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Fund Resource Officers in Schools

January 17, 2013

The federal government hands out law enforcement grants for all sorts of purposes....

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Jan-18-13 8:04 PM

Here is the job description I found ***********

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Jan-18-13 6:01 PM

I would like to see a job description for a resource officer in our county, and hear from the school staff.

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Jan-18-13 5:59 PM

The school shooting are horrible. We have no idea where a nut is going to decide to attack, it could be McDonald play center or Chucky Cheese. My grandma's property tax went up 800 this year because a new school was built. How does someone on 700 month SS keep paying for these things. Some people are barely making it and its not that they are not caring, but cant absorb the costs.

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Jan-18-13 12:21 PM

goosy, about 10.8 million guns sold in the US last year, need to put a tax of $1,350 on each gun to raise the 14.8 billion needed. Not a very good idea from you...

I have a better idea, how about a national sales tax to fund the cops in schools?

I would also suggest that more funding would be nice for the Center for Disease Control, they only get 5.6 billion per year and an average of 36,000 US citizens die from the flu each year. How many are dying from getting shot in schools?

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Jan-18-13 7:11 AM

Remember this over a year ago?

American Jobs Act "Under the President’s proposal, $30 billion be directed towards educators and $5 billion would support the hiring and retention of public safety and first responder personnel."

But we know, teapublicans whined, criticized and blocked the Presidents plan.

Now, not so much.

How many resource officers does America need? How many guns are sold annually? Tax on the sales of firearms to pay the cost, simple.

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Jan-18-13 3:18 AM

The money comes out of our pockets. As much as I sympathize with victims of school shootings, how many people are killed in elementary, middle, and high schools per year? How many from suicide, drunk driving, drugs, related to mental disorders? Think this is bad call.

Of course teachers and administrators are fans. Im sure they would all be fans of having their own personal assistant to grade papers and do other tasks as well. Maybe we need to send cops to school to teach and replace teachers with armed resource officer/teachers. Then every class would be protected. If current teachers cant pass law enforcement training-rid of them.

I know I would feel much more secure if my second graders teacher was a trained Rambo with speciality in early education.

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Jan-17-13 2:42 PM

From the article on the front page $150,000,000 will hire 1,000 cops, psychologists and/or counselors! That would be $150,000 per position. With 99,000 "public" schools in the US that comes to 14.8 billion per year or 148 billion for 10 years (10 years is the way the goberment considers spending cuts)!

SPENDING CUTS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN THE US!!! We have programs that the Goberment Accounting Office, COngressional Budget Office and every IG office in the goberment claims are wasting our money....No one is paying attention! If we had an "independent" audit we would find more wasted/fraudulant spending!

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Jan-17-13 1:15 PM

This may sound stupid, but I'll say it anyway. One of the duties of this officer shoul be to turn off/on the blinking lights in school zones when no children are presnt. I am sure that many have expierenced having to slow down to 15/20 mph and no kids present.

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Jan-17-13 9:02 AM

"Most teachers and school administrators are big fans of resource officers, and not just because they deter armed intruders. The program is an excellent one - and Washington should help Wheeling and other localities pay for it."

Above quote from editorial re "resource officers in schools" sounds as thou the federal goverment has a source of income other than our tax dollars. Does'nt matter if funds are state or fed, the money comes out of our pockets and would be a band-aid rather than a solution. What was the size of Virginia Tech's campus police force and did it prevent the shooting that took place there? After an officer in the school do we put more on the playground, do we send an officer along on school outings, or ring a football stadium with "resource officers"?

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