thing. more »»

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