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Cheaper Gasoline Predicted for ’13

AAA predicts year’s peak to be $3.80 per gallon

January 11, 2013

NEW YORK— At least gasoline should cost you less in 2013. Hamburger, health care and taxes are all set to take a bigger bite out of the family budget this year....

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Jan-11-13 8:05 AM

who wants to take bets?

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Jan-11-13 9:35 AM

Not I, mike.

Hilarious that the REASON for the lower prices is a DESTORYED US ECONOMY!

Thanks Opie..... I think....

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Jan-11-13 10:38 AM

You can use the savings to offset the increase in milk prices and healthcare costs.

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Jan-11-13 12:00 PM

BTW my coworkers got their paychecks today with the new Obama taxes.

I heard a lot of comments like "{Bleep}ing Obama".

Time to starting PAYING for the Obamanation of the last 4 years.


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Jan-11-13 4:10 PM

budman, And your tax increase!

Wraith, interesting that so many people just thought those "evil" rich people where getting taxed...Maybe by the end of the month (or when people get paid) we will all feel like "rich" people!

I took a 4% hit, 1099 plus my wife's 2% hit = 6% reduction in take-home pay! Best part is it has already been spent on write-offs and soon to be given to NY and NJ for pie-in-the-sky billion dollar projects!

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Jan-11-13 5:05 PM

@Dawraith Iam afraid to see my paycheck monday. I have also heard alot of people upset over the amount of social security being taken out of their checks. Wonder what the Obama voters think of him now?

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Jan-12-13 2:53 AM


Sorry you feel that way about Social Security (SS)...

The increase is the adjustment back to it's original percentage that everyone has paid into for the past 50 years that I know of...

Workers got a 2 year TEMPORARY REDUCTION to help stimulate the economy...


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Jan-12-13 3:08 AM

WRATH; What a whiny group of people!!!!!

You've been gripping about the cost of gasoline for years--blaming Obama! He's not drilling...Drill Baby drill!!!

Over and over again --that's all you could write--You guys--wrat! couldn't even understand Global Economics and how it affected the cost of gasoline...

Now you get some GOOD NEWS of CHEAPER gasoline for '13, and you whine about the PAYROLL TAX returning to it's NORMAL RATE after 2 years of a TEMPORARY REDUCTION...

Just admit it, FOR-ONCE--You HATE everything about Obama and everything going on in this country, while he is president--GOOD OR BAD..




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Jan-12-13 9:58 AM

oh yea of little faith...great..gas prices aree not going to skyrocket this year, unless of course they do..our govt. has refigured the way they figure the rate of inflation..if it was figured the way it was in the late 1970s with the real cost of living including food and fuel, we would be between 6 to 10 % ...but we now have almost no the next presidents election if we have one the inflation genie will be out in full view for all the public to see..the lies will be show for what they are and many peoples lives will be in the gutter with their lifes savings being worthless...yes, history is repeating itself right before our eyes...but fe see it

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Jan-12-13 10:08 AM

but Few see it....soon a national mileage tax will become law for all autos..followed by many states having their own...with black boxes in cars so to make all pay, while they will be able to track where ever one goes while driving...yes, enjoy this coming temporary price reduction of the recod high gas won't last long

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Jan-12-13 10:39 AM

In other news:

"CHARLESTON (AP) - Many West Virginians will be paying more for health care this year under rate increases the state Health Care Authority has approved for 15 hospitals.

The increases affect people with private insurance and those who pay out of their own pocket. They range from as low as 1.24 percent at Bluefield Regional Medical Center to as high as 8.7 percent at Fairmont General Hospital.

Ohio Valley Medical Center's 5.09-percent increase was the only change in costs approved for the Northern Panhandle."


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Jan-12-13 10:44 AM

icecream, 50 years?

Social security percentage of withholding since 1940:

1940-2% 1950-3% 1960-6% 1970-8.4% 1980-10.6% 1990-12.4% 2000-12.4% 2010-12.4%

Do some research and you will also find that the federal goberment has spent ALL of the reserve fund on general funds to run the goberment..... 2

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Jan-12-13 11:35 AM

The poor economic record under obama has decrease the demand for gasoline, thus lower prices. But, obama is solely responsible for this:

"Obamacare Medical Device Tax: As of Jan.1, Obamacare imposes a new tax of 2.3 percent on medical device manufacturers, including those who make dental braces. The tax is imposed on gross sales -- even if the company does not earn a profit in a given year. While the tax will be paid to the IRS by the manufacturer, the tax will be passed along as a higher cost of the product, ultimately to be borne by the parent buying the braces for their child. With the cost of braces being as high as $7,625 this new tax could raise the cost of these braces by $175."

Read more: *******atr****/braces-kids-more-expensive-obamacare-tax-a7407#ixzz2HmOixJSO Follow us: @taxreformer on Twitter

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Jan-12-13 1:10 PM

dyingov; OK for fifty years the withdrawal of Payroll taxes has increased to follow inflation...Since 1990, we all have paid 12.4%... However, about your other issue; I copied this quote from Forbes;

"President Obama’s budget director, Jack Lew, explained all this last February in USA Today:------ “Social Security benefits are entirely self-financing. They are paid for with payroll taxes collected from workers and their employers throughout their careers. These taxes are placed in a trust fund dedicated to paying benefits owed to current and future beneficiaries. … Even though Social Security began collecting less in taxes than it paid in benefits in 2010, the trust fund will continue to accrue interest and grow until 2025, and will have adequate resources to pay full benefits for the next 26 years.”

My real point was this is not a Payroll Tax increase, but an adjustment back to the percentage level of 2010... Which never should have been reduced--for this reason...

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Jan-12-13 1:40 PM

nice thought ice cream...and so with this thinking that the increase in the amount taken from pay checks across the country is not a tax increas, but an adjustment going back to where it was before, will it also be said when gas prices go back up, it is not a price increase but an adjustment to get back to where it was before?

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Jan-12-13 1:41 PM


I agree with you on this real rate of inflation is not reported... It didn't start with this president, I know that!!!

Food and fuel should be included in figuring the inflation rate, as they are the two most obvious reasons our true cost of living is rising out of control...

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Jan-12-13 1:50 PM

To All; Defense spending... Total Defense Department spending hasn't increased by nearly as much as many critics believe it has. Full-year figures for fiscal years ended September 30, 2001 (the last full pre-war year) through 2011 are as follows (in billions; obtained from related September Monthly Treasury Statements; percentages are annual increases over the prior year): 2001 -- $290.9 2002 -- $332.1 (14.2%) 2003 -- $388.9 (17.1%) 2004 -- $437.1 (12.4%) 2005 -- $474.4 (8.5%) 2006 -- $499.4 (5.3%) 2007 -- $529.9 (6.1%) 2008 -- $594.7 (12.2%) 2009 -- $636.8 (7.1%) 2010 -- $666.7 (4.7%) 2011 -- $678.1 (1.7%) How much of these increases were due to the wars? How much represents "normal" budgetary growth (though probably a bit excessive, as has been the case in almost every area of government for decades)? Through the first four months of the current year, spending of $219.7 billion is actually 6.2% below last year's comparable figure of $234.1 billion.

AP, Fact Checker

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Jan-12-13 6:19 PM

LogHog; NO! Gas prices are set by global economy by supply and demand GLOBALLY!!!

Entirely different matter for return to previous Payroll Taxes OF 2010...

When Payroll Taxes were reduced in 2010, It was clearly stated to be TEMPORARY!!!!

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Jan-12-13 11:01 PM

all this mess started with bush jr.

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Jan-12-13 11:36 PM

mikeyd....all this mess really started in 1963 when our President was murdered to change the direction of our Govt...and change it has...

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Jan-13-13 8:06 AM

Don't play your stupid childish games Icecream, you aren't bright enough to pull it off.

The measure of defense spending is to compare it as a percentage of of the Budget, not absolute numbers.

In the Peace time of the '50s and 60's it ran about 15-18% of budget.

WWII it saw 50% of the budget.

After Vietnam, it was back to about 16-20% of budget.

It still is but NOBAMA wants to cut it.

Meantime Total Government Spending was a percentage of GDP is 25%, a RECORD for peacetime. It was only 20% under George W.

Which is WHY there is a CLIFF that we ran over, crashed, and BURNED.

Not the Defense Budget that is the problem.

There is so much TRICKLE DOWN from Defense Spending it is going to be SCARY to see the real effects.

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Jan-13-13 8:08 AM

Creamed: "Gas prices are set by global economy by supply and demand GLOBALLY!!!"

Natural gas in the USA: about $2.10 per million CF.

Japan: $12-18 per MCF.

Germany: about $12 per MCF.

Explain the GLOBAL MARKET to us again ???____________________>

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Jan-13-13 8:56 AM

loghog,all i know is that i was doing well before bush jr. took over.since then it's been tough.

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Jan-13-13 9:50 AM

mikeyd, this socialist mess America is in started with FDR, but the recent recession we're in started with Clinton. When you put the pedal to the metal on your car, and let it wind up well over the redline, and the engine eventually fails, the problem didn’t start when the engine began to fail.

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Jan-13-13 10:33 AM

icecream, "What actually happened is that the Social Security surplus was invested in treasury bonds. What does that mean? It means that workers gave money to the federal government, which turned around and spent it. In return, the Social Security trust fund received bonds that represented promises to repay the money later out of the federal government's income tax receipts. In effect, it gave workers a claim on the income tax receipts of the government at a later date in time. When that time came, the federal government would have to pay up, which would make it less profitable. If the government was already running a deficit, it would make the deficit even worse."

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