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Congress OKs Superstorm Aid

Larger spending measure criticized for deficits, pork

January 5, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The new Congress on Friday rushed out $9....

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Jan-07-13 5:48 AM

@Gooseman: Loose definition for you: Hypocrisy: prejudice with a halo. Remove the board from your own eye.

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Jan-06-13 12:17 PM

icecream, FEMA money is in the form of GRANTS, no repayment requirement! If you repaid your disaster aid from the earthquake it was in the form of a LOAN from the SBA....Look at your paper work and you will see.

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Jan-06-13 10:50 AM

Triton, you have sided with far right extremists in their hate for Obama, but always include "I am a lifelong Dem".

Please, enough of the hypocrisy and lies.

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Jan-06-13 10:48 AM

"The "pork" added to the Sandy bill was not introduced by the Obama administration. Republican and Democratic senators are responsible for the riders added to the bill. One involved relief to individuals and companies affected by a small tsunami that destroyed some Alaskan fisheries. Another added a bill to repair hurricane damage at the Guantanama naval base. Some added riders that, while small financially, are hard to justify. Bear in mind that those riders were taken out of the bill a couple of weeks ago. The bill should have been authorized as soon as those riders - or pork, if you prefer that term - were removed."

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Jan-06-13 10:41 AM

"Provoked by opposition to Hurricane Sandy relief among House Republicans – and the delay in voting the first tranche of aid by Speaker John Boehner – both New Jersey governor Chris Christie and representative Peter King (R-NY) denounced the irresponsibility and cruelty of those betrayals. Even when that first bill passed, 67 Republicans voted no, in contrast with only 11 who voted no when Congress provided emergency funding for Hurricane Katrina (far more quickly, too) in 2005.

The Tea Party Republicans in Congress would offer various excuses for their hostility to Sandy relief, from budgetary constraints to far-right ideology. But those who voted no hail from states that have benefited from all kinds of federal relief over the past two decades, financed by Northeastern taxpayers who send a wildly disproportionate sum in levies to Washington every year." National Memo

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Jan-05-13 8:09 PM

FEMA is a loan!!! Not a GRANT!!!

FEMA money must be paid back!!!

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Jan-05-13 3:44 PM

41% of all GDP spending is spent by the fed, state and local goberments! Not going to be sustainable......

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Jan-05-13 12:50 PM

"Premiums average about $625 per year and residential claims under the program average nearly $30,000." Gee, anyone figure out why the private insurance industry is not interested in providing flood insurance?

The NFIP was in the hole by 18 billion because of Katrina and now they just added another 9 billion! The program generates about 2.2 billion per year in premium payments and has averaged 1.5 billion per year in claim payments....But the goberment spends the 2.2 billion from premiums for "other" programs and employees! No one in DC has a clue about running insurance businesses.....

So 60 billion in "supplemental" spending 4 days into the New Year has erased the "projected" 60 billion in tax increases from the fiscal cliff bill!

No spending cuts in the near future!

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Jan-05-13 10:44 AM

Maybe the best example of what is wrong with our system, including the access to information via the media. Many people think that the Republicans held up the relief bill because they are "rich guys" and mean. They held up the bill to try to scrape the earmarks and pork barrel amendments off the bill, that had nothing to do with the storm, the damage or even the area. $100 million! Some of the earmarks were for projects in Alaska related to fishing. So we were treated to news talking heads telling us that the GOP was mean and keeping the people from their relief, but never mentioned the names or the earmarks that greedy, corrupt politicians stuck on the relief bill. None of them talked about that. The best story would have been to out those Congressmen (and yes most are Dems) who tied corrupt riders to this bill, we would have been outraged at the right people. Nope. I am a lifelong Dem but my outrage is at those who took advantage of the suffering. Speaker Boehner was r

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