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RG Steel Building Closed in Wheeling

Downtown fixture remains in limbo after bankruptcy

January 4, 2013

WHEELING — With the front doors of Market Street’s tallest structure locked Thursday, the single reminder of the once-proud Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp....

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Jan-04-13 1:28 AM

I had to go backward on my wage more than once...

It does crazy things to your head, but if you love the job or need it badly, than you adjust and are grateful for the job...

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Jan-04-13 4:45 AM

This will be the next building demolished to make room for development.

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Jan-04-13 6:27 AM

But But But Natural Gas will fix all of this . . . . .


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Jan-04-13 8:00 AM

Last one out, please turn out the lights.

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Jan-04-13 8:06 AM

I put 40 years in Wheeling/Pittsburgh Steel,Esmark,Severstal,& RG Steel, I was forced to retire and find another job because I am too young to collect social security benefits. Life goes on but, whoever thought it would come to this.Concessions have to be made,but at least the Yorkville plant will exist.

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Jan-04-13 8:14 AM

The Schulbach Building was originally built to house the burgeoning business interests of Henry Schmulbach, a brewer and tycoon, who knew what the people wanted and how to give it to them.

His business interests were destroyed by ideological Republican conservatives who foisted on the people of WV and the nation the lamentable and short-sighted fiasco of Prohibition.

The steelmaking interests in this Ohio Valley were likewise crushed by Ronald Reagan and his ilk in the early 1980's when Reagan opened a crusade to dismantle the labor unions that built this nation's defense network. Reagan sold the steelmaking interests to Columbia. Some say he did this to increase the flow of cocaine to fund his nasty little war in Nicaragua.

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Jan-04-13 8:16 AM

Did Wheeling Pitt own the building in downtown Wheeling? I believe they leased it from a group of business people in Wheeling.

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Jan-04-13 8:18 AM

boxerboy- Great post. A very wise man predicted what you just posted to me when Reagan was elected. Wish he was still here to see how accurate his prediction came to be.

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Jan-04-13 8:18 AM

i'll have to be in town when they bring this baby down.

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Jan-04-13 8:44 AM

sad state of affairs all around.. another example of how the "union mgt" destroyed an industry. since the 70's they never gave a*****about the future of the steel industry just how much money they could get for non-skilled positions. it's a great lesson in greed on both sides of the equation and a even harder lesson learned for the generations that have to live in the now and future.

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Jan-04-13 9:11 AM

Ziggy77, Are we supposed to feel sorry for someone that had the PRIVILEGE of working for 40 FREAKING YEARS at the same company...and instead of putting away $100 a pay for your future (and would have been a $millionaire even without Social Security), you decided to snort it all up your nose instead????

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Jan-04-13 9:35 AM

First of all, I do not think some of the previous commenters even know where this building is.It is almost in the middle of the most solid and well kept block in the city.The way the article was written is also misleading. The writer used the word "uncertain", and in the next sentence talked about the city tearing down other buildings. You need to read between the lines

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Jan-04-13 10:12 AM

When Bill Clinton/Al Gore were making their bus tour campaigning for the first term, he stopped at Stone Presbyterian Church in Wheeling. While there an actual union steelworker asked him if he would impose tariffs to stop foreign dumping of steel and he said he surely would. Once elected and not needing votes, he surely DID NOT. The same question was ask of W. Bush when he was campaigning and he said he would and once elected HE DID. Dems in Congress (put there by unions) threatened to impeach for starting a trade war over steel and they took him to the World Court (a court of other countries that liberals feel we should obey) who ruled against Bush's tariffs on foreign steel and it was taken off. How is it that a GOP President tried to help steel by stopped dumped steel and Dems fought him on it, and yet unions vote for Dems no matter what they do. The USW did endorse Bush, who tried to help with tariffs. Reality. Dumping foreign steel is what has killed US steel not the GOP.

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Jan-04-13 10:43 AM

If there were politics involved with the closure of what was once Wheeling Steel and later Wheeling-Pittsburgh, that iconic downtown headquarter's building--the loss and decline of the steel industry was the result of missteps by all parties,the unions, management and corporate owners who had no strong interest in keeping the business alive, more driven by an unhealthy focus on the bottom line with no long range goals other than to avoid facing decisions over modernization, an inustry based in communities, which for the most part, were isolated or indifferent to what was going on in the rest of the world.

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Jan-04-13 10:46 AM

Triton, I think that your brain has taken a dump! Where do you get this crap anyway?

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Jan-04-13 10:56 AM

How sad ! 107 years that building housed the management and business operation of the once great WP Steel. The US steel industry has been destroyed in large part by foreign cheap steel, lack of investment in new technology, challenging overhead, and short term decisions by management.

Oh but a memory. We are all rooting for Yorkville.

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Jan-04-13 12:25 PM

It hasn't been Wheeling Pitt for a long time...........

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Jan-04-13 1:12 PM

They said that the USMC had the best propaganda machine. It has been replaced by the unions. The workers believe everything the union tells them and votes as they are TOLD. The only ones who make out are the ones who collect dues. Reagan was right to fire the Traffic Controllers. Why should 14K workers cripple a whole country? Now the dock workers are doing the same thing, with O's backing.

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Jan-04-13 1:53 PM

This is no surprise incompetent management ran that circus for years. The level of cronyism,nepotism and overall arrogance destroyed this company.

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Jan-04-13 2:01 PM

No matter who we blame or how we feel the building is now closed. Lets hope that something, positive can be done and done soon to find future use before the condition of the building deteriorates beyond repair.

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Jan-04-13 5:03 PM

I have an idea...Hackman Capital can purchase the building and a few of us can start a "non-profit" and buy the property for pennies on the dollar and tap into goberment funds to fix the place-up for future buyers!

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Jan-04-13 7:49 PM

Boozerboy, you are completely delirious!

"Reagan sold the steelmaking (sic) interests to Columbia (sic). Some say he did this to increase the flow of cocaine to fund his nasty little war in Nicaragua. "

WTF are you babbling about?? How do you SELL something you do not OWN in the first place??

Colombia the South America COUNTRY???

They are not in the top 40 steel producing nations in the world.

Sober up and come back next year.

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Jan-04-13 11:29 PM

The unions and the 1959 Steelworkers strike was the start of the end for American steel. The strike lasted for over four months. Domestic car makers needed steel, obviously. So they started imported steel from Japan & Korea. They found it was cheaper than domestic steel, even with the increase in shipping costs.

Yes, the unions once again killed another American industry.

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Jan-05-13 3:07 AM

non-skilled positions. office personnel ?

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Jan-05-13 3:12 AM

don't forget the belmont students can install windows.

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