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Biden and NRA Clash Over New Gun Control Demands

January 11, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite fresh opposition from the National Rifle Association, the Obama administration is assembling gun control proposals that would include a ban on sales of assault weapons,......

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Jan-16-13 10:39 PM

Ronald Reagan supported a BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS.

Antonin Scalia ruled that it is CONSTITUTIONAL.

So remind me how this is about Obama, freedom & the 2nd Admendment.

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Jan-13-13 9:17 AM

our government stockpiles weapons.for what reason?to protect ourselves.if they didn't,where do you think that we would be?always good to have extra.

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Jan-12-13 4:52 PM

actually my next door neighbor a senior citizen widow in her 70s can be seen anytime in her front yard target practicing with her laser 44mag. no big deal. she won't have to cry wilf or help if the ugly comes after her. go girl.

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Jan-12-13 4:17 PM

Log Hog, the reality is that Boozerboy likely is ARMED to the TEETH because he is scared spitless of the right wing Christian militias.

But that is OK with hypocrite liberalboy because HE is from the Party of Moral Superiority and you are a dangerous gun worshiping backwoods R&dn&ck.

Why they believe in protecting life...except if it is in the womb or are old people who should get the Obamacare Death Panel or they are Muslim women and children who are collateral damage to the ObamaDrones, or......

But YOU sir are Evil conservative and should be DEPRIVED of you Second Amendment rights.

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Jan-12-13 1:31 PM about You put a sign in your front yard..."This is a Gun Free Zone" and see how well that works out for you

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Jan-12-13 12:50 PM

"revenge against conservatives and...a free people"

Conservatives are already prisoners of their own self-imposed choice. Within the confines of the inflexible and tightly corseted garotte of IDEOLOGY conservatives are hamstrung and tongue tied. They are year-long Scrooges and lifelong Inspector Javert's.

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Jan-12-13 9:32 AM

the second amendment is clear...the people's right to keep and bear arms shall not be taken away...even "new laws" can not take away this right of law abiding people...Why do you need a gun that carries more than 10 rounds? Well, if my home and family is attacked by person or persons with many rounds, I will shoot back with all my might....Why does the federal govt. want a national data base to list all the law abiding citizens that have guns and the ability to defend themselves? history does repeat it's self..look at Russia, Germany and red China and you will have your answer. Can't happen here? think again.

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Jan-12-13 3:58 AM


Biggest Killers in America (deaths per year)

• Tobacco: 529,000

• Medical Errors: 195,000

• Unintentional Injuries: 118,021

• Alcohol Abuse: 107,400

• Motor Vehicle accidents: 34,485

• Accidental Poisoning: 31,758

• Drug Abuse: 25,500

• Unintentional Falls: 24,792

• Non-fire arm Homicide: 16,799

• Firearm Homicide: 11,493

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Jan-12-13 2:16 AM

A flat tire on either end or side of your car requires the same action. Any way you tell the story, you had a flat. The soldier on the battlefield or the guard at the bank who kills a person taking property not of their entitlement or bringing real threat , did the acceptable and expected thing. They took out the enemy aka the bad guy. So, The person invading your home or threatening life and limb to you or your family is what, the good guy, the friend ?

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Jan-12-13 2:05 AM

a situation like ours ? Like whose ? What situation ?

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Jan-12-13 1:38 AM

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say that every year millions of babies die every year as a result of....

What I should have said was,

"Millions of babies are murdered every year in pre-meditated cold blood."

Shouldn't the doctors who perform the murder of the unborn have to undergo a psychiastric/mental exam?

How about the women who decide to kill their own unborn children? Shouldn't they also undergo a mental evaluation prior to being able to murder the unborn?

Respect, love, & cherish human life?

Mental illness & human debauchery isn't bounded by those who commit crimes using a gun.

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Jan-12-13 1:27 AM

Another knee-jerk reaction by dirty politicians.

This ain't about gun control. It is about revenge against conservatives and NRA members. It is about placing a tighter bridle on a free people. A people who already obey the law.

Like unreasonable speed limits, more gun laws will only tend to make criminals out of many law abiding and decent citizens.

100's of children may be killed every yr by a criminal using a gun but millions of babies die every year as a result of doctors exercising their legal right to kill the unborn. For the sake of filthy lucre of course!

This proves that gun control laws (always championed by liberals), are really not about preserving life and protecting children.

You wanna really save lives?

1. As in the days of old, swiftly execute justice, as warranted.

2. Encourage more law abiding citizens to own and/or carry a gun.

3. Always be mindful that violence could happen at any time; be prepared

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Jan-11-13 6:55 PM

Imphat, want to control cockroaches?

Easy! Just act like a good Democrat and MAKE THEM ILLEGAL! Problem solved!!!


See how easy it is to be a liberal??

Poverty??? Pass a law and make it ILLEGAL!

POOF! No more Poverty . . . . . . .

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Jan-11-13 4:41 PM

So Imphart, you agree they cannot be controlled.

Who's the dumbass? Read your own post then go back to impacting your pud.

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Jan-11-13 3:27 PM

Butthead, there are trillions and trillions of cockroaches, which will never be eliminated, but we try to control their numbers anyway (dumb***!)

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Jan-11-13 1:35 PM

Despite launching a gun control agenda that threatens to disarm the American people, President Obama has signed a bill that would afford him armed Secret Service protection for life.

“The legislation, crafted by Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, rolls back a mid-1990s law that imposed a 10-year limit on Secret Service protection for former presidents. Bush would have been the first former commander in chief affected,” reports Yahoo News.

The new bill, which will cost American taxpayers millions of dollars, is a re-instatement of a 1965 law which will see presidents protected for life as well as their children up to age 16.


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Jan-11-13 12:04 PM

In the end, these madmen committed MURDER. The penalty is DEATH in almost every state in the USA.

A logical person would conclude that if the you made the possession of a firarm to be ILLEGAL punishable by DEATH, the ONLY people with firearms would be the same Killers who would do it anyway with or without laws.

If the DEATH PENALTY does NOT dissuade the madmen, what will???

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Jan-11-13 10:45 AM

There are between 300 million to 600 million guns in the United States. Good luck trying to control the sales, transfers, and thefts.

They can't even locate and remove the 15 million or so illegal aliens that are in this country, even if they wanted to.

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Jan-11-13 10:07 AM

No one can legislate evil out of existence.

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Jan-11-13 10:05 AM

Governance by fiat. It worked for Napoleon.

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Jan-11-13 10:05 AM

After the governmenet enacts all of these "fill good" laws that only affect the law abiding citizen, will that citizen's family be allowed to sue the government for incompentence if their loved one is murdered with a "..." ?

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Jan-11-13 9:11 AM

Over a hundred thousand firearms are sold, traded or "missing" each year because of the ample wiggle room afforded gun dealers and sellers.

This is the corridor whereby the criminals that anutterview spreaks of obtain the means to do their dirty work.

Better reporting, better inventories, less obfuscation and mandatory background checks are reasonable precautions to take in a situation like ours.

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Jan-11-13 9:09 AM

Thank god we have such a strong willed President and Vice President willing to enact legislation to protect us from ourselves. I'm so glad they know whats best for me better than I do. This country would go to the shi**er otherwise. Oh wait....

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Jan-11-13 9:00 AM

Revising my first statement; How can rational thinking conclude that elilmination of any "object" will deter a planned murder.

I would conceed that a law that removes the ccriminal from contact with hisa planned victim would likely, (though not positively) prevent the murder.

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Jan-11-13 8:55 AM

By definition criminals do not obey laws. How can rational thinking conclude that any law will deter a planned murder?

Killers will find a way to kill. If a "...." is not available, they would use a "...", or even a "...".

The government knows that you will not be safer as a result of any new gun law. They only count on you not realizing that fact.

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