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Few Know All The Risks of Obesity

Heart disease and diabetes aren’t the only resulting ailments

January 7, 2013

WASHINGTON — Heart disease and diabetes get all the attention, but what about the many other ways obesity can damage your health? Carrying too many pounds may lead to or worsen some types of cancer,......

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Jan-09-13 6:57 PM

Fox News has a feature on its website titled: "We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists" which pretty much summarizes the basic reason so many young folks are so messed up, nutritionally, academically, etc. It essentially says that we have raised a generation of narcissists who have been conditioned to believe they are absolutely great and can't deal with the reality that they are average at best. They overeat, over drink, and act like spoiled children often caught up in a fantasy world of video games and faceless interactions.

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Jan-08-13 3:04 AM

sugar is sugar.

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Jan-08-13 3:03 AM

way back there, back when I used banks and loan companies, I always tried to get interviewed by the most huge over weight loan manager available. I knew they more tolerant of bending rules or requiring disciplined attention to details. Like, they didn't expect me to follow the rules either.

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Jan-07-13 10:47 PM

Shark, you're so full of it! Faux christian.

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Jan-07-13 8:41 PM

WaterBuffaloRider exemplifies the typical compassionate Democrit. “Texass”? Obesity belt? Stay classy, Dems. LOL

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Jan-07-13 7:39 PM

America's Obesity Belt solid from WV south & west through 'Texass' voted Romney. He may have got 80 or 90% of the 47% he hates. Republicans want to keep that part of America, and beyond, fat & stupid.

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Jan-07-13 5:32 PM

Let's keep it simple; excess fat kills. Being substantially overweight or obese has enormous negative impacts on the quality and quantity of life. Fat people are not "jolly." They are simply fat, and most sincerely wish they could control their weight. Managing your diet is obviously important, but exercise is equally critical. No one gets to live forever, but we can make our lives longer, more productive and enjoyable by some fairly simple steps. Start small - but start!

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Jan-07-13 5:04 PM

And while Wall St feeds out of the Obama/Bernanke trough, average Americans foot the bill! The cost of Big Govt paid by Seniors, our children and every hard working American. Welcome to the modern Democratic Party!!

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Jan-07-13 3:24 PM

Yeah, those crony capitalistis on Wall Street sure benefited from you dumb suckers who voted for Nobama.

$800 BILLION bailout of fat cats!!! How {bleeping} DUMB!!!

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Jan-07-13 3:13 PM

shark- run! Hide!

BTW, did you notice the stock market hit a 4 year high! Gee those nasty socialist commies are taking over the world! LOL

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Jan-07-13 2:18 PM

It is not what goes in to the mouth that defiles. It is what comes out of the mouth. Obama & liberal democrats are a classic example. They are responsible for million$ & million$ of deaths through their ungodly laws & deceptive ways. Just think about it.

John McClane, in the movie "Die Hard", was accused of destroying a building.

Liberals & democrats are guilty of destroying a once great and vibrant nation, known as America. They only need 4 more years to "finish the job".

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Jan-07-13 1:18 PM

Is this the end result of too many food stamps?

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Jan-07-13 11:20 AM

We should all be concerned about how much food we eat in excess of what we need.

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Jan-07-13 8:40 AM

We could all be concerned about what is actually in our food. MSG used to be regulated, and should be still today. High fructose corn syrup is linked to obesity, yet is in many foods.

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