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Gov’t: Food Allergies May Be Disability Under Law

January 19, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Allergic to gluten? What about peanuts? Federal disabilities law may be able to help....

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Jan-23-13 7:14 AM

beans give me gas allergies.

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Jan-21-13 7:08 AM

i've had allergies for almost 50 years now.finally stopped shots 3 years has made me miserable over the years but i worked every day.never wanted something for nothing.get your shots and get over allergies would be easy since you just have to stay away from those foods that you are allergic to.trees,grasses,molds.etc. are everywhere.this has to be someones version of a joke.lookout working group.they're going to hit us again for more freebies.

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Jan-20-13 1:00 PM

Part 2... She was told she might not live past 30. When the article said people get sick. This means violently sick and in the hospital. Celiac disease is an AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE. My daughters immune system is always compromised and she is very susceptible to getting sick and with rare things too. Earlier this year she had to be in a wheelchair for nearly a month. Up until 1 year ago, she showed no signs or symptoms of anything. Now, her future is completely changed. She is more susceptible to getting other Auto Immune diseases, like Diabetes... Please eduate yourself on a subject before deciding on an opinion. Yes, most people with a food disability will not need assistance however, there are people out there that have been so afflected, they need help. Many people can't even walk into a building without having a reaction because they are so sensitive. This is not something that can be chosen or not.

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Jan-20-13 12:53 PM

It disappoints me to hear the lack of knowledge about people with food restrictions. First, there are varying degrees of all food restrictions. Some can be easily avoided while others are not. It is not about "being stupid enough to ingest foods they are allergic". Many foods say they do not contain the ingredient but they do not say they were processed in an environment with the problem food. Celiac disease is not curable. You can be diagnosed with it in any part of your life. I know an 85 year old that was just diagnosed. My 8 year old has celiac disease. She weighs 38 pounds because of her body starving itself due to the celiac disease. Her mental and physical function is also decreased due to this. What this article fails to say about the severity of it... A LOT! It affects the entire body, including the life span. Again, the sensitivity of each person varies. I know a 26 year old that needs to have a large portion of her intestine cut out because hers is s

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Jan-19-13 7:36 PM


Being "disabled" USED to mean you were so devastated by this affliction that you couldn't POSSIBLY hold a job!

NOW we have TENS of millions of fakers and deadbeats leaching off the working man!

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Jan-19-13 5:39 PM

It mostly affects white women. So doesn't that make it a racist, sexist disease, not eligible for government assistance??

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Jan-19-13 2:07 PM

Well! Another reason for people not to work and demand money for some flimsy reason.

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Jan-19-13 11:56 AM

Newgirl... There is no cure for celiac disease, it doesn't come and go you either have it or you don't.

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Jan-19-13 10:02 AM

Boozerboy, REALITY is biased toward conservatives.

Your pizzant little socialist dreamworld doesn't exist and never WILL.

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Jan-19-13 8:54 AM

I'm sure somewhere in the now 13,000 + pages of Obamacare there is a rule dictating entitlements to those stupid enough to ingest foods to which they are allergic! Seeing that central planning needed 18 pages to define a "full time" employee, the food allergy entitlement section must certainly be addressed!!

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Jan-19-13 8:35 AM

A private business told you that you couldn’t “have it your way,” and then they insisted on being PAID? Reprehensible! Indefensible? SUE!

What do we want? GLUTEN-FREE MEAL PLAN! When do we want it? NOW!

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Jan-19-13 8:04 AM

This is obviously an article that is biased in favor of conservatives.

When has the Heritage Foundation ever been concerned with human suffering? They are primarily focused on scoring political points for Republicans and for advancing the agenda of business owners. Heritage and the Chamber of Commerce are bedmates.

This case came to light because Lesley University refused to budge on the meal plan. They wanted to be paid irregardless whether the student ate or not, a reprehensible and indefensible position. They deserve a $50,000 fine.

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Jan-19-13 6:03 AM

How did mankind ever make it to the 21st century with all of this wusses with their make-believe illness?

Darwin's theory of evolution which postulates "Survival of the Fittest" would indicate those people in earlier times would just DIE off and not reproduce. Eat a peanut and croak.

Now they eat a peanut, hire lawyers, SUE whomever GAVE them the peanut, and get rich!!!

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Jan-19-13 2:11 AM

We have a growing group of people who think/believe they need gluten free products..

It's the new in-thing to have; gluten sensitivity... And the food producers have caught on.. have you noticed the number of gluten free products in the store???

This is mass hysteria!!! The only people who need gluten free products are the people diagnosed with celiac disease...

And--they were most likely born with it...

So it's nothing new to the people who REALLY need it...

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Jan-19-13 1:34 AM

how about an ingrown toenail disability?

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Jan-19-13 12:40 AM

So will states require them to get tested every year to make certain they are still allergic??

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