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Sports Are Civil Right, Feds Say

Disabled students must have options

January 25, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Breaking new ground, the U.S. Education Department is telling schools they must include students with disabilities in sports programs or provide equal alternative options....

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Jan-25-13 1:39 AM

WOW, most people always thought JOCKS, especially football players, have learning disabilities. What's the US Education Dept.'s point?

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Jan-25-13 1:41 AM

OBAMA's dream, now even sports will redistribute wealth. LOL

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Jan-25-13 2:04 AM

Reagan screwed up. He should have gotten rid of the Dept of Education when he had the chance.

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Jan-25-13 5:15 AM

I believe that everyone should have a right to participate in all sports. But the true idiots must understand that there is a reason that the junior high doesn't play the varsity. The first time it looks like the last five minutes of dodgeball, people will be up in arms. In addition,I've wondered how many times that an individual was recognized for an opportunity he or she wouldn't normally have. And then I think about the average joe that might have had a great game for the first time in his life, and got no cudos because of the special circumstances of the game and players. Schools are classed accordingly for a reason, and somehow, everyone understands that. I wonder how many will understand what I truly mean before they trash my blog blindly?

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Jan-25-13 6:35 AM

ANother day, another politically correct disaster of the Obamanation.

Women in Combat, girly boyz playing football, what's next?

Transvestite Idol?

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Jan-25-13 6:58 AM


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Jan-25-13 7:13 AM

Here's a subject that all the rightwingers on here can have fun with all day long.

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Jan-25-13 7:20 AM

Lets hope common sense is applied to this suggestion. Kids with special needs should be able to participate but their safety, as with all students, should be the first concern.

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Jan-25-13 7:24 AM

There isn't enough emphasis on physical fitness in the schools. Phys Ed used to be a requirement and it needs to regain that status in order to train young bodies to shed calories.

If accommodations are made for the disabled, a whole new program of Phys Ed will emerge. This in turn will generate career opportunities for physical therapists and those who wish to pursue sports medicine.

Just as women have benefited from Title IX so too shall the disabled find renewed health through special sports programs in the public schools.

It's a Win-Win proposition.

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Jan-25-13 7:37 AM

Yeah the Women's NBA is such a rousing success . . zzzzzzz.

I bet the lingerie bowl pulls more ratings that the Special Olympics Bowl.

Do you get the impression that the a&&holes running government TODAY were the pencil-neck pocket-protector wearing geeks in high school that got their head STUFFED in the toilet every day by the jocks???

Now they are LARGE and IN CHARGE and they are gonna get revenge on all of those who spat on them in HS.

Nerds RULE!

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Jan-25-13 7:40 AM

I am waiting until getting a lap dance from a supermodel becomes a "civil right" :)!

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Jan-25-13 7:48 AM

Make room for the 50 rooster basketball teams.

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Jan-25-13 8:56 AM

Obamanation, where no one - not even the military - can excel.

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Jan-25-13 9:33 AM

I suppose that means that a regular student who goes to class,creates no problems, has no problems also has NO civil rights. No right to compete at the highest level he/she can. In the Obama world you must not excel and everything you have or wish to be depends on the rights of others. YOU have no rights. That is life in the Obama America, what you have you cannot keep, you may not achieve for fear of making others feel bad because they did not. If you have skill and can excel in work, you must give half of everything to those who cannot excel AND those who CHOOSE not to excel. In liberal America, playing on team is a civil right and YOU may not be able to play so that others can play. Competitive sports are racist, hate crimes so we must not compete for fear of winning. If I was 21, armed with a degree I would be looking to live in another country that values freedom, this one is finished and you can only be an inmate in the masses here.

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Jan-25-13 9:47 AM

I give this an F. Obama's grade curve gets me to B+.

OH MY GOD...I PASSED! ~Tommy Callahan

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Jan-25-13 10:19 AM

"the lingerie bowl"


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Jan-25-13 10:29 AM

I'm just glad our Education finances are in such good order that we can now add a other layer of BS on everyone. Imagine the lawsuits. Imagine those that can excel that now won't. PC has killed the American competitive spirit. Liberals are a leech on this once great country's tat. I don't wish them well and hope they fail at all of their political perversions!!!

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Jan-25-13 10:34 AM

Botox- Likely you have that **** on your computer like most federal employees.

You dork

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Jan-25-13 10:34 AM

"Federal laws, including the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, require states to provide a free public education to all students and bans schools that receive federal funds from discriminating against students with disabilities. Going further, the new directive from the Education Department's civil rights division explicitly tells schools and colleges that access to interscholastic, intramural and intercollegiate athletics is a right."

So 40 years later the Bureaucrats have a new interpretation! Make your elected officials (congress peeps) pass a new law with the "new" interpretation included!

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Jan-25-13 12:03 PM

Funny thing about LIBS, they want to end the handicapped kid's life before they make it out of the womb (in some cases even after), but once you make it, it's like you hit the lottery to be equal. Fair in some instances but not when it brings down others.

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Jan-25-13 2:36 PM

Do we nonger have 50 states? No 50 Boards of Educ. ? Lets fire the whole useless bunch and let the Fed Gov take over. Appears that it is happening now. Tell me - What group does Obama fit in? Handicapped- Special Needs or other?????

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Jan-25-13 3:01 PM

Richardwee, The federal goberment takes our money (taxes and fees) then makes rules/policies in order for us to spend "our" money.....

Tax Freedom Day® 2012 arrives on April 17 this year, four days later than last year due to higher federal income and corporate tax collections. That means Americans will work 107 days into the year, from January 1 to April 17, to earn enough money to pay this year’s combined 29.2% federal, state, and local tax bill.

If the federal government raised taxes enough to close the budget deficit—an additional $1.014 trillion—Tax Freedom Day would come on May 14 instead of April 17. That’s an additional 27 days of government spending paid for by borrowing.

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Jan-25-13 3:04 PM

"The Great Depression and the Hoover/Roosevelt tax increases led not only to a later Tax Freedom Day but a shift in who was collecting. In 1932, Americans spent 10 days paying federal taxes and 46 days paying state and local taxes. By 1940, Americans worked 33 days to pay each. World War II brought increased federal spending and borrowing, with Tax Freedom Day arriving in April for the first time in 1943."

America was created on the notion of States rights, not Federalism!

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Jan-26-13 12:16 AM

Here we go again...when will it ever end?

More stupid federal laws. Civil rights; good grief!!!

More government control.

Less common sense.

Where the he11 are my rights as an average law-abiding tax paying citizen?

So many so-called intelligent people forcing so many idiotic things.

Spending & debt beyong oblivion.

Moral & social chaos beyong oblivion.

Destruction and tearing down of our military and competitive spirit.

Don't forget, Obama said he needed 4 more years "to finish the job". Don't forget that.

If parents have the means, any means at all, they need to get their children the he11 out of any government controlled school. Every public school should have the skull and crossbones symbol over every door of the school.

Government is become anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-life, and anti-family. No two ways about it, this is true.

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Jan-26-13 8:10 AM

I got a great idea. Let's just eliminate ALL high school and college athletic programs. Schools teach and students get educated. Oh, and if you fail you fail. Oh, and if you are disruptive you get thrown out of school, and if you can't do the work you get held back. Dream on.....

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