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Protecting Clean Water for Our Area

March 9, 2014 Editor, News-Register: The recent contamination of the public drinking water supply of 300,000 of our West Virginia neighbors should be a slap in the face and a wake up call to everyone in Warwood,... more »»

Bridgeport Drilling Leases Discussed

March 2, 2014 Editor, News-Register: As many of you might have read, the village of Bridgeport is currently exploring the leasing of its mineral rights on village owned property. more »»

Seeing Hand Group Grateful for Support

March 2, 2014 Editor, News-Register: The Seeing Hand Association would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous support of our 5th annual Sweetheart Raffle: American Sanitation,... more »»

Maybe It Is Time For Us to Panic

March 2, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Rush Limbaugh on occasion tells his audience not to panic when bad news for conservatism is being trumpeted by the left for the expressed purpose of discouraging them! He... more »»

Just ‘Drop in Bucket’ For Barnesville

March 2, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Regarding the Jan. 15, article “Barnesville Inks Million Dollar Agreement” (in the Wheeling News-Register): I am happy for the residents of Barnesville. more »»

Letting Everyone Cast Votes in Ohio

March 2, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Well, now I see that Ohio is changing the voting rules. My ESP tells me that Ohio is trying to make it tougher for Democrats to vote. more »»

Fiscal Problems Could Have Been Foreseen

March 2, 2014 Editor, News-Register Here we go again. The city of Wheeling has a budget problem because nobody could see a drop in gambling revenue. more »»

New Insurance Law Worse Than Any Flood

March 2, 2014 Editor, News-Register: The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 is an example of government at its worst. more »»

Now, It’s Republicans Fighting for the Future

March 2, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I am a recent registered independent. My wife is a lifelong Democrat. However, I consider myself a Christian and american citizen before my party affiliation. more »»

Questions on Roe v. Wade

February 26, 2014 Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court case, is perhaps the most written-about case of the late 20th Century. The recent march on Washington, D.C. by pro-lifers got me thinking. more »»

Thanks go out to our diligent Postal Service letter carriers

February 24, 2014 I would like to say “thank you” to all the letter carriers. I don't know how you do the job you do, with the ice, snow and cold temperatures. more »»

More people are needed like this very helpful Kroger employee

February 24, 2014 Sometimes in life, you do meet people who try their best to make it a better world. We sure need those people! I certainly do appreciate people like Lori at Kroger who help so much. more »»

Murderer’s Victim Suffered Greatly, Too

February 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Recently there have been several stories bemoaning the “horrible” execution of a death row prisoner in Ohio. His suffering and moans were emphasized in the press. more »»

Government Actions Costing Us Money

February 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Here is a partial list of what Obama’s Affordable Health Care Law has caused the American people since he took office as our president. . more »»

Patriots Needed to Say ‘Enough Is Enough!’

February 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: This is an open letter to our elected officials — state and federal: All these years, and they are many, my spouse and I have labored to educate our children, and be... more »»

JMHS Principal Raises Bar on Sportsmanship

February 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I am writing to express my deepest appreciation to John Marshall High School Principal, Mr. Rick Jones, for his generous act of sportsmanship at the Wheeling Park vs. more »»

Wheeling Operations Department Praised

February 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: The City of Wheeling Operations Department has done a “yeoman’s job” throughout the current winter blit. more »»

West Virginians Proud, Will Weather Adversity

February 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I read my paper every day and on Saturday it seems to be a special day, so many interesting items to read. Started to read one morning and this cult item came in my reading. more »»

Governor Should Have Known of Traffic Jam

February 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Regarding Feb. 3, article “More Time Sought in Subpoenas.” The massive George Washington Bridge traffic jams lasted four days. more »»

Try Being Good Parent Before Casting Blame

February 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Too often people take to social media to pass blame onto others, cry over unwanted results, or falsify information to draw attention to themselves. more »»

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