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New EPA Leader Will Fight Coal, Too

January 3, 2013

It would be nice to expect that Environmental Protection Agency head Lisa Jackson’s resignation means relief for coal country. It does not, sadly. President Barack Obama’s war on coal will continu....

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Jan-03-13 8:16 AM

Editor: All you're doing is whining about the situation. You are supposedly a source of information; so, start using information to fight back against those who are waging your fanciful, fevered "War On Coal": It is clear that Coal can be converted into any liquid fuel we now mortgage our grandchildren's futures to the alien nations of OPEC to keep ourselves supplied with in the here and now. They are doing exactly that in China and South Africa. It is also clear that Carbon Dioxide, too, can be recycled into hydrocarbons for use in fuels and plastics. They have started doing exactly that in Iceland, Germany and Japan. Every pound of Coal ash produced in this country could be consumed in the making of high performance cement and concrete. All of that, as you, the editor of this rag, have personally been informed, can be thoroughly and irrefutably documented. Stop whining and start firing some real, informational and educational, bullets.

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Jan-03-13 9:49 AM

WVUGEO, youre talking to a wall. Myer refuses to recognize that coal is already, and will remain, for some time to come, a part of a rationale energy policy. No one is trying to destroy the coal industry, but Mike doesn't want to hear that. I'm glad he menttioned denying permits for strip mines. Two days ago, he has toasting the natural beauty of out state and the importance of tourism. Put a strip mine on your tour, Mike. And, as WWUThinking points out, how does our editor know what the new head of the EPA will do? He or she hasn't even been selected yet.

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Jan-03-13 12:12 PM

“It is also clear that Carbon Dioxide, too, can be recycled into hydrocarbons”

That may be true at a very high expense, WVUGEO, but why?

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Jan-03-13 8:50 PM

WVEGO, if any of your bullsh** were cost effective, it would already be done.

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Jan-04-13 8:20 PM

Anyone who thinks there is no war against coal either has their head in the sand or is an out right fool. The whole idea is to make coal so expensive the even Obamas friends in the wind and solar business can make money. There have been untold billions wasted on renewable energy that has not and will not be used but Obamas friends profit by it. No suprise that the new EPA will be as bad or worse than the last.

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Jan-04-13 9:00 PM

The only people who are all roused up about a war on coal are the same folks who look at what is left of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel and can't figure out what happened. The only people who are hung up on this issue are the ones who are so tied to a dying industry or to the almost abandoned small towns which supply the manpower to the mines which still extract coal. I never read many comments here about what those small towns in 'coal country' are going to do when the mines are depleted--is there a Plan A or even B for what happens to those communities? Probably not.

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