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Obama Endorses New Gun Control

Calling for bans on weapons and clips as reaction to shootings

January 15, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama endorsed controversial bans on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines on Monday, as well as stricter background checks for gun buyers — but......

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Jan-16-13 10:36 PM

Ronald Reagan supported a BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS.

Antonin Scalia ruled that it is CONSTITUTIONAL.

So remind me how this is about Obama, freedom & the 2nd Admendment.

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Jan-16-13 9:30 PM

the recovery may not be what was expected. the unemployment, budget passage, debt, illegal immigrany, chicken in every pot, promises may be weaker and less than delivered. More taxes, less freedoms, pension losses, interest earnings elimination, Adding another 20 million or so hungry people to the crisis may rub characters. knowing who has means of defense may make sense to somebody making social engeneering program adjustments ?

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Jan-16-13 7:26 PM

Anybody who fails to learn from history is doomed to repeat it!

Prepare for revolution number 2!

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Jan-16-13 6:45 PM

second hand smokers should have been dealt with in those executive actions. children and adults inhale tobacco product filth from the weed smoked by others in public.

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Jan-16-13 6:43 PM

when a limo driver tests for license renewal, every person on the street should also be forced to take the test along with him ? Limos should be ramdomly checked and drivers without license cited ?

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Jan-16-13 6:40 PM

you are not required to posess a drivers license or insurance to purchase a car. You don't need a license to drive farm tractors on road. Religious sects can operate tractor in freeway at high speed without license.

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Jan-16-13 3:55 PM

You have to take a test to become a legal driver and you have to renew that license every two to four years. Same laws should apply to gun ownership, pass a test and backround check every three years or so, also license the gun like an automobile and transfer of gun title when sold much like cars.

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Jan-15-13 5:40 PM

epublicans shouldn't allow democrats to use their troubles as crisis for political agenda.

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Jan-15-13 5:39 PM

we need to jail every american when they turn 16 and release them at age 55 for job trainning. this will reduce chance some might make a mistake in life that upsets somebody.

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Jan-15-13 5:36 PM

this issue should be a clear warning as to which lever every free American should flip in the voting booth for the rest of their lives. people sghouldn'd be required to explain why the inhale and exhale.

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Jan-15-13 12:16 PM

Ignorant, very ignorant to punish everyone because, "Somthing like this never happens here, this is a good community". Wake up people, americans are f'd up we need more police presence....

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Jan-15-13 9:10 AM

didn't they take cigarette commercials off tv because they were bad for you?the rich people making the movies and video games won't be touched in this because the rich will take care of each other.every time that someone commits mass murder they want to send them to a nut doctor to have them checked to see if there is any way to get them off.control the nutcases.

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Jan-15-13 8:46 AM

Notice that the violent video games got through, thats left wing entertainment money there so it skated. As long as we condition the mentally unbalanced that killing is a game and that heroes kill massive numbers of people then we will still have violent crimes. The entertainment people (making billions each year) who appeared before Biden's tribunal said they were sure there was no connection to violence in movies, tv and video games and real violence. And yet no one asked them that if what appears on TV and in the movies does not influence young people, why do we still have advertising and million dollar endorsement deals for the celeb of the moment? If what people see, especially the young and those with mental illness, does not influence them, why do we have so much violence in the movies and TV and games? Because violence has become part of the culture and sells. Modern US movies are rediculous kill fests with all the great liberal stars pulling the trigger hundreds of time

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Jan-15-13 8:12 AM

The first step of becoming a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens. AKA the 1917 Revolution that created the SOVIET UNION. Has anyone learned the history they didn't get in school?

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