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Rape Case venue change a Hard sell

Bench Trial Set for Feb. 13

January 13, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Legal experts believe a change of venue motion filed Friday in the rape case involving two Steubenville High School student-athletes will be hard to prove....

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Jan-14-13 2:59 AM

if this gets drug out long enough the fun in the streets will turn into not so much fun.that's when we see who the serious players are in all this.they can come out and arrest us all.maybe as a taxpayer i'll get some of the free room and board that i've been paying for all these years.i haven't seen the inside of a jail for about 40 years now so maybe it's time for a visit.clean that jail up boys.we're ready.

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Jan-13-13 5:22 PM

Spanky if this incident occurred in a Muslim ruled country the victim would have been stoned to death and nothing would have happened to the perpetrators. What's you point?

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Jan-13-13 5:20 PM

The Wheeling News Gullible really thinks this is the Anonymous group? Anyone can buy a mask.

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Jan-13-13 5:08 PM

Now it's a BIG story? I'm stunned! Actually CNN has had more coverage of this story than Fox. CNN even sent Ms Candiotti to cover it.Of course, when you are Fox Devotee, you wouldn't know the world is bigger than O'Rielly's head! Wonder how A-Geezera would cover this rape story?

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Jan-13-13 5:04 PM

Regardless of the mobs, the case is still about the victim and what is good for the victim. The people handling the case now are making that clear. The idea that there would not be a change of venue may not appeal to the those having fun in the streets (as mobs do)but they have made that necessary. The goal is not have the victim have to go through this ordeal time after time and one way to assure that witnesses are not intimidated is to change the venue. Much of what has gone on in the name of the victim does not help her, but helps the defense. The goal should be supporting the victim, shouldn't it? Or is about fun in the streets? Either way she must get through this and setting up an appeal does not help at all.

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Jan-13-13 3:43 PM

This was a good article explaining some of the technicalities of the law.

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Jan-13-13 2:47 PM

@ ICEMAN..if what you say is true then the parents of the boys removed from the team should file a lawsuit against the school district and a personal lawsuit against the person that through them off of the team.

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Jan-13-13 2:45 PM one has been convicted of anything yet. Just accused. although it seems likely that they did it they have not been proven guilty yet. The thing that bothers me is the kidnapping charge was dropped. They obviously moved her from place to place and if she didn't ask or agree to go with them that is kidnapping.

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Jan-13-13 1:11 PM

bunnylove I guess the concept of innocent until proven guilty only applies to some people? NO ONE has been convicted of ANYTHING yet.

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Jan-13-13 12:09 PM

can you believe the one rapist was allowed to go on vacation?????? who ever heard of a convicted felon being allowed to travel. I agree with others this is not juvenile.

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Jan-13-13 11:44 AM

Send them to Adult court, then Bubba can show them what rape really feel like. Juvenile court is NOT serving justice

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Jan-13-13 10:50 AM

The kids that did the right thing and testified against the rapist were thrown off the team. And the rapist played what does that tell you about the coach the school board and the town. The coach threatened a reporter with bodily harm and it is covered up even buy our media. And the kids who tried to do right are being threatened. And the Judge what a joke these boy's will get nothing. But one thing for sure the coach school and police will never be respected again.

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Jan-13-13 10:15 AM

there are those of us that can make sure justice is served.they don't have to worry about the anonymous group.we've seen just a little bit of what they can do.the big shots don't like them for whatever reason.

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Jan-13-13 8:53 AM

These young men must be very special, indeed. To be charged as juveniles for their henious acts is mind staggering. Whoever the judge is that made this mensa-worthy decision should not be re-elected. And by not charging these creeps as adults, the public is left with an incomplete sense of justice. What is incomplete must be finished.

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Jan-13-13 8:29 AM

"Social media highlights the most extreme voices on both sides" of an issue, he said. "Only the most extreme voices are heard on social media." I don't consider my views extreme. The states investigation doesn't pass the 'smell' test.

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Jan-13-13 8:29 AM

attorney general dewine:deal or no deal.the lies continue.maybe it's this whole state that needs investigated.the next time that this rape crew decides to do their deeds i bet that they'll leave their cellphones at home with their "parents".these people are looking to the juvenile court to try to keep these boys out of prison.don't worry,these boys will be treated well.after all they are football crimes = adult sentences.we the working group have daughters.go to jail,serve your time and for once think if you all have the capacity to do the age of 16 you all should know better.don't blame alcohol,we've all been there and never raped anybody.let alone kidnap a person that was incapacitated and carry her from place to place to do their disgusting deeds.anonymous has the support of the working more hiding this shameful practice.dads will be out for justice.the legal system needs to fix this.or leave it to us.our daughters are very important to us.

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Jan-13-13 7:57 AM

So NOW this is a big story? After FOXNEWS headlines it??

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Jan-13-13 7:32 AM


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Jan-13-13 1:21 AM

who's intimidating the witnesses?coaches?other football players?give us names otherwise we don't believe you.seems all the witnesses were football reno sukka and his rape crew will be famous.this crime is not a juvenile is an adult hate crime.the cover up attempt continues.and if someone threatened the sheriff they would be in jail by now[we know how that works].go anonymous.

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