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Crittenton Thanks Local Donors

January 4, 2015 Editor, News-Register: When it comes to Christmas, the Ohio Valley knows what it is all about. On behalf of the staff and clients at Crittenton, there are so many in our community to thank. more »»

Changes in Ohio Gun Regulations Slammed

December 28, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Regarding Dec. 10 article “Ohio Senate Approves Changes To State Gun Laws.” Ohio already as the most lenient, ridiculous, concealed weapons laws of any state in the countr. more »»

Moral Superiority Column Criticized

December 28, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Response to “Moral Superiority Has a Price,” Mike Myer’s commentary, Sunday News Register, page C1, Dec. 21. more »»

4-H Leaders Grateful For Help With ‘Frolic’

December 28, 2014 Editor, News-Register: The Marshall County 4-H Leaders Association would like to thank everyone to who attended the 5th annual 4-H Frolic on Nov. 1, at the Marshall County fairgrounds. more »»

Americans Still Relying on Ourselves

December 28, 2014 Editor, News-Register:? I am responding to December 7, 2014 article “Being far from independent” by Mike Myer, Editor, The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register. I must take issue with Mr. more »»

Questioning Methods Shouldn’t Be Changed

December 28, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Opponents of America’s methods of questioning of detainees say nothing good ever came from it. No attacks were prevented, no lives were save. more »»

Sharing the Greatest Gift of Christmas

December 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Dear Editor, We live in a disposable society, do we not? Especially during Christmas when packaging, paper, and plastic are tossed in mass quantities into the rubbish. more »»

Government Failures Listed, Criticized

December 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I was still thinking about Mike Myer’s commentary, “Arthurdale Really Only a Fairy Tale” in the Nov. more »»

Obama Strategy Is Divide and Conquer

December 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: “Divide and Conquer” seems to be game plan of the Obama administration. more »»

Let’s See What The Republicans Do

December 21, 2014 The election is over, boo hoo! It didn’t go my way! It went instead to the R’s!! It’s Republicans here, Republicans there, Republicans everywhere, both in West Virginia and Washington, D.. more »»

Jesus Is God’s Eternal Christmas Gift

December 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Nearly 2,000 years ago, a birth occurred in which the very purpose of history was realized (Mark :). more »»

Homeless Always Enduring a Depression

December 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: You belittled and insulted the homes of Authurdale, and I don’t think this is right. more »»

Bringing People To Live in Wheeling

December 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I would like to see downtown Wheeling be utilized more. more »»

5 of 8’ Programs Important for Students

December 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: This letter is in response to an editorial appearing in The Intelligencer titled “Ending Costly Mandates. more »»

Kasich Mishandled Medicaid

December 16, 2014 Mike Myer’s recent opinion “Political Litmus Tests Unwise” makes sense except where conscience and freedom mee. more »»

Claiming a Vicious Thug Was A Hero Incites More Violence

December 16, 2014 In Manhattan’s Union Square last week, a protester wielded a menacing sign. It didn’t make the front page of any newspaper. You didn’t see it on cable news. more »»

Just Like Killing by Drone, Torture Not a Black/White Issue

December 16, 2014 For a long time I resisted the word “torture” when discussing the “enhanced interrogation techniques” used against high-value captives in the war on terror. I don’t think I can do that anymor. more »»

Wheeling Has Gone Downhill Since War

December 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I was born and raised in Wheeling. I am very upset about how the city has continued to go downhill. Since World War II, the city is half the size it was when I was growing up. more »»

Amusement Park May Be the Answer

December 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I have a great idea to save the City of Wheeling. I was born and raised here and have watched this city decline since the late sixtie. more »»

Misconceptions on Use Of Force Corrected

December 14, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Misconceptions and truths concerning the use of force: - An officer CAN shoot an unarmed person under certain conditions. more »»

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