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Ormet Sale Exciting To Retiree From Plant

August 3, 2014 Editor, News-Register: As a retired Ormet worker, let me begin by saying how excited I am that the old plant got purchased. more »»

Make Country Great Again

July 31, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I recently viewed a morning episode of HLN news in which there was a story on singer-producer Pharrell. more »»

Reporting Both Sides of Issue

July 28, 2014 Editor, News-Register: The front page of the Wheeling paper reads like a page from Michael Crichton novel “State of Fear. more »»

Questions Asked About ‘Common Core’

July 27, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Open letter to the Ohio County School Board: In the spring I attended a presentation at Woodsdale Elementary entitled “Common Core/ Next Generation Standards. more »»

Truckers’ Behavior, Bad Streets Cited

July 27, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I am a resident of Hall Street in Bridgeport; my family has owned this property since 1943. more »»

Job Creation Not Always a Good Thing

July 27, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Regarding the June 2 article “States Move To Blunt Obama Carbon Plan. more »»

Support Bill to Protect Retirement Benefits

July 27, 2014 Editor, News-Register: July 30 marks the 49th anniversary of the introduction of Medicaid and Medicar. more »»

Let the Private Sector Handle Power Plant

July 27, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Regarding Moundsville Power: German philosopher Karl Marx, Russians Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin, China’s Mao Zedong (aka Mao Tse-tung),... more »»

Wheeling Spending, Planned Cuts Slammed

July 27, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Regarding recent proposals to make cuts in order for the City of Wheeling to remain in the black by City Manager Robert Herron, I say this: Cuts are sometimes necessary, I... more »»

Putting Partisanship Aside in Washington

July 27, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I write to rebut the anti-Obama tirades in recent letters to the editor. The president is not ignoring the Constitution. more »»

Physician Responds to Allegations

July 26, 2014 As you may have heard, my staff and I have been accused, in the media, of injecting multiple patients with the same needle and syringes during interventional pain procedures as well as giving pain... more »»

Killing the Innocent Unborn

July 25, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Recently a friend told me of an interesting study by a New England state regarding the death penalty. more »»

Officer Maffe Served, Protected

July 25, 2014 Editor, News-Register: I am deeply saddened to hear of the Benwood Police Department’s latest resignation of Officer Chase Maffe. more »»

GOP Plan Not Good for W.Va.

July 24, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Mr. more »»

Battling Voter Suppression

July 23, 2014 Editor, News-Register: The right to vote is under attack in about 30 states. The right of blacks and latinos are the ones usually under attac. more »»

Moses Wrote First Part of Bible

July 21, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Who wrote the first five books of the Bible? To get to the point, the answer is Moses, but since there are skeptics, I will give proof that Moses wrote the Pentateuch. more »»

Open Discourse Should Be Allowed

July 20, 2014 Editor, News Register: As an active participant and regular attendee of the weekly public meetings of the Belmont County Board of Commissioners, I must say that I am quite disappointed and somewhat... more »»

Why Are Our Roads So Bad?

July 20, 2014 Editor, News Register: I recently was in the southern part of our state for vacation. I really am curious why the back roads are in such better shape, where the homes are at least 4 to 5 miles apart. more »»

Where Is The Money Going?

July 20, 2014 Editor, News Register: Has anyone asked the Ohio County Commissioners where the taxpayer’s money is being spent that is received from the oil and gas leases and drilling? Has anyone questioned the... more »»

Someone Has to Pay For Government

July 20, 2014 Editor, News-Register: Regarding June 20 “Online Poll” asking if the federal government should raise the gasoline tax 12 cents a gallon to pay for road projects — 18 percent “yes,” 82 percent “no. more »»

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