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U.S. at ‘Cliff’s’ Edge

Pact proves elusive as deadline on taxes nears

December 31, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Capitol Hill deal to avert the “fiscal cliff” was proving elusive Sunday as a deadline to avert tax hikes on virtually every American worker and block sweeping spending cuts set......

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Jan-01-13 11:19 PM

Romney lost because Obama beat him to death over this tax the rich bull. And after that they cave in and let it happen any way. You idiots should have said it was OK and took that off Obama because that's all he had. You should have to take an IQ test

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Jan-01-13 2:49 PM

promised future good behavior doesn't excuse poor past behavior. term limits and pre campaign mental stability testing.

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Jan-01-13 6:47 AM

we sure do feel sorry for those poor day out of the year that they actually HAD to do something.have to justify their big pay raises coming.

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Jan-01-13 2:05 AM


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Jan-01-13 1:59 AM

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The House of Representatives ADJOURNED this evening after the legislative BODY COLLAPSED from exhaustion BROUGHT ON by HOURS of DOING its JOB.. *Hundreds of CONGRESSMEN complained of headaches, dizzy spells, and extreme FATIGUE AFTER putting in what sources called “a SIX, maybe SEVEN-HOUR DAY..” *With the nation headed OVER the FISCAL cliff, there was NO INDICATION WHEN Congress might RECONVENE, since many of its members had to be hospitalized after what was described as their NEAR-TOTAL physical MELTDOWN.. *According to Dr. Davis Logsdon of the University of Minnesota Medical School, “Being FORCED to listen,COMPROMISE, and ACT like ADULTS for minutes at a time was more PUNISHING than these people could bear...” *Dr. Logsdon said that the gruelling ORDEAL of doing THEIR JOBS would likely keep members of Congress in the hospital for weeks... *“I don’t see these people getting BACK to WORK until February at the earliest...

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Dec-31-12 11:53 PM

just won a second term. Often is the case in contests with close call or split decision the title is awarded the competitor most likely to wear the crown without being discovered a total unqualified jerk jerk. The power comes from being the crown wearer who doesn't have to take it off until judges decide you are less than next bidder. Like trying to enter a locked door faster than another person who has the door key. Too close to call relies on the valet parking attendants telling the judges where the folks with the luxuary cars are and how they placed their bets.

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Dec-31-12 11:48 PM

again. they refuse to post a final score. Neither team was required to carry the ball. The problem is still there and growing bigger. All they did was put and different wrapper and bow on it and believe the people got a present.

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Dec-31-12 8:56 PM

bloviator1758 look at your window.

Note your plight, stuck in purgatory 26003.

60 million voted against the Ghetto Santa Claus.

Sorry you sold out your vote, hope it was worth the price of an Obamaphone, LUZER.

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Dec-31-12 5:35 PM


He won. He is YOUR massah!

You big ghetto loser! Pretending you're 'a player'....yet here you are 24/7/365 with the same pathetic lies and drivel. You have zero life!

Get down on your knees and grovel before your betters (by a thousand fold!) OBAMA !!!!

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Dec-31-12 12:35 PM

Nearly two months after homes in Staten Island, NY were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, residents say they’re still struggling with red tape as they try to get the government to help.

FEMA “really hasn’t done much, if anything, and they’re making people go through a whole bunch of bureaucratic tape,” one resident told MRCTV.

‘They need all the help they can get, and the red tape doesn’t help anyone. It only hurts and hinders and grows the problem,” another said. Victims are shuffled from one desk to another for registration, an identification check, and one-on-one interviews – then referred to something called a “Mitigation Desk,” a FEMA official at a local Disaster Recovery Center explained to MRCTV.

BUSH BUSH BUSH Hurricane Katrina waaaaah!

Funny when the shoe is on the other foot, the story is BURIED.


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Dec-31-12 12:27 PM

Imphat, correction Obama BOUGHT a second time with free giveaways to the 47% who don't pay taxes like you.

He is the GHETTO PRESIDENT, not of the 85% land mass of America that isn't in the urban welfare state.

I hope your vote is worth what you got paid for it, you pathetic sellout.

Jesus Christ couldn't beat Santa Claus in an election.

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Dec-31-12 11:16 AM

Don't worry about any tax increase of 50-80 billion, the boyz club just passed a 60 billion spending bill for Hurricane Sandy! One of the amendments for the Sandy bill would have "required" competitive bidding for the contracts for the 60 billion tax payer dollars! The amendment was DEFEATED! So it's a "free for all" for the political back time at 1000 times the original political donation! "Greatest Political System on Earth"

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Dec-31-12 11:01 AM

Wrat, you love to call this administration a failure, but he just won a second term. Waybe its you that's WRONG! You were WRONG in 2008, you were WRONG in 2012. Maybe its your brain that has FAILED. But you can be right about the 2016 election, because its impossible for Obama to be elected then.

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Dec-31-12 9:31 AM

And like salt in the wound, Obama approves pay raises for Federal employees including the buffoons in Congress. There will be NO debt reduction whatever happens. Any increased revenues will be spent and whatever smoke and mirrors number is attached will only slow increases in projected spending rates. Instead of going $8 trillion farther in debt the next ten years, we may only go $6.8 Trillion further in the hole. Our overall debt will still be well over $20 Trillion and we will be paying approx $1 trillion in interest payments alone w/ no clue on how to pay of balance down.

Yes, raises all around!!!!

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Dec-31-12 9:23 AM

"Republicans refuse to give 98% of AMERICA tax cuts because millionaires and billionaires taxes would go up tiny bit."

<----- This statement sums up why were are screwed as a country. There are NO tax rate cuts being discussed, only maintaining rates that have been in effect since 2003. Also despite the obvious flaw on its face, you are now deemed a millionaire/billionaire if you make over $250,000/ year. Obama creates a make believe world based on deception to fit his agenda and the true believers parrot the fiction like some messianic choir!

Finally, the rate increases being discussed bring in an estimated revenue of $50-80 billion when we have $1000 billion plus deficits each year!

This drama is fruitless!!

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Dec-31-12 8:50 AM

Someone please tell me exacty what the Dems have given in this deal, tell me something even if it's wrong.

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Dec-31-12 8:21 AM

2 years of Complete DEM control of HOUSSE and NO BUDGET!

Senate rejects Obama budget 97 to Zero.

WTF does a Tea Party have to do with the FAILED administration that can't lead.

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Dec-31-12 7:27 AM

OH NO...the EDGE, the EDGE!

25 teapublicans could end the EDGE, the EDGE!

Media made crisis.

Republicans refuse to give 98% of AMERICA tax cuts because millionaires and billionaires taxes would go up tiny bit. THATS THE NEWS YOU SHOULD BE REPORTING.

Teapublicans will cave. Teapublicans will be gone in 2014.

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Dec-31-12 7:24 AM

note to all politicians:put head into noose and jump.

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Dec-31-12 7:04 AM

' Biden assumed the lead role for Democrats, "

Now THAT is a scary picture!

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