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New Health Care Markets Coming

But whether quality care will result is anybody’s guess

January 29, 2013

WASHINGTON — Buying your own health insurance will never be the same....

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Jan-29-13 4:35 PM

Tripeton...."won't get stuck with unpaid bills." Who do you think pays those UNPAID BILLS now? The HOSPITALS don't lose money they just pass those costs on to the paying customers.

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Jan-29-13 8:31 AM

prisoners and welfare recipients rejoice.the working group might as well quit.everybody quit working.this government can't even pass something as simple as a budget[all of us workers do this every month] so they want to act like they are doing something.a countrywide strike is what they deserve.

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Jan-29-13 8:29 AM

The “tax credits” discussed in the article will pay for most of Obamacare. Meaning TRILLIONS more in Federal Government debt. All on the backs of our children.

So our children will be the ones paying for Obamacare. Sorry, kids. You’re going to have a very difficult future because we spent TRILLIONS on ourselves and left you with the bill. But it’s the “progressive” way, and America is majority Progressive now. The land of the free stuff and the home of the broke.

The good news, kids, is that no Ponzi scam lasts forever, and when this one crashes you’ll have the opportunity to start over and do better than we did. And hopefully you’ll have learned where Progressivism leads and you’ll do a better job of steering your nation away from that type of corruption next time.

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Jan-29-13 8:12 AM

But if you don't work you don't have to pay for it, so it is a free ride. The rest of us are taking a heavy hit this year, from the rise in SS taxes (so the politicians/lawyers can continue to loot the public funds)to the rise in costs of health care. Most of us will pay 2K plus. When the debate was in full swing, no one seemed to have any understanding of what was involved. The debate was simply that if you liked Obama as our new rock star politician/celeb then you were FOR Obamacare (yea cool name) and it you were against it you were some rich Republican white guy who was eaten up with greed. And so we got a new sweeping program that devastates the middle class and benefits the insurance companies and health care industry because NOW they are on the Federal teat and won't get stuck with unpaid bills. American health care is now a government program and there has NEVER been a Government program that has succeeded no matter how important.

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Jan-29-13 7:41 AM

Average health insurance premium will go up about $2500 according to the industry people.

There IS no free ride, FOOLS! Take in people with pre-existing conditions, SOMEBODY has to pay.

Like YOU???

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